Top 5 Moments of November 2023

November has been a relatively quieter month compared to the previous. With armies preparing for Christmas Chaos, and a landless war taking place, the month undoubtedly ended on a high note.

As it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of November 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Legoman Retires from SWAT; inducts Bull Hour, Krill, and Fwapo as the Leaders

Written by: Edu14463

November was indeed a bustling month for Special Weapons and Tactics, as the army saw important changes in their leadership. On November 15th, SWAT’s former commander Legoman resigned from the army’s headship, promoting their then Leaders-in-Training FWAPO and Krill300. SWAT Veteran and former commander Bull Hour also joined the new leadership team. However, after only three weeks after his promotion, FWAPO announced his retirement from the position, in order to focus on his real-life commitments. Thus, the fate of SWAT rests entirely in the hands of the remaining duo of leaders. Will they be able to improve their army’s conditions?

Legoman’s Retirement Announcement

4. Club Penguin Armies Presents Christmas Chaos XIII

Written by: Coolguy

On November 25th, Club Penguin Armies’ Administration released a post announcing that the long-awaited Christmas Chaos tournament would be taking place, once again. The tournament saw nine armies being drafted into a bracket which they would have to progress through to make it to the finals. However, because of the uneven number of armies, a qualifier battle had to be held and was scheduled for December 2nd. After this round, three more rounds are yet to happen, with the Grand Final taking place on December 30th. No one knows who will win the tournament but it is already starting to heat up as the People’s Imperial Confederation has progressed from the qualifiers and now awaits their next battle.

Armies in tournament CC

Christmas Chaos XIII Announcement

3. Army of Club Penguin Hosts Double Deck the Halls II

Written by: Edu14463

Returning for its second iteration, the tournament Double Deck the Halls II took place on November 18th. The tournament took inspiration from a championship the Army of Club Penguin held in 2008, known as the Double Team Tournament, where two armies would face another two. Following a similar format to last year’s edition, a Small/Medium army was paired with a Major army to constitute a team, which would engage in battle against another. Accordingly, the Shamrock Bulletin extended an invitation for three of the Clovers’ allies to partake in this mini-tournament. Therefore, the Clovers and the People’s Imperial Confederation engaged in a heated battle against the Coup Crusaders and the Rebel Penguin Federation.
Armies battling

Double Deck the Hals II – Room 1

2. Elite Guardians Declare War on Special Weapons and Tactics

Written by: Mchappy

November saw only one war occur and that was between Elite Guardians and Special Weapons and Tactics. On November 4, following raids led by future Special Weapons’ leader Krill, the Elite Guardians released a declaration of war on the Agents. There had been brewing tension following a request from the Special Weapons to make Elite Guardians a colony upon their revival. It was unclear if Special Weapons intended to take the war threat seriously as there were multiple messages about ignoring the war, only to show up to a few of the battles. In the end, with an uninterested Special Weapons and Tactics, the war quickly came to a halt a week later when the Elite Guardians realized that their invasion wins met no resistance. This just adds to the many wars Special Weapons and Tactics participated in over the course of the year.

Armies in war

SWAT and EGCP engaging in a war battle

1. RPF and CC win Double Deck the Halls II

Written by: Ugly

During the second edition of Double Deck the Halls, the Army of Club Penguin and People’s Imperial Confederation joined forces as the Hawaiian Santas to face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation and Coup Crusaders, who took on the name of Gingerbread Penguins. This huge clash saw an eventful turnout and a very entertaining battle seeing all armies giving it their all. It was a very close battle as the size between the two teams was very similar throughout all rooms. Ultimately, it was almost leaning toward a draw as the Gingerbread Penguins won the first room and Hawaiian Santas the third room. However, the Gingerbread Penguins managed to outperform their opponents in the second room which deemed the Rebel Penguin Federation and Coup Crusaders the victors of Double Deck the Halls II.
RPF & CC DDTH2 Trophy

RPF & CC Double Deck the Halls II Trophy

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what December shall hold for the army community. With Christmas Chaos already in course and eventful moments coming towards the community, do you think it will be an exciting month? What were the top moments in November for you, and why are they so?

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