Sweater Weather Once Again In Confederation Leadership

Having retired silently from Special Weapons and Tactics just a few weeks ago due to real-life commitments, Sweater has now made the decision to take up a leadership role in another army. Our team had the opportunity to talk to him and learn more about his goals and motivations.

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Around two weeks after silently departing from Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Sweater assumed a leadership position in People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC). He cited real-life commitments and a lack of time as reasons for his retirement from SWAT’s leadership. Despite retiring, Sweater expressed his intention to remain active in the community, possibly concentrating on his media career. On August 23, Shallissa, PIC’s leader, revealed Sweater’s return to her army.

Shallissa announces Sweater’s return

As Shallissa highlighted in her announcement, Sweater has a vast leadership experience that extends beyond his recent leadership role in SWAT. In April 2020, under his leadership, SWAT consistently achieved 70+ maxes. In August of the same year, he successfully revived and led Fire Warriors, bringing it to max to 30+ and securing victory in Challengers Cup II, which earned them the title of “Best Small-Medium Army.” Earlier this year, Sweater briefly assumed Third in Command position in People’s Imperial Confederation, as well as leader in Penguins of Madagascar.

Sweater’s return to PIC’s leadership is hardly a surprise. His support for the army throughout the year earned him a place in the Congress of Soviets in June thanks to his advice during the World War IX. His achievements undoubtedly make him a valuable asset to his new army. As a small-medium army with significant aspirations, PIC has demonstrated its willingness to engage in war and conflict to achieve its goals. Over the past months, they have played an active role in forming the Sapphire Concordat alliance to confront Dark Vikings, and more recently, the Blue Sunset Alliance during World War IX.

Recent event

We were able to speak with Sweater and get more insight about his future plans as well as his reasons to take the leader role once again.

What made you join a new army so soon after your retirement from SWAT?

I told myself I would only join another army if I had faith in that army’s leadership and felt like I could top my other achievements in there. Every time I want to finish my story, I find myself in a position where I think I can outdo myself and that is especially true with leading PIC. This feels like a crossover for me. The PIC leadership right now consists of leaders from every successful S/M army in the past 3 years. Cabin from Napalm Corps, Hidcre from Pizza Federation, Sidie9/Shallissa from PIC, and myself from Fire Warriors. All of us plus Alucard is a powerhouse so I’m really excited to see how we can prosper. We are all good friends, too, so this should be a recipe for success.

Is your new position that you are going to maintain for a longer while or are you joining PIC only for a brief time to help out?

I considered enlisting just for the tournament, but Cassie and I spoke it over and she’s always said that I was at my happiest when I was in the Confederation previously. So it’s likely that I’ll be here a while, I’m really motivated to do some crazy things with the squad.

What are you aiming to achieve as a PIC leader, what are your goals?

Win Challengers Cups 3 through 10.

You were looking for somebody to reopen Fire Warriors earlier this Summer. Why not do it yourself instead of joining a new army?

I would absolutely love to see someone open the Fire Warriors. As for doing it myself? That chapter of my career is closed. It was the best time I could have ever asked for: I made some great friends, some great memories and dominated the S/M scene for well over half a year. The Fire Warriors are open to anyone looking to take the dive into leadership.

It is clear that People’s Imperial Confederation is in good hands and has ambitious plans for the future. Since their reopening, they have established themselves as a strong small/medium army that major armies take into consideration. PIC actively engages in wars and demonstrates a strong desire for victories. What else can we expect from them under Sweater’s leadership?

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