HCOM Life Stories: Mantiux from Help Force

Welcome to the twenty-ninth edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. In this week’s edition, we will engage in a pleasant conversation with Mantiux, who currently holds the rank of Admiral in the Help Force

HCOM LS Mantiux

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Mantiux entered the army community a couple of years ago when the Club Penguin Online Army League was at its peak. He was recruited in-game to the Light Troops, faced with the offer to obtain free coins through event attendance. Regrettably, by that time, armies usually offered in-game perks in order to attract more recruits. Consequently, in the urge to reach higher and higher sizes, armies suffered from a lack of interested recruits. Mantiux was included in said group, as, according to him, the army community was not of his interest. Coins were all that mattered.

A few months later, Mantiux decided to create an account in Discord and thus was able to join LT’s server. From that point, he started engaging more in the army community and discovered its complete vastness. However, Club Penguin Online would soon meet its end, causing the Light Troops to permanently close. This fateful event led Mantiux to leave the community for a considerable time.

Light Troops in a Battle Against SWAT

It was only on January 25th, 2021, that Mantiux was recruited to the Help Force by Monika. And, since then, he has been active in the army, showcasing unwavering loyalty and service. Mantiux witnessed his army take part in many tournaments and wars, such as the Silver Rush wars against the Silver Empire and World War VIII, when the army composed the Vengeance Alliance. Most recently, Mantiux partook in HF’s success in AUSIA Arena and helped the army progress in other tournaments like Trick or Treat: Trials and Legends Cup XIII

Right now, as an Admiral (third-in-command), Mantiux is responsible for planning strategies for upcoming tournaments, such as Christmas Chaos XIII. Moreover, he also assists with the organization of recruiting divisions, festivities, and ordinary events. Without a doubt, finding the ideal point of balance between real-life commitments and CP Armies is no easy task. Nonetheless, Mantiux believes that remaining determined and constant is the most important trait. Even when he was not able to be active, with the little time he had, Mantiux tried his best to let his army and superiors know what he was capable of.

Mantiux Memorable Event HF vs RPF

HF vs RPF in LC XIII, one of Mantiux’s Memorable Events

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Mantiux to learn more about his plans, experience, and army career.

How would you describe your time in the army community? Do you have any regrets?

It certainly has been a really exciting one, there have been a lot of wonderful moments within HF and other armies that I cherish a lot. I have met a lot of people and made some really good friends. These past years have been amazing and I wouldn’t really change anything, even the bad things helped me improve in the community and irl.

Could you share one of your cherished memories from your time in both Club Penguin Armies and HF?

Well, in HF we love to do a lot of chaos, theres always new stuff happening daily! But on one of the US chaos nights we had we made the whole army a Mantiuxx Army lol. Elp changed the banners, icons, and made everyone put my classic cat pfp, all of the staff were called Mantiuxx too. I know it’s not a huge thing but I really enjoy being messy and having fun with everyone on the server, and that chaos was super fun for me.

What lessons have you learned on your way to becoming part of the HCOM?

I have definitely learned how to be constant and patient. Working with some people can be really hard but I know that being rude or getting annoyed with them won’t help at all, I have learned to love everyone just how they are and it has helped me improve to be a friendly person. I always try to bring a good mood on the team and I appreciate each and everyone of the staff team. I also learned to be responsible. CP Armies have a lot of work to do and I really learn from, and admire army leaders and CPA heads for their work and effort they put into keeping this community alive.

Is there any particular figure who inspired you to get this far?

Not really, but there have been a lot of supportive people on my journey. Thank you Nervous, Maya, Snowy, Yoda, Rooboo, and Night. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here at all. ❤️

Could you share your current goals?

I don’t have any specific goals at the moment. My only goal is to help my army as much as I can.

Do you have any advice to give to those who aspire to become HCOM one day?

I said it a lot on my answers before, but being patient, constant and hard-working are key on growing. Also make sure to learn from other people no matter their rank in the army. I have learned a lot of important stuff from everyone, and you can too. Make sure you know what you’re capable of and keep working until you reach your goal!

From the answers provided by Mantiux, we can, without a shred of doubt, conclude that he is a valuable officer to have in the HCOM. Portraying the ideals of confidence and hardwork, Mantiux is an example of what an ideal officer should be. Do you believe we will see him joining the leadership in the future? What makes a good HCOM?


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