BREAKING: Army of Club Penguin Issues Force Treaty on Elite Guardians

BREAKING – Just moments ago, the Army of Club Penguin issued a force treaty on the Elite Guardians. Following claims of transphobia and bigoted tactics, what exactly happened between the two foes?

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Almost three weeks ago, on August 7, the Army of Club Penguin shocked the community by issuing a declaration of war on the Elite Guardians. In a series of posts, both sides accused each other of bad-mouthing the other. This likely means the war was imminent regardless of who declared first. Continuing for a staggering 34 battles, there was no end in sight for either army. At least before today.

A recent war battle between the Army of CP and Elite Guardians

Following the conclusion of the Elite Guardians’ invasion of Famagusta, an Army of Club Penguin higher command took to the Club Penguin Armies’ general chat to voice their opinion on a certain tactic. Due to the nature of the tactic, it will not be shared here. Several community members agreed that the tactic was transphobic in nature, which may have led to a breaking of the war terms imposed by the Clovers. A common term, it simply reads “no toxic tactics,” – something that the administration would have had to weigh in on. Despite the Elite Guardians offering to deal with the issue internally, the war would soon come to an end.

In the late hours of August 26, the Army of Club Penguin issued a force treaty on the Guardians, ending the war immediately. The terms of the treaty are fairly standard, including a clause related to the war scare and invalidating invasions for the next six weeks. The treaty confirms that the Elite Guardians lost the war due to their tactic in the battle of Famagusta.

Aug 26, 2023: Army of Club Penguin issues force treaty on Elite Guardians

Club Penguin Armies approached both AustinFraud and Lass for statements on the war coming to a close. We asked each leader to reflect on their army’s performance and offer an opinion on the war ending in such a manner.

Lass, Elite Guardians Leader: I am extremely happy with the rise on the battle performance of me and the rest of the leaders, we climbed all the way and fought hard against all the odds. The war would be better with a honored ending of fighting until the end but our adversaries went with the easier route. Regardless, we are satisfied with our perfomance and we feel that we came out stronger and more prepared than ever.

I trully feel like we made history, nearly a whole month with barely eight server, facing an army that covered half of the map and attacked us in all fronts, yet we held out, and kept the gap between us narrow. It was an undeniably astonishing feat, and it proved the Elite Guardians are a force to be reckoned with.

AustinFraud, Army of Club Penguin Leader: Because this was a war between two of the strongest armies, I believe it was one of the best wars of the year having fought 34 battles. We absolutely gave it our all, even after our performance in the Legends Cup Finals. We carried out a variety of strategies during this war, making full use of our EU and AUSIA divisions, which provided us a slight advantage. Tactically, ACP has performed admirably throughout the war, introducing numerous new formations and improving our troop tactic ratio.

The leaders feel bittersweet about ending the battle since we wanted it to go on, but as leaders, we must prioritize what our staff and troops want. The tactic used by EGCP certainly flustered many of our troops and seriously traumatized a few, given that we have a good amount of who are from the transgender community. After further investigation, it was revealed that EGCP had used the tactic in earlier battles as well, it was ultimately decided to force treaty EGCP after consulting our team of staff and several highly involved troops. I’m delighted EGCP took action on it, and learning from your mistakes is the best way to move forward. It was a pleasure warring with EGCP, and I know both sides have learned from it over the course of 3 weeks.

It’s good that despite a loss, the Elite Guardians’ heads remain high. Often times armies let themselves become demotivated after situations like this. The Army of Club Penguin seems to have taken today as a confidence boost – perhaps a well-deserved one. Regardless of the outcome, the two foes have really breathed life into the community as of late. It’s even possible that after six weeks, the two will go at it once more. Until then, what do you think of the outcome? Are force treaties a good idea? 

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