Judges’ Eye – ‘Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians’

With the Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians war ending by force treaty, it’s time to sit down with the judges and hear their thoughts. What insight and wisdom do the judges possess about this war?

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On August 7, the Army of Club Penguin declared war upon the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. In their declaration, they stated that the war was unavoidable and thus they seized the opportunity. The Clovers claimed that the Guardians were bad-mouthing them post-Legends Cup, but the latter denied this and instead claimed the opposite. Inevitably, both sides entered the battlefield and quickly started exchanging victories.

The battle of Fiesta

After three weeks of fighting, the war ended via a forced treaty. The force treaty was not due to a capital invasion, but rather the breaking of the war terms. Despite the unfortunate ending, this war was one of the closest and most intense wars in recent years. A staggering 34 battles took place over the course of the conflict, some at all hours of the day. As such, both armies deserve praise for their tenacity, endurance, and the spectacle that his conflict has been. Another, lesser-thanked group worthy of praise is the Club Penguin Army Judges organisation.

The Club Penguin Armies team has contacted Spotty, Litt7, FWAPO, and Mattstr0 about their experience judging this war. Reporter Lunita sat down with each judge to gather insight into the decisions they each made.

What are your overall thoughts about the war?

Spotty: It was nice to see an actual war where both sides were equally matched lasting multiple weeks, which made it interesting to judge.

Litt7: The war was the best war of the summer in my opinion, it was really fun to judge

FWAPO: In my opinion the war is continuing to be exciting even more both armies are doing great pushing through to try and win whenever they can,this war is truly exciting to see both sides fighting against each other to get a win in action.

Mattstr0: I think the war was more competitive than most people anticipated, usually in CPA a lot of wars nowadays are big declaring on small resulting in stomp victories. It was refreshing to see an array of competitive battles

Are there any highlights you witnessed during this war?

Spotty:  Definitely not waking up at 7:30am to judge whilst ill. Tbf probably when I realised it wasn’t a one-sided war, with both sides making an effort to create new forms and make the battles different.

Litt7 : Seeing the new and creative forms armies.

FWAPO: Yes earlier today a treaty was inducted by acp took a highlight there for me and I think for all of us with egcp doing a tactic that seems to break the terms of cpa which is “toxic tactics” that highlighted a mark on the war that was inducted since several weeks ago on august 7.

Mattstr0: I don’t think there was any particular stand out moment on the field, most of it was pretty routine and had been seen before. Both sides harnessed differing formations throughout the war which was a good spectacle.

How do you feel about the performance of both armies?

Spotty: I think both armies did well considering how many battles throughout one day they had to participate in, especially the back-to-back battles.

Litt7: Both armies did phenomenal

FWAPO: Both armies are doing fantastic every battle one of the armies give action with truly a great and outstanding performance but a loss doesn’t mean they aren’t giving a good performance they are learning from their mistakes to improve even more in future upcoming battles,but this war truly both armies are doing amazing in performance.

Mattstr0: I think both armies performed to the expected level, ACP had the most success during the Ausia timezone whereas EGCP put up more of a fight consistently at US times.

What do you think Elite Guardians could have done better?

Spotty: EGCP need to improve utilising their forms, as multiple times it was noticeable that they weren’t confident in knowing what form is a good counter form to help them dominate a room. They also would be seen to sit onto of ACP despite being smaller which let their opponents cover them.

Litt7: I think EGCP could’ve used their size to their advantage more as most of the battles I judged EGCP had 5 or so more in size

FWAPO: In my perspective with judging their battles I think EGCP could’ve done alot better with them taking the major problem with activity and fast moving with doing form and tactics,not gonna say they were like this the whole war but they showed outstanding performance on the last few battle but they fail to remain consistently like what they have done in the last 3-4 battles

Mattstr0: I think the Elite Guardians sucked at room entries for the most part

What do you think the Army of Club Penguin could have done better?

Spotty: ACP sometimes were seen to be slow at formations during the end of the battle. However it was noticeable that both armies were reusing tactics, with both armies also reusing the same formations a lot during one battle.

Litt7: I think ACP could’ve tried and used forms which wouldnt have been covered more as I saw a couple of their forms be easily covered by EGCP while ACP wasnt changing out of said form at all

FWAPO: In my perspective with juding there battles at the start of the war I don’t think they seem to have problems but as the last 3-4 battles which egcp got it was because of there afk troops they seem to break the consistency of their performance with activity fast in moving and doing tactics which led to egcp doing this,if those problems wouldn’t be inducted and seen in ACP’s last few battles they would’ve won for sure.

Mattstr0: I think ACP bunched together too much on too many occassions

There is a lot to draw from the extensive interview. To start, it’s clear from every judge that both armies performed well. However, it’s also clear both armies have their faults to improve on for next time. The Elite Guardians, according to Spotty, could do better with their formations. On the other hand, the Army of Club Penguin, according to Mattstr0, were far too bunched in line.

While the war may have ended, it is unclear whether it is the end of hostilities between the Guardians and Clovers. What do you think about the judges’ statements on this war? 

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