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Welcome back to Picture Perfect, the column where we analyze photos from years past. Join us this week as we explore the elements behind the Black Seas War, an infamous conflict spearheaded by the Black Ice Alliance.

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Throughout the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, armies within the Club Penguin Private Server [CPPS] community experienced a golden age, witnessing various conflicts during this period. Formed in 2020 by the Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF], Ice Warriors [IW], and Dark Warriors [DW], with the initial objective of defeating the Doritos, the Black Ice Alliance [BIA] exerted significant influence over the army scene in 2020 and 2021. Together, the alliance achieved sizes of up to one hundred and fifty troops, reaching a height scarcely witnessed in army history. Consisting of the largest armies in the community at the time, the BIA’s presence defined the 2020/21 COVID-19 era.

Black Seas War graphic used by Club Penguin Army Hub

In late 2020, conflict erupted between the Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings [WV]. Alleging instances of doxxing and disrespect, DW declared war against the Water Vikings, marking the beginning of the Black Seas War. The Rebels soon joined the conflict, issuing their own declaration of war against the Vikings. Despite their alliance at the time, the Rebel Penguin Federation noted disrespectful comments from the Water Vikings. Furthermore, screenshots allegedly revealed a Water Vikings high command celebrating a Black Ice Alliance loss. The declaration also contained evidence of an unidentified WV leader questioning the Rebels’ alliance, asserting the possibility of an alliance with the Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin instead. Although not officially joining the war, the Ice Warriors announced their support for their brother allies, publishing a detailed post on their website.

Declaration of war published by Dark Warriors leadership

The Dark Warriors’ invasion of Jackhammer marked day one of the war, resulting in the Vikings’ successful defense of the server. Faced with invasions on two fronts, the Water Vikings moved to enlist several former members to their high command. Veterans such as WackyJacky, Fedd, Zamb, and Koloway joined the fight, proving their support and allegiance to the army. Tensions increased when the Ice Warriors scheduled an invasion of WV’s server Shiver. Although there had still been no declaration of war between the armies, IW made their feelings towards the Vikings clear after stating that there would be additional invasions to support their brother allies.

Dark Warriors’ invasion of Jackhammer

Hostilities continued to escalate on the battlefield, with the Rebel Penguin Federation securing the first victory for the Black Ice Alliance in the war. In an unexpected move, the Ice Warriors announced an invasion of the Army of the Orient Seas‘ only server. IW scheduled the battle a mere 5 hours before the planned shutdown of AOS after leader Intrinsic attempted to transfer their capital to the Water Vikings. In accordance with the war terms established by BIA armies, they deemed this transfer invalid. In an interview conducted by CP Army Hub (CPAH), IW leader Regan made it clear that any army considering involvement shouldn’t ‘Step on Black Ice’. AOS did not show up to defend their land, resulting in an Ice Warriors victory.

IW’s invasion of Parka (AOS)

Following multiple successful BIA invasions, a scandal erupted throughout the community. A routine multilogging check revealed the shocking find that Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kailee had attended multiple war battles on an alternate account. Further investigation by Superhero123 verified that Kailee had multilogged two accounts during WV’s invasion of Jackhammer. Kailee’s involvement and transgressions in two battles prompted CPAH to overturn the results of the Vikings’ invasion of Jackhammer and defense of Shiver in WV’s favor.

Two of Kailee’s accounts present at the same battle

While Kailee denied all accounts of rule-breaking, the CPAH administration felt there was enough evidence to move forward with penalties. Additionally, the multilogging in question was ruled to be a breach of the war terms originally set by the Black Ice Alliance. Adding to an already convoluted situation, the Water Vikings’ attempt to accept AOS’s server transfer was also found to have violated war terms. Consequently, CPAH chose to invalidate the war entirely, restoring the ownership of all relevant servers.

Statement made by Club Penguin Army Hub

After this revelation, the Water Vikings announced their departure from the CPAH league. As a result, all WV-occupied servers were declared free-land, prompting the Ice Warriors to schedule invasions of the territory. In response to the invasions, CPAH administration temporarily froze the server map. With the Vikings no longer part of the league and the server map frozen, the Black Seas War came to an abrupt conclusion. The claim to victory in the war is highly contested, as both the Black Ice Alliance and the Water Vikings declared themselves winners. With WV no longer in the league, CPAH lacked the authority to recognize any declared victor. The winner of the Black Seas War remains a matter of contention to this day.

Through the size and influence exerted by the Black Ice Alliance, warfare throughout 2020/21 was impacted extensively. The Black Seas War is just one example of the BIA as the infamous powerhouse that many remember. Though there is no official winner of the war, the Black Seas War serves as a clear instance of the dominance displayed by the BIA in spite of the Water Vikings’ best efforts. The Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation formed a seemingly immovable bloc with a level of influence scarcely matched by others. Though the alliance fell into disrepair following the closure of the Dark Warriors and the degradation of IW-RPF relations, the Black Ice Alliance has undoubtedly cemented its place in modern army history.

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