Ninja Leader Takes the Helm as Tormentors Commander

Less than a month after their reopening, the Tormentors welcomed a new member to their leadership, as Ninja Leader was introduced as the third leader of their second generation.

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Initially founded in 2014, the Tormentors of Club Penguin reopened for their second generation under the leadership of Toxic Storm and Ay12. The army saw a successful start, reaching a maximum size of 12 in their reopening event. Following this, they registered in Club Penguin Armies and were soon accepted.

Reopening Event

Despite their strong revival, the Tormentors have found themselves towards the bottom of the top ten. Averaging event sizes of seven to eleven troops, their leadership enacted rank changes to boost activity. On September 16th, Toxic Storm announced Ninja Leader as a new addition to their leadership. Additionally, their army introduced several new staff and high command members. Within these rank changes included several former Dark Pirates staff members, who served under Ninja Leader’s leadership. Shortly after these changes, the army found a slight rise in its rankings, as they successfully claimed the ninth position in the most recent Top Ten.

Toxic Storm announcing the changes.

Ninja Leader made his introduction to the army community in 2021 through the Mercenaries, where he held the position of fourth-in-command. Over the years he has occupied high command positions in several armies, such as the Special Weapons and Tactics, Templars, and Dark Vikings. He earned his reputation as the creator of the Baseball Team and a co-creator of the Dark Pirates, where he led for several months. In recent months, Ninja Leader served as a member of the Sapphire Concordat alliance, defeating the Dark Vikings during the Bloodbath Barrage. Following the closure of the Dark Pirates, he merged his army into SWAT, where he served as second-in-command for several weeks. Now, he finds himself in a leadership position yet again, this time leading the Tormentors.

Sapphire Concordat vs. Dark Vikings during Bloodbath Barrage

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ninja Leader for an exclusive interview to learn about his leadership plans.

What were the circumstances causing your move from SWAT to Tormentors?

Swat was mostly dead and wasn’t entertaining and after what they did to PIC I planned to leave it.

What are your plans and goals for Tormentors?

Well, I have reached the leader role which was the most important goal and I am willing to work and earn some more experience by working with Toxic Storm and together we can make tormentors the best army.

Are we going to see Tormentors participating in warfare under your leadership?

Well, I am not working alone so I look up to Toxic Storm for every move he makes.

How do you plan to make Tormentors better than other S/M armies?

 Training Troops in a new way and recruit and register by our best

Do you have anything to add?


Ninja Leader seems to be glad about his promotion to Leader. He aspires to gain experience and make the best decisions alongside Toxic Storm for the welfare of the Tormentors. He aims to work hard in aspects such as recruiting, registering, and training his troops, to establish Tormentors as one of the best armies. We at Club Penguin Armies wish Tormentors the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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