Armies At Odds In WWIX Forge New Alliances

After World War IX, four of the armies battling on opposite sides have now re-established their alliances. With the Clovers and Rebels entering a new alliance, the People’s Imperial Confederation also updated their diplomacy channel to reflect their restored bond with the Elite Guardians.

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As World War IX engulfed the community in June this year, relations between many participating armies began to deteriorate. The Elite Guardians, Water Vikings, and Rebel Penguin Federation formed the Blue Sunset Alliance to wage war on the Army of Club Penguin. In retaliation, the Clovers rallied support from the Sapphire Concordat, consisting of the People’s Imperial Confederation, Napalm Corps, Special Weapons and Tactics, and the Templars. The conflict lasted for nearly two weeks and saw over 30 battles fought between the 9 armies. While World War IX brought excitement, it undeniably took a diplomatic toll on each army. Months later, we are beginning to see the effects of the many steps taken toward positive relations, with four opposing armies now aligned once again.

Blue Sunset Alliance vs. Sapphire Concordat: Invasion of Alabama

The bond between the Rebels and Clovers began with the Rebel Penguin Federation’s foundation by Commando717 in 2007. Forming as a separatist group of the Underground Mafias Army during World War III, the Federation immediately developed close ties with ACP. Levels of diplomacy remained inconsistent throughout the early 2010s, with Rebel leaders Elmikey and Lord Pain aligning themselves against the Clovers. Following the Army of Club Penguin’s revival in 2019, relations remained neutral for the majority of 2020-2023. Notably, the outbreak of World War Rewritten resulted from a breakdown of diplomacy between the two armies in 2020. With the aftermath of World War IX subsiding, the Clovers and Rebels announced the Black Clover Alliance, a renewal of their unification. Reestablishing a promising friendship, this partnership is historic for both armies.

ACP announcing new alliance with RPF

Friendship between the Confederation and the Guardians dates back to 2019. After a collapse of diplomacy between the Confederates and Clovers, relations between the two armies were on unfavorable terms. In hopes of defeating ACP in war, PIC established the Crimson Night Alliance, consisting of the Elite Guardians, Shock Troops, Pizza Federation, Arctic Ops, and Recon Federation. Although the alliance quickly crumbled due to internal conflict, both the Guardians and the Confederation remained on good terms until PIC’s shut down. In more recent years, following the revival of the Elite Guardians earlier this year, PIC and EGCP reestablished their alliance. This, however, once again crumbled upon the start of World War IX, when the armies fought on opposing sides. Recently, relations seem to have repaired with both armies announcing an alliance once again.

PIC announcing reestablished alliance with EGCP

Club Penguin Armies reached out to leaders from each allied army to learn more about what prompted the restored alliances.

Given you were at war only recently, what made you decide to establish the alliance?

Calgo [ACP Leader]: Simply put World War 9 opened our eyes of how we can’t just think selfishly about ourselves. Ultimately I think many armies would drift towards the decision to retaliate against armies who invade them in war, but we had a change of heart and wanted to make a change for the better to forge a new future rather than continue to stay stuck in the past based on a grudge that would get us no where long-term. Building a relationship/alliance with RPF has been a personal goal of ours for some time now due to all the stories that we have been told of how RPF and ACP has had a long past of highs and lows, but the idea of it always seemed out of reach.

In the early days of armies both Oagalthorp and Commando who founded ACP and RPF were the closest of friends and it resulted in an unbreakable alliance at that time. Despite our rocky relationship, in 2019 when ACP finally re-opened its doors, RPF went out of their way to stop by and welcome us back to the community. Those two stories are a piece of history that we will never forget and that drove us to want to pursue this alliance.

After the conclusion of WW9, we decided that before making any offer for an alliance that we would spend time thoroughly getting to know RPF, its staff, and its troops on a personal level rather than judging from the outside. For the past two months we did our best to engage with RPF and learn about their community so that when the time came for an alliance we would feel comfortable moving forward forging a future with them.

Link3000 [RPF Leader]: ACP and RPF have always had a bit a back and forth in their relations. At one point we were brother allies, then went against each other in 2 world wars. But ever since the most recent war ended we have seen ACP making friendly approaches in our chats and events as well as having practice battles against each other. After a lot of discussion and deliberation we decided to work on our relations, find some common ground and eventually that evolved into an alliance. It was not a decision that was made lightly.

