Falling Into The Abyss: Tormentors Shutdown

Having recently returned to the community, the Tormentors of Club Penguin suddenly announced their closure in a surprising move. What were the reasons that led to this unfortunate event?

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The Tormentors were founded in 2014 by SamZambi, and Simmonds2000 (also known as Arceus1296). While the initial generation of the army has limited historical records, Ay12, and Toxic Storm led its revival in August. The army held its reopening event on August 27th, maxing 12. With Ninja Leader receiving a promotion and Ay12 retiring, the army faced some leadership changes. Unfortunately, throughout its second generation, the Tormentors struggled to leave the lower positions of the Top Ten, with the ninth place being their highest placing. However, the army did have enough potential to grow.

Tormentors Revival Event

Tormentors at their Revival Event

On October 14th, Toxic Storm announced his retirement from the army, as he wanted to focus on his own project, the Coup Crusaders. This announcement was quickly followed by Ninja Leader announcing his retirement, leaving the army with no leaders. The latter then stated that he would be shutting down the army.

Tormentors shutdown

Ninja Leader announcing the army’s shutdown

Club Penguin Armies attempted to reach out to Ninja Leader in order to gather his account on Tormentors’ shutdown. However, he was not comfortable with sharing his views. Therefore, we sat down with Toxic Storm to learn more about this event.

What circumstances led to Tormentors’ closure?

It started with me deciding to retire and leave it in Ninja leader’s hands, but he didn’t feel like he can handle leading alone, so he shut it down a minute after i officially retired. i had to leave to work on something i wanted to do, but it is what it is, and Ninja is the only person who could have kept the army going after my departure.

Do you think the Tormentors could be back in the future?

Maybe, but I won’t be the one to bring it back again

What do you believe it could have been done to improve the army?

We all could have put more effort into the army, but certain circumstances didn’t allow us to move forward. Basically everyone had something to do in real life, some members didn’t get along with each other. That’s probably most of it

What can we expect from Coup Crusaders?

Well, it was one of the most powerful S/M armies in 2020, so I’m hoping to dominate the S/M army scene once again with new faces and better army experience.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Tormentors closure was unfortunate, but every ending has a new beginning and I look forward to the future of the army community.

It is with great sorrow that we bid farewell to the Tormentors, hopefully awaiting a possible return. The community once again witnesses another Small/Medium army departing from the community. What could be done to encourage newly created armies to remain active? Do you believe we will see another generation of Tormentors coming back soon?

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