Community Reacts To Christmas Chaos Qualifiers

The qualifier round for the Christmas Chaos tournament has concluded after a clash between the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Penguins of Madagascar. What did the community think of this battle?

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People’s Imperial Confederation Vs. Penguins of Madagascar

On the 26th of November, Club Penguin Armies officially announced the Christmas Chaos XIII tournament. Due to an uneven number of participating armies, the tournament began with a qualifying round between two small/medium-sized armies. On December 2nd, the People’s Imperial Confederation faced the Penguins of Madagascar for a place in the final tournament of the year. Unfortunately for the Penguins of Madagascar, as already predicted, they didn’t manage to outperform their opponent as the battle ended in a 3-0 [W/L] for the People’s Imperial Confederation. Let’s see how the community reacted to this battle.

Shallissa, PIC Leader: I am beyond proud of PIC and what we’ve accomplished this year in terms of tournaments. Defeating Dark Vikings during AUSIA Arena Summer Edition earlier this year truly set us up on a route of success. We finally took home a trophy during Beach Brawl III, and now have another win under our belt after this Christmas Chaos qualifiers battle against Penguins of Madagascar. Our victory yesterday was a true testament to PIC’s success the past year, and I believe whole heartedly that PIC has been the best small/medium army this year. Though we experience size fluctuations, our performance on the battlefield has remained consistent throughout all of 2023. Despite feeling confident in our ability to defeat POM, our leadership put so much effort into our performance during the battle. We had tons of fun, thank you to POM, CPA, and the judges for ensuring a fun and fair battle!

Pingo, POM Leader: Well, it wasnt the best event, some of us weren’t in peak condition for leading/attending but we tried and we still didnt lose badly, i was mostly glad by seeing new troops learn the game and Mocha learning how to lead, once again, not the best of events, and we clearly need a rebuild, Im already in betawork for some ideas but im giving them time to build up, gg’s to PIC for not being snobs over the battle and generally good guys to talk too after the event, even if we won, we would have faced ACP so, ggs too ez, we aint giving up easily

AustinFraud, ACP Leader: I believe both armies could have done much better in terms of sizes, I know both PIC and POM have the potential to max high if they put in the effort. I understand the lack of motivation because they are a small/medium army, it is nearly difficult for them to win a major tournament with major armies gunning for victory. The Army of CP is ready to take on PIC in the next round, and with respect to our allies, we will not half-ass the battle since it would be disrespectful to PIC. My team and I will bring our best to the battle, and we will do everything it takes to win.

Mogi, Battle Judge: I think for most of the battle PIC was dominating and they always maintained a higher size. At some points they both died for a bit. We struggled identifying POMs formation a few times and there was even a point where they only had two people actively participating and bombing. Even though PIC also didn’t have a big max, they managed to look bigger and stronger most of the time and had nice formations. Overall the battle was a bit plain but I appreciate POM not giving up and staying through the entire battle. Good job to both armies.

Gabgeirl, Graphic Designer: PIC’s victory is probably well expected considering their consistency in the S/M community, and winning Beach Brawl III earlier this year. POM have been a much less consistent force and I think the results of the battle reflect this. Congratulations to PIC for winning, and well done to POM for their efforts!

Unfortunately for the Penguins of Madagascar, the People’s Imperial Confederation will advance and face the Army of Club Penguin. Now that the battles are set for the Christmas Chaos mayhem this month, the community is left wondering who will make it to the finals and hold their trophy high. What did you think of this battle? Who do you think will advance to the second round?

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