Beach Brawl III: Announcement & Information

Beach Brawl III has been announced for next weekend with four armies invited to fight in the small-medium clash.

Designed by Dino

The third ever iteration of Beach Brawl is upon us, being apart of our exciting Summer 2023 @ CPA schedule. Last year’s Beach Brawl II infamously struggled with Battleground’s connection issues, leading to a messy battle. Army of Club Penguin were announced as the victors. However, now that Battleground is much more stable, we anticipate a stronger showing by all armies involved.

While the administration recognizes the desire for a Challengers Cup, we felt that with the declining size of the small-medium army community that Beach Brawl would be more appropriate.

Information & Rules

Beach Brawl III will take place next weekend on Saturday, August 26. In order for the tournament to run smoothly, we are putting the following rules in place. They are based on the previous tournament’s rules:

  • Reviews will only be allowed, and will be conducted by unaffiliated (to the battle) Head Judges.
  • Just like in the previous tournaments, there have been deadlines set in regard to the review process:
    • Leaders cannot request a review after 3 hours from the long results being posted, and they cannot submit evidence more than 21 hours after requesting a review (videos should be submitted as soon as possible).
    • Head Judges must inform both armies about the review, and if it is going ahead as soon as possible.
    • The deadline for the Head Judges to review the battle will be 24 hours after the evidence deadline.
  • Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. They must stick with that army for the duration of the tournament.
  • The judging will be undertaken by Club Penguin Army Judges (CPAJ) and organized by the Head Judges.
  • All armies have a right to veto one judge. Once an army has vetoed one judge, it cannot decline any more for that battle. Vetoes cannot occur past the four hour mark, and the Head Judges can not be vetoed per new judging guidelines.
  • Judges will be announced well in advance.
  • The battle will have 3 judges to 5 judges.
  • Anybody banned from Battleground cannot participate in tournament battles (including but not limited to attending on alts, leading from Discord or other third-party websites, etc.) If found guilty of violating this rule by administrator discretion, the army they are involved with will be disqualified.

How will the battle work?

This much-loved battle server format will see each army fight for 30 minutes across three different battle rooms, encountering a different opponent in each room. However, the armies will not know who they are up against until the moment they enter the room.

The battles will be judged by CPAJ, our partner organization. There will be a dedicated Discord channel on the CPAJ server for each army, and battle rooms and other information will be communicated there.


  • Friendly Gamers
  • People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Penguins of Madagascar
  • Special Weapons and Tactics


Saturday, August 26

8pm UK/BST | 7pm GMT | 3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST

We would like to take this moment to thank Dino and Master DS who provided us with the most wonderful graphics for the tournament. Additionally, we are grateful for the judges support and their supervision of the tournament. Which army will be crowned Beach Brawl champions for the first time?

More Information

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