War Update: First Week of Clashes Between Agents and Guardians

The first week of the war between the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics has wrapped up. So far, the ongoing conflict has revealed the prevailing advantageous position of the Guardians. However, an end to this war is not on the radar.

War Update EGCP vs SWAT

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A week has gone by since the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. During this time, the Elite Guardians have been seen taking advantage of the battlefield. Of the three battles that were scheduled last week, the Agents withdrew from combat on two. In the third battle, SWAT was not able to reach the minimum size of ten troops to carry out an invasion. Knowing their opponents would not show up in official battles, the Guardians decided to conduct several raids against the Agents. A total of four raids took place, with the Agents being unable to satisfactorily hold their events.

A Recent Battle of the War

Battle 1 – Elite Guardians Invasion against SWAT

In the first battle of this war, the Special Weapons and Tactics failed to show up, giving the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin the victory. After the battle concluded, SWAT’s Leader in Training Fun X Time announced they would not appear in any battles the Guardians scheduled.

Battle 2 – Elite Guardians Invasion against SWAT

The second battle of the war saw a similar outcome as the first one, with the Agents not showing once again.

Battle 3 – SWAT Invasion against Elite Guardians

The last battle of that week saw a different outcome, as the Agents joined the battlefield. However, they were unable to reach the minimum size of ten in the first room. Therefore, the victory was given to the Elite Guardians.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed the Guardians’ leader Lass and SWAT’s Leader in Training FWAPO to understand their perspectives on the ongoing conflict.

How do you think your army has been doing in the war so far?

Our army has been doing a splendid performance throughout the war. As expected, our people are more than glad to answer back the previous actions of SWAT.

The Special Weapons and Tactics have been mostly not showing up in the war so far, do you think this will continue?

Yes, they are merely replicating what they have been taught. I doubt they will show a single bit of proactivity.

What is your plan for continuing this war?

Simple, shame SWAT as much as we can. To the point where there are uncertainties about the current management of the army, to set the roots for the change within their administration.

Although FWAPO has not responded yet, the Special Weapons and Tactics have announced that they will not be attending any battles scheduled by the Elite Guardians. On the other hand, the Guardians have not shown any signs of wanting this conflict to be over anytime soon. Should SWAT worry about more raids?

War announcement

Fun X Time’s Announcement

The Elite Guardians are consistently achieving victories throughout this war, with the Agents showing little resistance. As we can infer from the interviews and statements it looks like the war will not come to an end soon, but Club Penguin Armies will be there to report on it. Will EGCP keep their winning streak? Or will SWAT turn the tides of the war?

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