Meet the Judges: Christmas Chaos XIII Semi-Finals

Today, the semi-finals of Christmas Chaos XIII will commence, featuring only four strong armies. We are excited to introduce the judges who have been selected to oversee the battles.

Christmas Chaos Meet the Judges

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Victorious in their respective battles, the Army of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings now face each other. Consequently, the organizers unveiled the Christmas Chaos XIII semi-finals brackets. These brackets disclose the upcoming match-ups, scheduled for this weekend. Anticipation is high within the Club Penguin Armies community as they look forward to these lively battles.

Christmas Chaos Meet the Judges

WV and ACP Engaging in a Battle

Undeniably, Christmas Chaos is one of the most thrilling events of the year. The reason is clear: each year, every army competes to claim the trophy, viewing it as a prestigious honor and a fantastic way to conclude the year. Therefore, we must also give credit to our esteemed judges. Their meticulous analysis ensures smooth operation and accurate results. Without further ado, we are proud to introduce the judges who will preside over the battles of this weekend.

Could you introduce yourself and share your experience with armies and judging?

Shpec: I’ve been in armies and judging for a while now, and have had quite a bit of experience.

Spotty: Hey I’m Spotty and I joined the community in February 2018. Since, then I have been apart of several armies such as the Help Force, and Dark Warriors where I was a leader. More recently i’ve been known as a community figure, whether thats being a community admin between the years of 2021-2023, or as Head Judge, where i’ve been apart of the team since summer 2020.

Da Best: Hello all, I’ve done way too many of these types of posts but I can’t be asked to find any of my old interviews to copy paste answers. So as you may all know I am Da Best (winner of best Youtuber summer 2023). I started judging in 2021 CPAHQ after returning from my long break (I did some judging in FAL prior but nothing battle wise I don’t think). I’ve done some tournament battles in the past and a couple tournament finals which is always fun.

Mare: Hi, I’m Mare! I am currently a Head Judge.

Mogi4: First joined armies in mid 2021, first army being the Ice Warriors. Immediately fell in love and eventually became leader in August 2023. Except for that I have also joined Water Vikings for a bit and ranked up to temporary leader during the war, then back to 2ic before retiring. Now I’m a moderator for CPAB, CPA, and a YouTube Head for CPA.

What are the key factors to consider in the strategy of an army to increase their chances of securing a room?

Shpec: While we basically judge according to the guidelines, every judge also has a preference of an aspect that’s most important to them like size, speed, covering, etc., or a combination of multiple aspects.

Spotty: Honestly size isn’t the most important factor, especially due to recent battles consisting of armies at the same size, e.g. WV and HF last week. Armies need to make sure they have a good variety of tactics, bombs, and are fast at formations and are neat with creating them. It is important they also review the feedback given for all of the previous battles for the weekend just gone, like do not bunch at all, leave the room for bombs, make sure your formations are obvious, and do not spam bwbs.

Da Best: The best way to win a room is if you cover your enemy, are fast and have creative forms. Most people believe that size = win but if you look at the size table you will notice you need like a 10-15 size difference to even make size a factor. The size differences are always easy to notice when you have 2 smaller armies battling but when it comes to the sizes of like 30-40 a size difference of 5-6 becomes unnoticeable especially if the smaller army is in a form which covers the enemy (or if the bigger army is in a form that makes them look smaller/ many troops bunching).

Mare: Clean formations, appropriate balance between words/tactics, I am not a fan of the overuse of BWBs there should always be a healthy balance with that too. Also, speed is important and using whatever size you have to your advantage when it comes to what forms you are doing.

Mogi4: Mainly the size, creativity, formations, and speed. All these factors combined decide which is the winning army. Which army looks the strongest, is faster, less AFK people, etc…

Christmas Chaos Meet the Judges

EGCP vs. RPF in a Recent Practice Battle

What are your predictions for the outcome of the battle between ACP and WV in Christmas Chaos?

Shpec: No clue. Could go either way, both are powerhouses and all i can say for sure is that it’ll be good to watch.

Spotty: I personally think it will be extremely close and will be surprised if there isn’t an overtime room. I expect the sizes to be similar, so will be looking at creativity especially whether that’s formations, tactics, how an army counters their opposition’s form, or the speed in-which they react etc.

Da Best: Hopefully both armies show up is a starter but I don’t usually go into battles “prepared” for anything (or in some cases judges have “predictions” set on who they think will win which I see way too often). I hope for the battle to bring close sizes/ be close in general as battles where the sizes are like 30-5 are not fun to judge (before people start throwing bias claims I can not claiming ACP and/or WV are only able to max 5 you can keep your claims haulted at bay).

Could you share your expectations for the showdown between EGCP and RPF in Christmas Chaos?

Mare: I know this will be a challenging battle, both armies are extremely competitive and I’m not even sure how the outcome will exactly be. I’m super thrilled!

Mogi4: Both armies are very strong. Based on the more recent Top Tens, EGCP have been dominating the first place, while RPF is always below them. But RPF also has lots of history in winning tournaments and they have their vets as well. TBH it’s gonna be an interesting one and can’t wait to judge it. GL to both armies.

The Semi-Finals of this festive tournament are undoubtedly causing a stir. The community and the judges are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the outcomes. Which armies will triumph in the semifinals? Who will make it to the grand finale? Who will have the honor of claiming the coveted CCXIII trophy?

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