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Columns, editorials, news, opinions, satire: these are just a few of the features offered by Club Penguin Armies’ media department. In this perspective, the organization also recognizes the importance of collecting feedback from its readers in order to strive for excellence in serving the community.

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A trend set by army legends like Boomer 20 and Woton: community, media website has been an integral part of the army community at large. Throughout the years we have seen many reiterations of the same formula, including a revolving door of columns. While a chosen few are selected to lead these websites, their success comes down solely to the community and the trust they have in those selected individuals.

Therefore, in order to understand our audience better, some community members were approached to provide input on the type of posts they would like to see here at Club Penguin Armies.


What [content] do you like most at Club Penguin Armies? What topics, columns, articles, etc?

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation: For me it’s HCOM Life Stories and opinion posts. It’s interesting to see everyone else’s [point of view] on certain things and is always a good read.

Ana, Elite Guardians: From my fair share of reading the article, I’ve noticed readers typically enjoy content related to army battles, community events, strategies and profiles of prominent army members. Articles discussing alliances and tactics tend to be popular too.

Beasto, Help Force: I don’t favor any topic on the other but I think the opinion posts are always fun to read, it kind of boosts the knowledge of many people about the community and its members.

Caitlin, Community Committee: My favorite parts of Club Penguin Armies’ [CPA] media are behind the scenes and HCOM Life Stories content because it gives people a different perspective on the army community and shows that every army troop has had a different journey within the army community. I also like the addition of the Top Ten as it creates friendly competition in order to take the top spot each week.

FWAPO, Special Weapons and Tactics: The most thing I like in the CPA media org is probably war articles. I am a person who loves war I enjoy reading them and seeing what other armies are doing with their war battles, and also I like seeing troops being interviewed because as my self I like to see what they are being interviewed about and seeing what they want to change or why they are willing to do in the future. 

Lunita, Water Vikings: I personally love articles about armies of the past. It’s fascinating for me to learn more about history of CPA as a whole. Any new article about older armies is in my opinion amazing. Especially considering how hard it is to get any info about it. So those are my favorite. Satirical posts are close second.

Sanya, Head Moderator: I enjoy articles revolving around drama, to be honest, [be]cause of all the tea, and posts about internal conflict cause it gives the community a better idea on what really goes on behind the scenes on certain armies.

Which new features would you like to see coming in the future in CPA media? Could you share any of your ideas, if you have one?

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation: One idea I had a while back for media was like a “What happened to…” series in which the reporter takes a look at what went wrong in certain armies and what led to their eventual closure.

Ana, Elite Guardians: I feel like it would be enjoyable for readers to not only consume news but also have more of a creative insight and make it interactive in the community, perhaps like a Live Q&A with notable members or members involved in recent news would be nice.

Beasto, Help Force: I think I would like to see more posts talking about the history of CPA. Also, maybe some CPA icons who shaped the community to what we see right now and also some armies names history (ones that perished with time).

Caitlin, Community Committee: I would love to see the return of Army of the Week. I think on top of the Top Ten, it’s an added incentive for armies and continues to enforce strong competition. With a current war in progress, I’d like to see digestion posts for wars covering both the war and practice battles giving the community and some newer troops a chance to understand what is happening more easily and also a chance for the news outlet to release more posts which can only be a benefit.

FWAPO, Special Weapons and Tactics: Honestly CPA has always been perfect. All recommended features are there for now, I don’t see adding any new features as if it doesn’t need ones, but probably others would want, and for sure in the future I will come up with new ideas. They will be major and not small!

Lunita, Water Vikings: Hmmm, honestly, I am not quite sure. CPA media is already covering so much stuff as a whole. Perhaps it would be a good idea to create articles about new important figures in the club penguin community? So something around the lines of ”Army of Club Penguin‘s [ACP] new star HCOM” etc. Just my opinion though. However, I also would like to see more light-hearted content as a whole. Perhaps something along the lines of non-serious news? I don’t know.

Sanya, Head Moderator: Perhaps more interviews on legends? I really like the insight they give us on what their army was like back then and how the community worked in OG. Maybe a series that revolves around what an army was like back then? And if the current army still follows the policy of past generation or if they’ve completely changed and adopted a new policy that’d be interesting to see.

Is there anything you would like to improve in the current media posts?

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation: As of right now, I think the media and the org is fine as it is.

Ana, Elite Guardians: Maybe let a non-reporter create a miscellaneous article or something. I don’t know. But, oh my god, guys, have you heard of this MASSIVE rumor that Mr. Worldwide is actually the person that will be personally sending ACP to Brazil?

Caitlin, Community Committee: I think the media already does a good job and provides us up to date news on latest topics and competition with things such as the map and Top Ten. I think there is an opportunity to expand the media as previously stated by providing a closer perspective on wars and bringing back old columns.

Beasto, Help Force: I think the way it is right now makes it perfect for all involved, the only slight change I would be doing is adding more polls per day, because people like to participate in those stuff a lot.

FWAPO, Special Weapons and Tactics: The community is perfect. I don’t see what change should be done and if there are some problems they are really small, and really simple to fix. The CPA community is a fun, action-[packed], entertaining community that I think everyone new to it would absolutely love it and it’s beautiful people and fellow moderators.

Lunita, Water Vikings: I don’t think that I would change anything. It is working very well as it is. Perhaps it would be good to allow our reporters more leeway on their writing style? Since I know that not everyone is perfect at the informational style used by CPA media. That’s about it though.

Sanya, Head Moderator: I’m not really a media expert but, to be honest, I would love to see more articles where it talks about the past as in like CPA history; and- like I said earlier- as it can be quite interesting time to time to see if the old generation of an army is still the same as the new generation. Or if they’ve completely done a 180 turn in their army culture.


Thinking about all these suggestions

Based on some of the answers, columns, opinion articles, and war reports appear to be community favorites. Followed closely by behind-the-scene reads and  historical pieces on armies. Let’s evaluate some of their suggestions, as well.

  • Articles about influential CPA figures who have shaped the community: One of the main suggestions is to feature articles that narrate the stories of legends or significant individuals who have made a lasting impact on the armies community, either through their exceptional leadership or noteworthy actions that deserve recognition. This would certainly be a very interesting sight to see. Getting to know the individuals who contributed to create the small universe in which we have fun undoubtedly sparks curiosity and interest. If you like posts like this, we recommend our Lost Legends column.

  • Columns on army culture: This particular topic idea really caught my attention as I personally am a fan of subjects dealing with customs and culture. Understanding the customs and practices of all past and present armies, as well as what their soldiers do within their respective environments, that is exciting. A review of the changes in their modus operandi and policies would be most welcome.

  • Q&A: Of all those mentioned, this one has a completely different direction. If implemented, the community will have a more active participation in the media by directly contributing questions to members who have been involved in recent news.
  • “What happened to…”: This column falls within the realm of topics that primarily focus on the history of armies. It aims to explore the process behind the decline of certain armies and the factors that ultimately led to their closure. This column could highlight a significant relevance within a community that is grappling with survival and is increasingly led by less experienced, younger individuals. In this way, by observing the mistakes that many leaders made when leading their armies, we can learn how to avoid these disastrous paths.

All these ideas are undoubtedly very interesting and, personally, I would love to see them applied some day in the media. What do you think of a weekly Q&A column where the best questions submitted by the community are answered by key people featured in the news of the week?

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