Shallissa [PIC Leader]: Despite being on opposite sides during World War IX, PIC leadership has always had huge respect for EGCP. On our end, we never wanted to end our alliance, and we only entered the war to help our long time ally ACP. Since the war we have maintained a friendly relationship with EGCP and we are happy our alliance is formally together once again!

How do you think this alliance will benefit your army in the long run?

Calgo [ACP Leader]: In any alliance that we form with another army we never think about what we can gain from it, but rather what we can offer them and help them in anyway we can. Ultimately only time will tell what comes of this alliance, but one things for sure we are prepared to do everything in our power to support RPF as well as the rest of our allies. It is my hope that after I retire that this alliance lives on far after I am gone throughout countless leaderships. In the past we have tried and failed to preserve our relations with RPF, we will not repeat the same mistakes of our past.

Link3000 [RPF Leader]: Our goal with this alliance is to better each other and help our communities in as many ways as we can.

Shallissa [PIC Leader]: With SWAT no longer an ally of PIC, we definitely needed to diplomatically expand. Having friends and allies in CPA can take you far and we hope for this alliance to last a long time. For the first time ever PIC is working on a path to major army status, and we want strong friends to help us along the way. Despite our current size we have a lot to offer and I hope this alliance will be beneficial for EGCP too.

What can we expect to see in the future from this alliance?

Calgo [ACP Leader]: Once again, only time will tell, but as of right now our focus is growing closer with RPF’s community, forming a bond that is unbreakable, and supporting them in anyway that we are able.

Link3000 [RPF Leader]: The Battle of the Newspapers is definitely an example of things to expect. Both sides will try to be as involved as possible in things, create a safe environment for both ACP and RPF troops, and just be as best allies as we can be.

Shallissa [PIC Leader]: With EGCP proving themselves to be a powerhouse in war, and with a map reset pending, we hope to assist EGCP in any way we can, as we always do with our allies. As for now, we don’t have any official plans. Our alliance is the foundation in what we hope will become an even stronger alliance, so only time will tell where we will end up.

What are your army’s plans regarding foreign relations and diplomacy moving ahead?

Calgo [ACP Leader]: Our plans foreign relations and diplomacy wise will remain mostly the same. We are always open to new alliances and forging bonds with other armies even if we have troubled pasts between each other. Ultimately the past is the past and we can’t change that, but we can move forward and carve out a new future. As always we plan to spend the next couple months being heavily focused on supporting all our allies going into the September Drop as we don’t just want see ourselves succeed, but we also want to see HF, TCP, PIC, FG, and RPF all succeed as well! We have been in talks about doing some game nights between our staff team and our allies as well to encourage our staff to grow closer with our allies. All I can say is we are extremely grateful for ALL of our allies and we look forward to continuing to build stronger relationships with all of them moving closer and closer toward 2024.

Link3000 [RPF Leader]: While we are not actively pursuing anything at the moment, we’re always open to improving and working on our foreign relations

Shallissa [PIC Leader]: PIC has always been classified as small/medium, and what we haven’t been able to reach in size we have always made up for through our diplomacy. For the most part, we try to keep positive relationships with armies unless we are given a reason not to, and we intend to keep things that way. We plan to keep our eyes open for new alliances, but for now, we want to put most of our focus on internal growth as we work towards Major.

In addition, Elite Guardians leader Lass offered the following statement.

Lass [EGCP Leader]: We had been planning to reinstate the alliance with PIC, after all we have good relations with some of their members and the reasons for our past fights were petty, and since they approached us first, the work was cut in half. Therefore, we restored our alliance and hopefully we will lead it into a fruitful relationship in the future.

Though the impact of World War IX cannot be overstated, it appears that the diplomatic landscape is shifting once more. While it may have been a surprise for some spectators, a broader analysis of history portrays the alliances as rekindled friendships. As proven in the responses from leaders, each army seems enthusiastic to grow closer in their respective alliances. If one thing is for certain, in cases of conflict there is always an opportunity for reconciliation.

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