Jojo Teri’s Last Hurrah With Water Vikings

After leading the army through World War IX and the epochal Legends Cup this year, Jojo Teri has decided to step down from his position of Leader at the Water Vikings. Having helped the Vikings out for over a year, he has chosen to focus more on his personal life and will act further as an Advisor to the army.

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On November 20th, Jojo Teri officially announced his retirement from the Water Vikings. After leading the Vikings since July, he mentioned that he would be taking the Advisory role within the army, and believes the army to be in good hands even after his departure. In his retirement message, he not only justified his reasons for stepping down but also expressed his gratitude towards the army at large stating one of the peak moments of the army that he witnessed during his tenure as a Leader.

Jojo Teri’s message on retirement from the Water Vikings

Jojo Teri joined the army community in June 2021. Since then, he has served in different armies in the community, primarily the Lime Green Army as a Leader, and was even briefly associated with the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Templars. He enlisted in the Water Vikings last year and rose through the army’s ranks to become a part of the Higher Command soon. With World War IX occurring in the community in June, Jojo was temporarily promoted to Leader alongside three of his fellow Higher Command members to help out the army with the war effort and support in the army’s internal matters.

His real promotion to the Vikings’ leadership would come in the following month, and the army has had a quartet leadership since then until Jojo announced his retirement. Under his leadership, the Vikings not only participated in Legends Cup XIII but also fought against multiple armies in World War IX, ensuring that the army was stable and strong enough to face any obstacle that came their way. This is what Dino, one of his co-commanders has to say about him –

Jojo Teri: A very great battle tactician and recruitment workhorse, Jojo joined us during the miserable tail-end of last year and has stayed with us through thick and thin.

Battle over Alabama during World War IX – Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Jojo about his thoughts on retiring, and what he plans to do next.

What is the reason behind your retirement?

As I said in my retirement message, I want to focus more on real life and lost most of my motivation for CPA. It felt like a burden lately and CPAB events felt less fun for me.

What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

I believe it will affect the army internally, maybe activity will drop a bit for some short time, but I feel the army will be able to recover soon since it has very capable leaders and HCOM running it.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army, during your time as a Leader?

I did manage to do some things that I had planned for the army but I had many more that I didn’t initiate/accomplish after all.

What would you say has been the best thing about being a Leader?

There are many good things about being a leader. There is a feeling of accomplishment since not everyone leads a major army. Also, the ability to be able to impact the army on a great scale and make decisions to improve it. Event organising + leading is also fun, especially during battles.

Could you share your favorite memory/memories of the army with me, if it’s not too personal?

My favorite memories from WV are definitely from WW9, when I was a temporary leader at the time, 32 battles in around 10 days were crazy, especially the fact that we won all 32 of them. There was so much hype around that time and leading battles with ~50 troops online was very enjoyable. Another great time in WV for me was around the time it reopened in January, it felt like a very nice tight-knit community.

Do you plan to come back at any time in the future?

I don’t have any plans to come back any time soon.

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to the staff team and the army at large?

Fear the Wave.

It goes without saying that Jojo has certainly played an important part in the Water Vikings, supporting the army through its ups and downs and always ready to help the army out. Although he has retired from the leadership now, he has faith that the Water Vikings are in good hands and will continue to go on strong. We wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors and hope to see him return! How will this retirement impact the Water Vikings? What are the army’s plans moving forward? 

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