The Confederation Inducts New People To Its Hall of Fame

The People’s Imperial Confederation recently made some new additions to its Hall of Fame, as four more people were inducted. With the army recently celebrating its fourth anniversary, the Confederation continues to cement its legacy within the community.

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The Hall of Fame of the People’s Imperial Confederation is an exclusive section dedicated to the people who have made the most impact within the army, facilitating its growth and progress since its creation. Recently, four names were added to the list, as Hidcre, Kurumi, and Sweater were inducted as Comrades, and Alucard was inducted as a Legend. Shallissa, one of the current leaders of the Confederation, made an official announcement of the same, congratulating them on their achievements and expressing her gratitude for all the work they had put in.

Shallissa’s announcement

To understand the importance of the different positions within the Hall of Fame and to learn more about how it works, we reached out to Shallissa.

During Generation 3 of PIC, Sidie and I wanted to revitalize PIC’s Hall of Fame to better reflect the levels of achievement demonstrated by members of our army. The page was completely reformed, and recently new graphics were created to tie everything together. PIC has lived through multiple generations, and each revival takes immense effort to coordinate and bring the army up to a sustainable size. We felt like creating Legend tiers, or ranks, would be an honorable way to recognize efforts throughout PIC’s entire lifespan, rather than in a specific generation. We created four Hall of Fame ranks, ranking from lowest to highest: Comrade, Legend, Paragon, and Revolutionary. Organizing our Hall of Fame into tiers has allowed veterans to return and continue working for new honors. Additionally, it has allowed for recognition in areas beyond medals and server shoutouts, with many notable troops and staff securing spots in the Comrade position. Recently, Cabin’s Hall of Fame title was raised from Paragon to Revolutionary after two years, due to his immense efforts leading up to the Beach Brawl III tournament. We love our Hall of Fame, and although it is different than most, it brings a sense of innovation and excitement to our army.

As of now, fourteen people are holding the position of Comrade, four people are recognized as Legend, two people are considered as Paragon and three people are known to be Revolutionaries within the Confederation. Quoting from the army’s official website, “These people are the most remembered troops and leaders in the Confederation’s history.” All of them have contributed significantly to the army in its four years of existence, and have been instrumental in its success and development over the years.

The Comrade Section from the Confederation’s Hall of Fame

Club Penguin Armies also had the opportunity to reach out to Alucard and learn his thoughts on his recent induction as a Legend within the army.

What was your initial reaction when you found out that you had been inducted as a Legend at the Confederation?

I thought it was a late April Fools joke at first , never would’ve expected to earn Legend this fast.

What does being inducted as a Legend in this army mean to you?

Being inducted as a legend in PIC means a lot because they gave me chances when many armies didn’t and I’ll always love PIC for that.

According to you, what has personally kept you going on this journey? And, would you like to thank anyone who has helped you and been there for you throughout this journey?

Firstly I’d like to thank my co-leaders, hcom, staff, and anyone I’ve led with in the past, I never would’ve been where I am now if I didn’t have you guys.

As one of the current leaders, what are your plans for the army and what do you hope for the army to achieve?

We got something cooking, just keep your eyes peeled.

What advice would you give to the people who are aspiring to hold the title of Legend within the army?

Just be yourself, work hard and put yourself out there.

On behalf of Club Penguin Armies, we would like to congratulate Alu, Hidcre, Kurumi, and Sweater on their achievements and commend them for all the hard work and endurance that they have put into the army. We also wish them and the People’s Imperial Confederation the very best in all of their endeavors and look forward to what they have planned for the future!

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