Trick or Treat Trials: Grand Finals Predictions

The Grand Finals of the first iteration of Trick or Treat Trials is scheduled for this Saturday. The community has yet to make predictions, with two major armies preparing to clash for the coveted trophy.

Trick or Treat Trials predictions

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The Qualifiers of Trick or Treat Trials saw seven armies engaging in a spooky and chaotic battle. However, only two armies made their way to the Grand Finals, which will take place this Saturday afternoon. With these two armies gearing up to compete, Club Penguin Armies reached out to various community members to learn their predictions on the victorious army. They were also asked to provide the grounds on which they support their views.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Help Force

The Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force were the armies that scored the most points in the Qualifiers Round, successfully reaching the Finals. Even though ACP tied every trick room with the Elite Guardians, the Clovers were able to amass more points than the Guardians by completing a greater number of trick tasks. The Helpers decided to play safe and remained outside the chaotic trick rooms. Consequently, they were the only army to join two of the three treat rooms. In the second room, however, HF faced the Templars and the Special Weapons and Tactics. Smoothly, the Helpers secured the win in the room by outsizing both armies and displaying a better performance, qualifying for a chance to secure the trophy. Although both armies had outstanding performances in the Qualifiers, only one can emerge victorious in the Finals. Knowing both armies will bring their best to the battlefield, predicting the winner is no easy task.

Trick or Treat Trials Finals ACP vs HF

Chaos Reigned in the Trick or Treat Trials Qualifiers

Club Penguin Armies spoke with numerous members of the community regarding predictions of the upcoming Grand Finals.

Which army do you think will win Trick or Treat Trials? Why do you think so?

Donald J. Trump (Aaronstone42), Army Legend: Quite frankly I think that the Trick or Treat Trials was STOLEN from the Glorious EGCP who by the way is great ally and friend to yours truly. However I do believe that the Great Help Force, another ally to yours truly, will be taking home the trophy here. Hopefully CPAJ will provide enough judges for the final to take place this weekend because last week Mchappy and Disha had to judge. Head Judges must do something to fix the inactivity of their judges. Must act quickly! Help Force 2-1.

Yellow, EGCP ID Leader: Most likely the Army of Club Penguin. They have a good track record this year of achieving multiple victories in the tournaments being hosted. While it would be nice to see HF succeed, I do feel, given ACP’s size and legacy of many veterans at their disposal, they will have a greater shot at winning. This does not mean HF will not put up a great fight though. We could expect to see a 2-1, but at the end of the day, ACP likely will pull out the victory.

Spotty, CPAJ Head Judge: Based on recent accomplishments and wins in last week’s battle and recent tournaments, I think that ACP will win the finals. Their leadership has demonstrated more confidence in recent weeks, like participating in the trick rooms in the in the Trials last week. Their leadership also has more experience in leading battles, as HF consists of some new leaders within the community, however I don’t expect it to be an easy fight, therefore I predict ACP will win 2-1.

Sidie9, Associate Editor: I have faith that the Help Force could potentially win against the Army of Club Penguin. The Helpers are undoubtedly strong. If they show up like they did last weekend, Help Force will be taking the victory. With that said, however, I’m leaning towards the Army of Club Penguin as the victors of the tournament. The Clovers have simply had more consistent performances in recent months, so I view their success to be the most likely outcome.

Polaris, Community Committee: I think ACP will win. Honestly, ACP has proven to be such a powerhouse in this community, and I think they’re only going to be more successful. HF is good too, so i think it’ll be about a 2-1 ACP win.

Gabgeirl, Graphic Designer: As we saw in the qualifying round, it can be a pretty unpredictible tournament format which can make it hard to place bets on who’ll come out on top. Both ACP and HF bring large sizes and have been dominant forces in tournaments recently but I think ACP will end up taking it. They’ll be desperate to add to their trophy cabinet after Legends Cup and can bring in pretty impressive sizes regularly which I think they’ll be able to capitalise on in a way that HF won’t quite manage. That being said however, I think Help Force will put up a strong fight and it should be a great final!

Nicky, Moderator and TCP Leader: I feel like Army of Club Penguin will win, despite Calgo recently retiring they have still proven that they can max well. Help Force can also max well however I feel like ACP will do better with tactics and forms, it will be a close one and I think ACP will take the win 1-2-0 [W-T-L].

The impending clash between these armies promises to be intense and thrilling. Even though the majority of the community leans towards the Army of Club Penguin as the winner, there is no doubt about the Help Force’s capacity to put up a formidable fight. Therefore, it is certain that both armies will surely bring their best to the battlefield in order to obtain the first Trick or Treat Trials trophy. With the community’s predictions already on our hands, we must patiently wait until Saturday. Only then will we find out whether they will match the reality. What do you think? Will ACP gain yet another tournament win this year? Or will the Help Force bring down the current tournament champion?

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