Top 5 Moments of October 2023

October has been quite a happening month. With armies celebrating their anniversaries, leaders retiring, and a mini-tournament taking place, this spooky season has been full of chills and thrills.

Top 5 Moments

As it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of October 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Elite Guardians Receive a 0.6 Multiplier for their Avalanche Events

Written by: Sweater 

History repeats itself. Time and time again certain armies spark up ‘unfair’ partnerships with Club Penguin Private Servers. In 2020, it was the Pirates advertising themselves in the Club Penguin Online Discord channels. In 2021, Special Weapons and Tactics did the same with Private Server Club Penguin Forever. In October of this year, the Elite Guardians did it again. A partnership between Club Penguin Avalanche and the Elite Guardians meant that the Guardians could unfairly hold a monopoly on their game. On top of their partnership, CP Avalanche offered an exclusive in-game item to those who attended the Guardians’ Card-Jitsu tournament. While the Elite Guardians and CP Avalanche may have had no ill intentions, it still unfairly benefitted the Elite Guardians. As a result, Club Penguin Armies issued a three-week 0.6x multiplier on all events held on the server – not just for the Guardians, but for all armies.

Action taken regarding Elite Guardians’ Avalanche Events


Written by: Zenishira

It is safe to say that Wynn’s reputation comes before her, whether we’re talking about Wynn, as a former Help Force Commander, or Wynn, as a former Chief Executive Producer of Club Penguin Armies. With Wynn as the Chief Executive Producer, our organization managed to release 80 posts during the month of June alone. With her keen eye, she ensured that our content was not only prolific but also of the highest quality, and with her exceptional skill of managing things, she took on every challenge that came her way with ease and strength. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, as on the 8th of October she announced her retirement from the position. After almost a year of leading the organization, she decided that it was time to take a step back and focus on her real-life responsibilities. As we bid farewell to Wynn, we eagerly anticipate the future under the capable leadership of Mchappy and Disha, who are set to step into the role.

Wynn retires from Club Penguin Armies

3. Army of Club Penguin Wins Trick or Treat Trials

Written by: Edu14463

This year’s spooky season was filled with exhilarating and chaotic battles in the innovative Trick or Treat Trials tournament, split into two rounds. In the Qualifiers, armies had to choose between trick rooms and treat rooms. Armies that joined the trick rooms had to complete a certain task to obtain extra points, while in the treat rooms, a traditional battle took place. Both the Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force secured their place in the Grand Finals by earning the highest scores. Although both armies performed greatly in the first rounds, only one could emerge victorious in the Finals. Therefore, with superior formations, tactics, and speed, the Clovers swept the Helpers with an amazing 3-0 score, even though the sizes were close. This crowned the Army of Club Penguin the first victors of the Trick or Treat Trials tournament!

Trick Or Treat Trials Trophy

2. Army of Club Penguin turns 17

Written by: Disha

The Army of Club Penguin celebrated their seventeenth anniversary, this year. Having been around in the community since the year 2006, the army has had its share of ups and downs throughout its time here. However, the 17th year has been nothing but memorable for the army. The Clovers not only won Legends Cup XIII but have emerged victorious in all the wars that they have participated in, this year. Apart from this, they have dominated the Top Ten lists multiple times in their 17th year, and even their official newspaper, Shamrock Bulletin crossed 10,000 posts on their website. With multiple achievements on their board, they continue to march on strong, never backing down, and prepared for whatever comes their way. We are excited to see what is in store for the army in its 18th year of activity and wish them the very best in all of their future endeavors.

Clovers’ 17th Anniversary

1. Calgocubs21 retires from Army of Club Penguin

Written by: Sweater

This month the impossible happened: Calgocubs21 went outside and touched grass. Onlookers were in shock, nobody knew what was going to follow. But, it turns out that Calgo liked it. He liked it so much that he decided to retire from the Army of Club Penguin after one year of leadership and the army’s 17th birthday. Calgo’s retirement comes after an incredible year-long performance, including reaching the #1 spot multiple times, becoming an Army of Club Penguin Legend, and winning a Legends Cup. Truly, Calgocubs21 is not only one of the best leaders of 2023 but perhaps one of the top leaders of the Private Server era of Club Penguin armies. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

Calgo’s Retirement Event

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what November shall hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in October for you, and why are they so?

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