River Dance: Pingo Blends in POM Leadership

Following a complete reformation of the POM leadership team, the Penguins of Madagascar now have a new commander rising into power. Who is this mysterious new player and what are his plans for the drama-filled nation?

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Just a few hours ago, a leadership change took place in the Penguins of Madagascar. With GuestUser, Solarix, and Creepy silently leaving their positions, Pingo has been promoted as the new commander of the army. Logical, one of the creators of POM, made an announcement regarding the induction. Right after, Pingo addressed a formal speech appreciating his promotion, stating his desire to make POM a thriving army.

Logical’s announcement followed by Pingo’s speech

Pingo stumbled upon the army community in October 2021, first enlisting in the Rebel Penguin Federation. However, due to a banishment from the army, he moved to join the Water Vikings, where he would stay until August 2023. Nevertheless, because of internal drama, Pingo has recently been removed from the army and, finally, sees himself joining the Penguins of Madagascar as a fellow troop. Now, just nine days after his addition to the army, Pingo quickly made it to the leadership position.

Pingo in a recent POM event

Pingo in a recent POM event

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to reach out to Pingo in order to gather information about his thoughts and projects for the army. 

After your departure from the Water Vikings, what made you join POM?

All the memories I had with them while I was still in WV, the whole Boxman thing, Boxland, VC leading, the defense of Lake of Shadows (that ended up being a OT W for us), nothing felt serious but at the same time did, we were really just messing around. Thats what made me join POM, a man with a plan.

Were you expecting to be quickly inducted as a leader?

Not really, no, but given everyone already thought I was LMAO I should have seen it coming.

How do you feel about solo leading the army?

No one ever leads alone, you can always get help from advisors, your HCOM, your Staff, even your troops can give good ideas, when it comes to as leader, I am currently the only one but if I find someone worthy, hes more then welcome to join me in leadership.

Could you share some of your future plans for POM?

In the words of a based leader: “I could tell you, but after that I would have to kill you”.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

Hopefully better. It is human to want progression.

In spite of all the turbulent changes in POM’s leadership and staff, as well as recent drama regarding his persona, Pingo is seemingly confident about his capabilities to improve the army. That being the case, we look forward to witnessing how POM will perform under his command. How much do you think the Penguins of Madagascar will improve? 

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