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Welcome back to Behind the Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of the community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Dino, current Water Vikings commander, Club Penguin Armies Top Ten Committee Head, and Graphic Designer.

BTS Dino

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Dino is an army veteran who is currently the 85th Commander of the Water Vikings. He started his army career in January 2015 as a member of Dark Warriors. However, he moved on to become an active member of the Rebel Penguin Federation in the summer of the same year. After that, Dino went on to hold many leadership titles in armies like the Lime Green Army, Underground Mafias Army, Pizza Federation, Romans, and Doritos. It was only on September 13th, 2022, that Dino was promoted to the Water Vikings leadership by Army Legend Aaronstone. 

Dino in WV

Dino in a Recent Water Vikings event

Being part of the Club Penguin Armies staff, Dino holds the positions of Top Ten Committee Head and Graphic Designer. Despite his busy schedule, he always keeps time to enjoy his favorite hobbies. Dino likes to listen to music, play Minecraft, and read up on historical and cultural topics. He also has a great interest in writing and research, which can be seen through the work he does. Additionally, he is very skillful in the Graphic Design department. His skills and talent shine through the many graphics he has made for the army community.

A Graphic made by Dino for WV

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Dino to talk more about his future plans and hobbies.

Why the name Dino?

Dino is my legal name. I never really thought of a proper username for when I first joined CPA when I was 8, so I just decided to run that back.

What are your favorite memories in the army community?

Leading the Underground Mafias in 2020. Too many good memories from that short span of time.

What are your future plans in the Army community?

Hopefully I can finally retire in peace and focus on the Wiki more.

Can you tell us more about your interests and hobbies?

Sure I guess. I do graphic design for both CPA and other communities with Photoshop. It’s a very cool hobby I get to do because if I make something people like, it’s just so motivating. For music, I just listen to it to help me relax (shoutout to the Beatles). I enjoy researching and wiki which I guess ties into why I love Wikis so much. Outside of the CPA wiki I work on others too. Minecraft is my favorite game of all-time and is like therapy to me. I can do whatever I want in a sandbox with great music and do it for hours. And finally, I guess for learning about history/culture, I’ve always been fascinated with what others do. Like, learning about Native Americans for example is so interesting to me. I also love learning about East Asian culture since it’s cool to see a part of the world that advanced so much just like the Europeans yet were relatively cut off from them for millenniums.

What is your advice for individuals trying to learn graphic design?

Frostty wrote a good post in 2022 which can be found here that includes advice. I’d say the same is pretty much too. As always, invest in the pen/bezier tool. It’s extremely good and will make your life easier. The Bezier Game helped me improve a lot.

It seems like Dino is preparing himself for retirement from his leadership position, in order to focus more on other projects. Moreover, it can be said that he is a skilled graphic designer and a great army leader, and we hope to cherish the time we still have left with him before his retirement. Furthermore, we wish him all the best in his future projects. What is your favorite memory you had of him? Will he keep making great graphics for the community after his retirement?

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