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In the ethereal realm of the internet, where penguins forge identities like masks in a grand masquerade, the intriguing spectacle of friendship within virtual environments develops. Step beyond reality, and let us investigate how this plot unfolds in the universe of Club Penguin Armies.

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Anniceris was a Cyrenaic philosopher. He argued that concepts such as friendship and gratitude are positive realities that a wise person must acknowledge. However, friendship and other virtues are experienced by each individual and have no value outside of individual experience. Therefore, they are not desirable in themselves but only insofar as they affect the person. Nevertheless, Anniceris’ thoughts compelled him to recognize that, for example, since friendship is something good, it is possible, and even advisable, that for the sake of it, we may endure some pain. Would you say the same for the friendships you, dear reader, made in armies?


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Metalinguistics at its finest

One of life’s fundamental secrets is being able to connect with people who share the same goals and values as you. Therefore, St. Thomas Aquinas defined friendship as wanting the same things and rejecting the same things. When it comes to finding friendships and like-minded individuals, it is relatively easy that, when we join groups aligned with our interests, we encounter individuals of a similar mindset.

In comparison to real life, the internet has allowed for bridges never before imagined to be constructed. Friends and social circles are just an app away. With a click, we can easily simulate being in a reality different from our own. In this sense, it has helped us expand connections, seek out like-minded individuals, and, consequently, aid in building strong bonds. Therefore, the conclusion we can draw is that being involved in the army community makes you more susceptible to building strong relationships with people who share similar desires and possibly the same non-desires as you, something that would be harder in real life. Regardless, dear reader, you should touch grass. It is important.


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There was no such thing as betrayal in Club Penguin… Unless armies were canon in its lore

I have encountered several individuals who suffered from trust issues. They are not capable of trusting someone and, therefore, satisfactorily developing a true friendship. I should affirm that it is impossible for a true friendship to be built without trust. Martin Heidegger argued that trust is pre-reflective, and, therefore, operates at a level that precedes conscious reflection. For instance, we trust the people we interact with and the world we inhabit without constantly questioning or analyzing these aspects.

Inevitably, however, trusting someone requires that we open ourselves up and be vulnerable to potential pains that may result from betrayal or disappointments. Distrust, in this context, can arise when our usual modes of trust are disrupted when we confront the unknown or are faced with unreliable behavior from someone. Anxiety, in this context, is not necessarily a negative state but a revealing one that discloses our fundamental relationship with the world.

Undoubtedly, starting new friendships is easier on the internet than in real life. Therefore, a question is posed: In which environment are people subject to more betrayals? In other words, is it possible to truly trust someone you have never personally met?


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, is there anyone faker than I?”

With what assurance can you claim that people are who they say they are on the internet? None! That is why this is the perfect environment for those individuals who wish to act as someone else. Or, to let their strong personalities (to say the least) flow without fear of judgment. I do not mean to cast doubt upon your friendships, dear reader, but how can you be so sure regarding your virtual friends’ true identities?

Club Penguin Armies is, regrettably, a historically toxic community. Many cases of alternative accounts and fake personas have been reported throughout the years. Therefore, while avatars and online personas can encourage authenticity by providing unique expression, they also generate problems. The authenticity of online connections often depends on the level of sincerity and transparency with which one chooses to manage their digital interactions. Be careful!

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Friendship in CPA

“What if we simulate wars in Club Penguin? I don’t think this is going to escalate to something way worse than a mere roleplay!”

The term experience is used in various senses in Philosophy. However, we will stick to one of the meanings written by Ferrater Mora in his Dictionary of Philosophy – Tome I:

The apprehension by a subject of a reality, a way of being, a manner of doing, a way of living, etc. Experience is, therefore, a way of knowing something immediately before any judgment is formulated about what is apprehended. (free translation)

Shared experiences are the direct outcome of individuals interacting in a social group. And there is nothing better than collective experiences to strengthen the bonds among friends. I am certainly not referring to experiences in real life. I am talking about tournaments and electrifying wars! Teaming up for recruitment! Without a doubt, these are the best experiences to be had in life, right?

Jokes aside, each army creates a unique environment that fosters interaction among its troops. Collaborative efforts to advance the army to which they belong, playful moments, and enjoyable times… All of this contributes to the forging of excellent friendships.


Penguins and Friendship

True friends are supposed to support each other!

On a more personal note, I would like to conclude this philosophical moment with a reflection. Even though the chances of finding a true friendship are low, both in real life and on the internet, enjoy the benefits that the latter can bring to your friendly bonds. Being part of the same virtual group (an army) facilitates the process. However, how one can spot a true friendship?

The most perfect form of friendship is only possible for those who seek Truth. Mundane individuals, no matter how good, will never know the spiritual dimension of a true friend. Idle chatter and various nonsense are the sole purpose of their companionship.

Any true friend desires for their friend: 1) to exist and live; 2) all goods; 3) to do good to them; 4) to take delight in their company; and 5) ultimately, to share joys and sorrows, living with them as one heart.’ – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, II-II, q. 25, a. 7.

What is friendship for you? Do you have any other different perspectives to share? Do you believe that it is easy to find true friendships in Club Penguin Armies?

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