The Road To Christmas Chaos: What Are YOU Doing To Prepare?

The cold Winter is knocking on our doorstep, and with it comes the much-anticipated Christmas Chaos tournament. Naturally, we expect army leaders to prepare their armies for this thrilling event with meticulous planning.

Christmas Chaos preparations

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Christmas Chaos is a revered tournament held during the winter season, created by the Club Penguin Army Central in 2011. The competition has been one of the most essential, and competitive tournaments amongst the army community, alongside March Madness and Legends Cup. Hosted by countless organizations throughout the years, it has undoubtedly evolved into a paramount and fiercely contested event.

Twelve iterations of the tournament have been hosted so far, with the Rebel Penguin Federation collecting an incredible amount of five victories, with three of them being consecutive. The Elite Guardians, Night Warriors, and Doritos of Club Penguin are right behind with two victories, and the Nachos with one, winning the first edition.

Nachos vs. Ice Warriors, CCI Finals

Last year’s Christmas Chaos XII saw the Rebel Penguin Federation add an extra trophy to their collection. In an intense clash against the Templars, the Rebels managed to secure the victory in the overtime room.

This year, however, only the future will tell us who shall deck the halls with victory and emerge as the triumphant champions of the Christmas Chaos tournament.

Christmas Chaos 2022 Finals

Christmas Chaos XII Finals

Club Penguin Armies contacted multiple leaders to understand how their armies are preparing for this traditional and festive tournament.

What would YOU do to prepare for the Christmas Chaos tournament?

Coolguy, Army of Club Penguin: ACP has been preparing for the Christmas Chaos tournament ever since the ending of the Legends Cup. Of course, ACP has had to switch its focus for war and for the Halloween tournament, not to mention its anniversary, however, Christmas Chaos has always been in our minds. I think that since LC we’ve been trying to make sure the army is prepared by training and improving in each event that takes place and that has definitely happened, both as an army and as leaders. There is always a way to improve. Also, each addition that we have made to our team whether it be promotions or new faces know that CC is important and each of them have attributes which will enable us to perform our best in the CC. I know that as CC draws ever closer, even more focus will be put on it, not just by us but by the troops and that will truly enable us to bring our very best to each battle. Whether it be recruiting or being proactive, ACP is doing it and will continue to, to pave our own way into the tournament.

Belga, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin: The Christmas Chaos is our primary focus at the moment. I believe the main goal now is to prepare our less experienced troops and hype up both our new recruits and our veterans. Also, I don’t think an army should rely mainly on its veterans instead of its new troops, even though they are obviously of great importance. I believe we have built a good soldier base in these last months, and I hope that our current war with SWAT helps to prepare and hype up our soldiers for the tournament.

Dino, Water Vikings: The Water Vikings are going to prepare for Christmas Chaos by continuing our Project: Tsunami at the same time. Really as long as P:T goes well, I have confidence WV will be prepared for it, haha

ROOBOO, Help Force: Our preparations are fully around putting high intensity recruiting on low intensity recruiting the more we get closer to the tournament. Training new troops alongside making them have fun and be involved, and constant PBs with Judges to refresh our pace and accuracy with the whole force. Hype must be invincible.

Pingo, Penguins of Madagascar: Recruit and train, one way or another.

Shalissa, People’s Imperial Confederation: In terms of preparing, PIC currently has a few secrets that will hopefully be announced in the coming weeks! As always we will hype and recruit, along with participating in some practice battles to train. The holiday season is my favorite, so we will definitely bring out the festivities and hype up the next few weeks. Although I predict a major army will win Christmas Chaos, PIC tends to bulk up during tournaments and we perform very well. Hopefully our efforts lead to a victory in at least the first round, that would be awesome.

Link3000, Rebel Penguin Federation: We’re preparing as normal and I’m sure in a similar way as other armies. We’re increasing our recruiting efforts, making sure troops know and are hyped for the upcoming tournament as well as planning plenty of training events to improve our form and freshen up on our battle prepardness.

Fun X Time, Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT Corporation initiated preparations for the month of December this week. The preparations for the month of December are mainly directed to improvement for being able to partake in the Christmas Chaos with efficiency. Amidst of a war, we choose not to let it adversely influence our future. In such a scenario, we are willing to focus on progress!

The Corporation introduces several virtues that will benefit the Agents and the Agency. The Corporation is preparing the December event schedule and reworking it several times, in attempt to make events more interactive. We plan to introduce Recruiting and Enlisting Competitions. In addition, a Super Week will be conducted in the month of December. Effort is being put in implementing better automation and improving accessibility. New security policies will be introduced. A list of guidelines may be set to make work in SWAT more productive. The staff members are being examined in liability, and are being made aware of fundamentals they might not know earlier. We want to satisfactorily conclude Year 2024!

These virtues should benefit SWAT and become a worthy competitor in the Christmas Chaos. However, it is important to know that regardless of our success in the Christmas Chaos, efforts put in now are a learning to the future. These virtues will help in the future as well. SWAT, like any other community, will take time to heal and rise to prominence. The time is defined by our decisions. Salutations on behalf of the Agents and the Agency!

Nicky, Templars: We are hosting more practice battles to prepare with our skills battle wise as well as hosting longer and better trainings and boosting up internal efforts as well as when it gets closer to the tournament, we will start to hype it up more.

In summary, the leaders are diligently preparing for this festive tournament through continuous improvement, troop development, and strategic initiatives. Which army will carve its path to glory? How will they shape the narrative of this thrilling tournament? Do you think the Rebels will keep their streak unbreakable?

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