Community Reacts to Christmas Chaos XIII Semi-Finals

Nearing the end of the Christmas Chaos tournament, the army community witnessed two great battles taking place in the semi-finals. Many members of the community were kept at the edge of their seats while watching these events unfold.

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On Saturday, the Army of Club Penguin battled against the Water Vikings in the first semi-final battle of this season, followed by another battle on Sunday, which saw the Elite Guardians battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. After both battles ended, EGCP and WV were declared winners and advanced toward the final round, surpassing the community’s predictions.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings 

Initial Reactions:

Christmas Chaos XIII Community Reactions

JoJo teri, Water Vikings: I was expecting acp to win the battle so i got surprised with how things ended up. I didnt expect wv to max that high and acp so low. Size definitely helped wv cover acp more and make better formations thus gaining superiority in almost all rooms.

Ugly, Senior Reporter: Fair result. Good Battle. Am I happy with the result? No. Do I think we could’ve done better? Absolutely. Water Vikings put more effort and soul into winning this battle and I respect it honestly. The battle was very fun and I enjoyed it personally, losing this battle made us learn more and will definitely get us to be sharper and more coherent next time.

Mei, Reporter-in-Training: Honestly before the battle I wasn’t really sure we’re gonna win. It’s not like I don’t believe in my own army, we all just knew it would be difficult. When I saw the results right after the battle I literally screamed LOL I think both armies did amazing though! Huge thanks to ACP for doing their best and lots of love to my beloved Water Vikings for winning that.

Yoda, HF Leader: It was a close battle between acp and wv, but from my point of view wv managed to cover up better most of the time which in result they ended up being the winner. Both armies did their best it was a cool battle to watch!

Elite Guardians vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Initial reactions:

Christmas Chaos XIII Community Reactions

Fitsuki, EGCP Leader: Despite the size difference, it was very exciting and challenging. This battle was certainly one of the most fun battles I’ve ever led. However, everything turned out as I expected. The victory was assured due to our planning beforehand. I would also like to thank the RPF for showing up and giving their best in the battle.

Belga, EGCP Leader: On the day of the battle, I was extremely restless, I couldn’t stay still. During the battle, it only increased even more. When the result came out, I felt such a huge relief that I started laughing. I believe everyone at EGCP must have felt something similar. You should have seen us celebrating, we spent hours singing on the call, it was certainly a day that will go down in history. Now, it’s time to acknowledge our successes, learn from our mistakes during the battle, and prepare for the final, so that we can celebrate even more.

Roogy, Rebel Penguin Federation: was honestly very excited n optimistic about the battle beforehand !! as for afterwards, even though we may have lost, all that mattered to me was that we did our best 🙂

Mare, Head Judge: I was surprised because RPF always put up a great challenge. During the battle, even though they didn’t have a size advantage like EGCP they were still able to make themselves look big and remain consistent. Overall though, I was shocked that EGCP pulled that max and I’m happy for them. It’s nice seeing a tournament having two different armies in the finals.. definitely refreshing!

The semi-final round of Christmas Chaos XIII has passed, and only two armies remain. The final battle between EGCP and WV will decide the ultimate victor and the army community can not wait to find out who will it be. Who do you think will win between these two armies? What are your thoughts on these battles?

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