What You Can Expect From The End of Summer Gala

As summer is approaching its end, the anticipation for the annual End of Summer Gala is reaching its peak. Many awards have already been announced. Members have to wait just a couple of more days till the Gala commences and the results are announced.

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On August 25th, the Summer Awards 2023 were announced. The Summer Awards are an annual event that recognizes the achievements of the Club Penguin armies community. There are a plethora of categories with select nominations such as “Biggest Army” and “Best Major Army Leader.” The voting for the awards is conducted through Google Forms and is open until Friday, September 1st. The winners will be announced at the End of Summer Gala, which will take place on September 2nd. The event is scheduled to start at 12pm EST.

Amidst the anticipation for the awards, excitement has been building throughout the community. Previous winners and newcomers alike are eagerly vying for recognition with campaigns showcasing their achievements and contributions. As community members hold their breath, participants eagerly await the upcoming Gala where they can celebrate, not only the victors, but also the collective spirit that binds the Club Penguin armies together.

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Club Penguin Armies contacted Community Committee Heads Aubz and Caitlin, for an exclusive interview and insight regarding what to expect from the End of Summer Gala.

For newcomers or those unfamiliar with Club Penguin Armies, what would you say makes the End of Summer Gala and Awards a must-attend event? How would you encourage them to get involved? Are these events open to everyone, including those who may not be affiliated with any army?

Aubz: The Summer Gala and Award ceremony is a must-attend because summertime is the most active. We honor all the achievements made this summer. I would encourage people to get involved in voting and participating, as events are open to everyone!

I would thoroughly encourage those who are unfamiliar with armies to join the Gala. it is an event where every army comes together and puts their differences aside, alliance or war. The Gala and its events are open to anybody, affiliated or not.

Without giving too much away, could you provide a little more context about what motivated this surprise event and what participants can look forward to?

Aubz: For this event, we came up with an exciting theme that I think everyone will be excited about! I think the participants can look forward to fun games and polls along with some CPAB events sprinkled in

Caitlin: We as a team have come up with a fun theme that is very prevalent to something that split the internet not too long ago. We also have a tournament coming up that a few members of the community have been asking for. Other events will also be taking place all through the weekend.

As the Community Committee Head, what are you personally looking forward to the most during the End of Summer Gala and related events?

Aubz: As I step into this new role, I am really looking forward to planning fun events for the community! I am also looking forward to honoring peoples achivements this summer as well as the celebration of all the good times we have had. My favorite part has to be dressing up in theme, as it allows the community to explore CPAB outside of army events!

Caitlin: I’m looking forward to this whole weekend! Although, i think everyone loves the anticipation of the awards and who has won this year. There might be some drama, but what would the CPA community be without it.

What has been the most rewarding part of planning and organizing the End Of Summer Gala and Awards?

Aubz: The most rewarding part for me has been coming up with new ideas I think the community will enjoy! Hopefully, we will get people who are not as active to join in the festivities!

Caitlin: The most rewarding part is collaborating with others in my department and coming up with new ideas and themes! When the hard work pays off, it is especially rewarding. Although I am relatively new to this position, I have loved working with DrQueen, Aubz, and the rest of the admins.

The Gala weekend spans from Friday to Sunday, featuring a wide range of activities. How do you plan on keeping the schedule engaging without overwhelming participants?

Aubz: As not to overwhelm the participants, we have come up with events that can be spanned across the three days, allowing people to take their time with submissions. I think the only specific time people need to be there is the Gala itself!

Caitlin: We have kept it rather simple, but still exciting and fun. There are events on every day, so if you miss one, there is always another for you to partake in! That also means we do not have to cram it all in one day, spreading it across the weekend instead.

Finally, can you give us a glimpse of what the future holds for Club Penguin Armies and potential upcoming events after the End Of Summer Gala?

Aubz: As long as people enjoy participating in events, we will continue hosting them! There are a lot of holidays coming up as well, allowing us to host more fun themed events. And of course, we will keep up with polls and community games as well.

Caitlin: I won’t spoil too much, but, much-awaited tournaments, the use of some investigative skills, and a theme that might spark a bit of debate amongst the community.

It seems both of our interviewees agree that this Gala is going to be a blast! From exciting tournaments to friendly fashion shows and well-deserved awards, this weekend is bound to be a fun one. Now that you’re ready and informed, are you excited for the Gala? Who do you think will win the awards? Will you be attending?

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