HCOM Life Stories: Cassie From People’s Imperial Confederation

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of the column known as High Command Life Stories. This week we will be getting in touch with someone who recently returned to a Higher Command position after being somewhat dormant.

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Today’s focus is Cassie. Cassie joined discovered armies while waddling around Club Penguin Online. She came across the Dark Warriors and officially joined them in March 2020. If you recall, this would’ve been near the start of the pandemic. She eventually found herself to the high ranking position of Second in Command. From July to September 2020, she assisted Legoman in his self-titled Legoman Army.

In October 2020, Cassie found her way to Doritos following a Leader-in-Training offer. Changes did not stop there for her as in January 2021, she was granted the opportunity to lead Fire Warriors. She would stay with the army until her retirement in August of the same year. Cassie managed to stay retired, too. That is, until she recently joined People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC) to appease Sweater. (Joking.)

One of Cassie’s first events, a battle against Golds

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Cassie to gain insight and wisdom into their many Higher Command experiences.

What have been some of the memorable days/times in your army career so far, if you don’t mind sharing?

I really enjoyed my time leading Fire Warriors back in 2021, specifically the early days. Being able to help create a community from scratch with Sweater and the others was a really fun experience. A very close second is summer of 2020 in Dark Warriors as I was still fresh to armies and it felt like a very innocent time.

Has this journey from being a troop in the army to a member of Higher Command changed you in any way as a person?

Stepping into armies, I was a very insecure person who sought validation from others. A lot of my experiences along the journey to Higher Command (HCOM) have taught me to find confidence in myself and the choices I make. I’ve also met people along the way who have helped me grow as a person and I’m very thankful for.

What is the best part about being Higher Command?

You get most of the fun perks without the pressure of actually leading an army!

What are your plans personally with the army, and what do you wish to achieve for/in the army?

I’m not quite sure yet, I didn’t really plan coming out of retirement. I just saw a chance to be in an army with Sweater again and we both jumped at it. I have no interest in ever leading again, however, I’m ready to assist PIC in whatever plans they make. I have enjoyed drawing them penguins though and probably will make more.

What would your advice be to the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

It’s simple really, especially nowadays. Just attend events, be active and don’t get an expose written on you.

Cassie provided wise answers that clearly show her experience with being a High Commander. And she provides the best advice of all: don’t get an expose written on you. Do you think Cassie was a good hire for the Confederation?

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