Battle Report: Double Deck the Halls II

Today, the second edition of Double Deck the Halls took place, where two teams of two armies each faced each other. The battle between the Gingerbread Penguins and the Hawaiian Santas was an eventful one. Let us take a look into who was deemed the victor.

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This Saturday, two teams engaged in a heated battle in the Double Deck the Halls II tournament. Two teams were paired to participate in this battle. The teams taking part in the battle were the Army of Club Penguin, in conjunction with the People’s Imperial Confederation. Furthermore, the Rebel Penguin Federation sided with the Coup Crusaders as the opposing team. The former composed the Hawaiian Santas, while the latter formed the Gingerbread Penguins. With both teams bringing their A-game to the battlefield, the battle only proved to be more fierce.


An Intense Clash Commences

The battle began in the Forest, and the first team to join the room was the Gingerbread Penguins. For their first formation, the Gingerbread Penguins decided to do an inverted T, but the Hawaiian Santas coincidentally did the same, which was truly not a good decision. The sizes were 24-22, with the Hawaiian Santas having a slight size disadvantage. The Santas, then, decided to move earlier and make an upside-down triangle, while the Gingerbread Penguins made a plus formation. In both formations, the Gingerbreads were covering the Hawaiian Santas, dominating the battlefield. In the third formation, however, the Santas decided to make an X to make themselves look bigger. Nevertheless, the Gingerbread Penguins did not let up, and, with better tactics, formations, and overall performance, the Gingerbread Penguins won the first room.


Hawaiian Santas covering the Gingerbread Penguins

In the second room, Inside Mine, the Hawaiian Santas entered first this time. Sizes in the second room were 25-23 with the Gingerbread Penguins now holding the advantage. They made an L, while the Hawaiian Santas entered in an upside-down Y. However, even though their formation was not the best, they were covering a lot of the adversary’s L. Therefore, the Gingerbreads decided to bomb and form a V. After that, the Hawaiian Santas moved into an arrow, but it did not look good. The Gingerbread Penguins, despite not having a perfect V, took advantage of that and covered their enemies. Halfway through the room until its end, the Gingerbread Penguins showed complete dominance and managed to be faster and more consistent than the Santas, just as in the previous room. Therefore, the Gingerbread Penguins were also deemed the victors in this room.


Armies Adapting to the Iceberg

In the third room, things went differently. As soon as the Gingerbread Penguins entered the room, they made an inverted V, and the Hawaiin Santas made a Z. The latter formation looked wider and neater than the Gingerbreads’, successfully covering it. This pattern repeated itself throughout the room. The Hawaiian Santas woke up in the Iceberg, although it was too late for that. Solid and creative formations, faster tactics, and an outstanding performance marked their play in the Iceberg, with the Gingerbread Penguins seemingly losing steam. Compared to the other two rooms, Gingerbread Penguins failed to perform as well as they did, thus Hawaiian Santas managed to win the third room. In conclusion, the Gingerbread Penguins were crowned the victors of Double Deck the Halls II.

Battle verdict

The Judges’ Verdict

And thus concluded the second iteration of Double Deck the Halls. This intense battle included an interesting outlook on how formations and speed play a big role in battles where both armies max around the same. In that way, the Gingerbread Penguins certainly put up a commendable game by showcasing better formations and faster tactics. Both teams surely gave a performance to remember. Congratulations to all armies involved. What will the next edition be like? Which teams will be formed? Do you think we should see more tournaments like this in the future?

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