Battle Report: The Battle of Newspapers

Yesterday, the community witnessed a grand event that united the majority of armies. In a first-of-its-kind event, the media organizations of each participant army gathered on the battlefield in a friendly confrontation.

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On Saturday afternoon, the Shamrock Bulletin hosted a massive community event in celebration of their ten thousandth post. Many of the community’s media organizations were invited to engage in what was entitled The Battle of Newspapers. Besides the Bulletin, many news agencies showed up, such as the HF Beacon, Tuxedo Times, Guardians’ Gazette, People’s Post, and the Ocean Oracle. Even the Club Penguin Armies reporting team was not left behind, also taking part in the friendly battle. Despite not having any active media organizations of their own, the Templars also joined the fun. With so many armies involved, an impressive amount of 123 users online was reached, the new CPA: Battleground user record!

Media Battle of Newspapers 123 size

123 penguins were online during the Battle of Newspapers

Right before the armies joined the first room of the battle, the max size distribution per media organization and army was the following: the Ocean Oracle [OO] with 22 reporters, Shamrock Bulletin [SB], Tuxedo Times [TT], and Templars [TCP] peaked at 20, Guardians’ Gazette [GG] at 19, the HF Beacon [HFB] with 15, the CPA Reporters maxed 6, and the People’s Post [PP] hit 5.


Media Battle Room 1

With an immense amount of players logged on to the game, some connection issues were bound to happen. Therefore, every organization experienced size drops while bombing to enter the Cove. The CPA Reporters quickly moved to the top left corner of the room, where they would remain for the rest of the room. The GG entered in a plus, OO in a diagonal, TT in an upside-down V, TCP in an upside-down T, SB in a V, HFB in an X, and PP gathered in the bottom right corner. It was observed that the Tuxedo Times’ formation was the most solid one, followed by the Shamrock Bulletin’s V.

When the clock hit :03, some of the armies bombed to switch their formations. GG and OO entered in an upside-down T, and the TT in a T. Meanwhile, TCP, HFB, and PP formed an upside-down V, and SB a backward L. With so many media teams gathered in almost the same formations, it was hard to tell who was doing the best at that moment. After three minutes of clash, a new change of forms took place. Now, GG formed an L, OO, and HFB a plus, TT a backward L, and TCP an X. The SB formed an upside-down Y, while the PP gathered in the top left corner with the CPA Reporters. All the teams involved had consistent tactics throughout the room. Nevertheless, the smaller ones could barely be spotted on the battlefield.


Media Battle Room 2

After the initial bombing hazard, the CPA Reporters gathered in the bottom left corner, the GG entered in an upside-down V, OO in another diagonal, TT in an X, SB in a T, TCP in a V, HFB in an upside-down V (quickly switched to a plus), and the PP gathered in the judges’ bench. Once again, it was hard to tell which team was doing the best, although the form choices seemed to be in favor of the Shamrock Bulletin and the Guardians’ Gazette. When the clock hit :13, every team moved to switch formations. Now, GG entered in an upside-down Y, OO and TCP in an upside-down V, TT in an upside-down T, and SB in a sideways T, while the CPA Reporters and the PP gathered in the top right corner. The HFB later moved to a horizontal line. At this point, every team experienced size drops.

By the end of the room, the GG was in an X, OO in an upside-down T, TT in a V, TCP in a plus, SB seemingly in an H, and PP in a horizontal line close to the chat bar. It was observed that the Guardians’ Gazette, the Shamrock Bulletin, and the Tuxedo Times held the tactical advantage during this room.


Media Battle Room 3

The organizations then stormed into the Iceberg. The GG and the HFB quickly formed a V. Meanwhile, OO entered an L, TT in an X, TCP again in a plus, and SB in an upside-down T. The PP spent 5 minutes J-bombing the room, while the CPA Reporters were apparently scattered. The Ocean Oracle’s form choice made them look more visible than the rest, who were constantly covering each other. The TT’s X was also a solid formation. After the three initial minutes, the organizations bombed to switch forms. GG again formed an upside-down Y, OO, and TT an upside-down T, TCP, and SB an upside-down V, and HFB an L. With almost every team in the same formations, it was hard to tell who had the advantage.

During the last minutes, the final formation switches happened. GG entered in an upside-down V, with OO, TT, and SB in a V, and HFB in a circle. Increasing the chaos that reigned on the battlefield, the Templars spent the last minutes bombing the room with several BWBs. The People’s Post moved to the bottom left and due to their small size, they could not be seen. Throughout the room, as well as the whole battle, the sizes were very similar. Moreover, the tactical advantage was not held by any particular team.

The group photo after the battle’s conclusion

The Battle of Newspapers was undoubtedly an incredible event. We at Club Penguin Armies commend the Shamrock Bulletin for its initiative. The amazing group photo taken after the battle was over conveys the fun and strength of the army community. Well done to every army and media team involved! Will the community witness another event of this kind anytime soon? Is your army motivated to create or improve its media branch?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 September 18, 2023 (1:10 pm)

    Despite me having two anxiety attacks. It was fun!

  2. eanother September 23, 2023 (2:51 am)

    i was here 🙂

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