Community Predictions: Christmas Chaos XIII Qualifier

The thirteenth iteration of the most festive tournament of the year is scheduled to commence this Saturday. As the Qualifier Round of Christmas Chaos XIII approaches, let us find out who the community anticipates will advance.

Predictions Christmas Chaos Round 1

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Christmas Chaos is one of the most traditional tournaments in the army community. Throughout its twelve editions, only a few armies had the privilege of lifting the much-coveted Christmas trophy. This year, nine armies will engage in jubilant and joyful battles during December. However, only two armies were paired together in the Qualifier Round

Penguins of Madagascar vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The Penguins of Madagascar are set to face the People’s Imperial Confederation in the first weekend of Christmas Chaos. The winning army will advance to the Quarter-Finals, where it will face the Army of Club Penguin. This marks the inaugural clash between both armies in a tournament setting, even though they have already met each other on the battlefield during some practice battles. Considering that both armies had similar performances in the last weeks, the Qualifier Round is bound to be a close match.

POM and PIC in a Practice Battle

Club Penguin Armies interviewed various members of the community for their predictions on the army that will emerge victorious. They were also asked to provide the grounds on which they support their views.

Which army do you think will win the Christmas Chaos XIII Qualifier Round? Why do you think so?

Sanya, Head Moderator: PIC 3-0-0. PIC is an active army while POM is a dead one I’m quite confident that PIC can bag this win.

Orange, CPA Advisor: PIC 3-0 POM. PIC have steady tournament experience and have leaders who have made tournament runs. Im fairly confident that they have what it takes to win. I’m willing to bet Mare’s mother and Wynn’s house that they take the victory.

Cabin, Water Vikings: I predict that the People’s Imperial Confederation will be victorious over the Penguins of Madagascar. Firstly, the People’s Imperial Confederation could see a turnout akin to their presence in Beach Brawl III, during which their size played an important role in their first taste of a tournament victory. Secondly, I believe that the Penguins of Madagascar is no longer capable of achieving the ferocity they previously had and a size necessary to win against the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Aurora, Army of Club Penguin: I would say 3-0 PIC because PIC is more established and than POM at this point.

Zenishira, Reporter in Training: PIC win 2-0-1. PIC has established itself as a S/M powerhouse, being able to win tournaments such as Beach Brawl III. The Confederates also tend to score higher in the Top Tens, while also having higher maxes. Sidie is also a Small/Medium army legend, so she must have battle experience. Still, I must applaud the POM for managing to draw a recent practice battle against the Red and Blue. Their performance during the Trick or Treat tournament is commendable as well.

Moonlemur, Cartoonist: I feel like pic will win 2-0-1 (w-l-t) as they have been around for a little longer giving them a bit more experience, and have been placing higher in the top 10 with larger event sizes however pom may be able to at least sneak in a tie.

Fitsuki, Elite Guardians Leader: Due to the similar performance of the two armies, I believe it will be a well-fought battle, however, analyzing the last events of both and taking into account the experience of the PIC leaders, I believe that the battle will end with a result of 3-0-0 for PIC.

Even though the majority of the community leans towards the People’s Imperial Confederation as the winner, there is no doubt that the Penguins of Madagascar will put up a formidable fight. With the community’s predictions already on our hands, we must patiently wait until Saturday. What do you think? Will POM be able to surpass the community’s expectations? Or will the Confederates keep up with their success streak?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 November 30, 2023 (11:18 pm)

    I think PIC will win! With the back up of an old ally/friend who has supported them for a long time!

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