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Welcome to another edition of the Time Capsule. In this column, we bring together notable members of the community to discuss their reflections on the past and their predictions for the future of armies. This project serves as a means to capture and preserve the community’s thoughts and experiences. Given the recent conclusion of Beach Brawl III, today’s focus will be on interviewing representatives from the small/medium armies community.

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In the previous issue of Time Capsule, we talked with the winners of the last year’s Summer Awards. In this edition, we shift our attention towards the often underappreciated members of the community – the leaders and legends of small/medium armies. Their tireless efforts contribute to the vibrancy and growth of the Club Penguin Armies scene.

With Club Penguin Armies hosting the third edition of Beach Brawl, a one-day tournament dedicated to S/M armies, this segment of the community is taking center stage. Regrettably, a larger tournament couldn’t be organized due to a lack of participants. Today with the representatives of this part of the community we discuss the possibility of future changes, the evolution since last year, and what can the league do to meet the needs of the small/medium armies.

Beach Brawl III

Comparing the current S/M scene to that of last year, what improvements do you notice? What aspects have deteriorated?

Sidie, People’s Imperial Confederation’s Leader and a S/M Army Legend: I think the only improvement from last year is the return of PIC. From what I remember, 2022 may have had a few more small/medium armies present. This isn’t the first time the small/medium community has been in this state, though (2015-17 comes to mind). I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, as should everyone else.

Mare, former Special Weapons and Tactics‘ Leader and a S/M Army Legend: I don’t think there’s been any actual improvement, it seems pretty consistent IMO. I wouldn’t also say things got worse, besides perhaps recruiting is way harder than it use to be so it can be hard gaining sizes with S/M armies but its still possible.

Hidcre, People’s Imperial Confederation’s Leader: honestly, the scene this year doesn’t look too hot, yeah we’ve had some tournaments here and there most notably the most recent one (beach brawl), but POM dropped out basically because they’re on the verge of shutting down, SWAT dropped down so s/m and their war isn’t looking so hot, PIC has been fluctuating but we’ve been doing good so far the past 2 weeks.

Toxic Storm, Tormentors’ Leader: Well last year wasn’t a good year for S/M armies, probably because not many armies existed and the lack of activity within that part of the community. This year there was an improvement due to more armies being created or revived, and the existence of the latest tournament did give life for the S/M community. With all said and done, the activity in the current and last year pale in comparison to the 2020 and 2021 period of the S/M army community.

What changes would you propose within our organization to better accommodate the needs of S/M armies?

Sidie: I think CP Armies shouldn’t be so rigid with the planning of small/medium tournaments. There have been points when the community has a comparably large number of small medium armies. Despite this, CPA a allocates a single S/M tournament per year during summer. With the number of armies is always fluctuating, you should always be prepared to adapt. Who cares about your planned schedule, seize the moment. If someone is having trouble getting their army to major, why would they keep it alive? There’s only one tournament for them every year. So if there’s one thing I’d change, it’d be that.

Mare: I would say more S/M tournaments, but after BB I’m traumatized. However, something that would be nice is giving S/M armies an actual chance to win stuff like Legends Cup, or March Madness. However, everyone I guess has the same potential for building up their army, but some like keeping it at S/M and I don’t blame them.. it’s sometimes more fun than a huge army where you feel sometimes like a number rather than a person.

Hidcre: honestly i feel like right now as leaders voice their opinion, administration to an extent kinda does what they can do to make us feel seen

Toxic Storm: some changes would probably include more S/M tournaments, more news coverage or exposure on the S/M army community. The last thing would probably be encouraging S/M armies to rise towards major status or at least encourage the existence of more s/m armies, as they can be a good stream of new members and more activity in the community.

What are the goals you hope for your army to achieve this year?

Sidie: Get to major status so we won’t have to wait for the one tournament every year. I’d also like more armies to view us as a capable opponent.

Hidcre: PIC’s got something big in mind lowkey 😛 yall just gotta see

Toxic Storm: i hope my army could shake the S/M army community abit and create some good competition against other similar armies. Ive had the most fun being in S/M armies and helping them grow as time went on, and i hope our army could help reignite the competitive spirit of the S/M army community.

How do you envision the state of the S/M army community in a year from now? Will we witness another increase in the number of armies or perhaps the opposite?

Sidie: I think it’s a coin toss. As always, a new variable will be introduced that allows for the growth and expansion of the community (WordPress, XAT, auto-typing, COVID). I just don’t know what it’ll be, or when it’ll happen. Whenever it does happen, more small/medium armies will be founded or return to the fray. It is so hilarious to me when people like EDEN share the belief that the community is bound for imminent death. Most people will never truly comprehend the calamity that was Club Penguin’s original shut-down. Almost everyone thought the community was gone for good, and we were all wrong. That’s the internet equivalent of surviving a nuclear apocalypse, so I’m not going to be pessimistic about the S/M community.

Mare: I assume it’ll either be the same, or decrease

Hidcre: honestly the way it’s looking right now between the amount of sm armies and tournaments, i dont really see an increase anytime soon, but hey that could change

Toxic Storm: The status of S/M armies depends on the community as a whole. As long as we have dreamers and ambitious comunity members, we will have new S/M armies pop up again like they used to at one point. If we encourage people to create or revive armies again, we would definitely see more armies open in the future.

Do you expect any old S/M armies to make a comeback this year? On the other hand, do you believe that one of the existing armies might close down?

Sidie: It’s hard to say, really. We’ll probably see a few come back. Army hoppers always love reviving their old small/medium armies for a week. Lime Green Army is set to come back but it’ll die once they realise no one actually wants to see them back, ever. When it comes to proper mainstays, though, we could always see a new one.

Mare: Maybe Janitors will come back depending on how Da Best feels that week. I think FG may shut down only because it’s school season. Hopefully not though, we love FG!!!!!

Hidcre: hmm, looking right now it looks like SWAT could possibly make a jump huge in activity, but it’s hard to tell, but high key i hope someone revives hold bugs army for the shits and giggles

Toxic Storm: Well as for old armies oppening or new ones being created, i think this is always a possibility. The problem is the cost of oppening an army nowadays is higher and more time consuming than prior years. As for armies closing, i think an army like POM might shutdown due to many issues within and an army like Legoman Army might shutdown depending on it’s creator’s wishes and plans. S/M armies are more likely to close down sooner than Major one’s, but that’s how thing are and as a community our goal should be to make as many S/M armies successful as possible. armies is a game dependent on it’s players, the lack of teams will limit the progress of the community and their enjoyment.

Despite the whole community facing decline after COVID times, small/medium armies representatives don’t seem hopeless at all. Will we see this part of the community thriving in the second part of the year? Is there a potential for hosting a bigger S/M tournament in the near future? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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