Media Showdown: Shamrock Bulletin Unites Community Media in Epic Battle

Within the Club Penguin army community, the Army of Club Penguin has established its presence on both the battlefield and in media. In the first known event of its kind, the Clovers have invited all active news branches to meet in combat.

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In celebration of their ten thousandth post on the revered pages of the Shamrock Bulletin, the Army of Club Penguin has announced the Battle of the Newspapers. Media organizations throughout the community have been invited to clash on Saturday in celebration of the Clovers’ milestone. The line-up of news agencies scheduled to attend includes the Tuxedo Times, Ocean Oracle, HF Beacon, Club Penguin Armies, People’s Posts, and many more. A testament to ACP’s commitment to writing and storytelling, the Battle of the Newspapers is claimed to be the first media event of its kind.

Battle of the Newspapers announcement

Through community growth, media has been a staple of Club Penguin armies for over a decade. Beginning with Club Penguin Army Central [CPAC] as the first major news organization, army media websites have become integral in the dissemination of news and the discussion of contemporary topics. The Clovers’ new record boasts 108 posts published in one month, a feat scarcely surpassed by even CPAC. Many armies now have their own media divisions, recognizing the enduring importance of content creation.

Curious to learn more about the highly anticipated event, we reached out to ACP Commander-in-Chief Coolguy for his thoughts.

Why did ACP decide to host the Battle of the Newspapers?

The Army of Club Penguin decided to host the battle of the newspapers because we wanted to celebrate what the Shamrock Bulletin had achieved with over 10,000 posts being made and posted on the website. Whilst we would have liked to celebrate a bit sooner we are glad that we were able to organise this theme week and community event with the rest of the community to celebrate not only the Shamrock Bulletin but other armies’ media organisations too

Could you provide an overview of what the Shamrock Bulletin is, its history, and its significance within ACP and the wider community?

The Shamrock Bulletin is ACP’s news organisation. RPF has the Tuxedo Times, PIC has the People’s Post, and ACP has the Shamrock Bulletin. The ACP website has records from 2007 to the present day, that goes to show the longevity of the army and its media. I think most people would identify the Shamrock Bulletin as the media outlet which was in full force under Max’s revitalisation of the Bulletin. I think its significance within the wider community will often be connected with Max’s revitalisation of it but the fact that ACP is the oldest army and its site has history from 2007 – this is something truly incredible which I don’t think any other army that’s alive today can say they have – the longevity of the ACP site is incredible.

What do you hope to achieve through this event, and what are your goals for the participants?

I just want to have a fun event where all armies gather – this isn’t about achieving anything, nor is it about publicity or breaking any record or about battling it’s simply about having fun and celebrating the work armies put into the news aspect on their websites. I think that’s the most important thing

Can you share some insights into the preparations and coordination required to organize an event of this scale?

The preparations for the Shamrock Bulletin theme week started before the EGCP ACP war even began, which shows how long we’ve been thinking about and hoping to do it. In terms of preparation, it can be time-consuming to contact all armies and get responses, finding the right time and the right day but for this event there wasn’t an issue with that. Yes it took time to get everyone’s thoughts but there was no faffing around. I think everyone is excited as we are to host this joint event. As for the prep well, ofc we had to think about what we wanted to do and how we wanted to celebrate it and the idea for a joint event actually wasn’t the first thing we thought about but in recent weeks there was a revitalisation of army media with both PIC and EGCP opening their media branches so it’s a good time to gather them all for this joint event.

In your view, what impact will this event have on the Club Penguin armies media landscape and the broader community?

I mean, at the end of the day, this event is just that, an event. It wont solve any major issues the community may or may not have but it will, for that moment, bring the community closer together and allow people from all over to appreciate the work that goes into news organisations, whether it be army or league news. It may encourage armies to keep active on their websites and use them to cement their own history into the digital world that we live in. But most of all, we want everyone to enjoy the day and hopefully we get a good turnout for the event.

With the Battle of the Newspapers approaching, many involved armies are highly anticipating the event. It is important to acknowledge the individuality expressed through an army’s personal media and the impact it has on the greater community. With a majority of armies fielding their own media divisions, the future of modern army news appears to be bright. An opportunity to unite armies through their shared passion for media is something to cherish. Club Penguin Armies wishes all participants the best of luck!

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