The Final Lap: Sweater Silently Exits SWAT’s Leadership

After leading the army for several months, Sweater left the Special Weapons and Tactics leadership without any announcement. With no reason specified for his departure, the community is left to speculate on the nature of his retirement.

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Sweater first joined the club penguin army community in 2013. Following a brief stint in the Ice Warriors, he proceeded to join the Special Weapons and Tactics after being recruited by Ganger90. His introduction was short-lived, later having to retire for personal reasons. He returned to armies in 2015 after being messaged by a close friend, Memmaw, inviting him to join Takis as 3ic. Sweater quickly returned to SWAT, this time ranking up to moderator before claiming a leadership opportunity in Shadow Recon. The army saw great success during his leadership, reaching peak sizes and winning the Continental Cup II tournament.

In more recent years, Sweater revived SWAT alongside Zuke, SCargo2, and Jaylen in 2020. Over the coming months, after a shutdown and reopening, Sweater alternated roles between SWAT leader and advisor. Accompanied by Otter, he later decided to rebrand the Skateboarders into the Fire Warriors. FW would proceed to face off in a war against the Island Invaders, eventually facing defeat. This generation of FW saw great success, reaching max sizes of up to 30+. Under Sweater’s leadership, FW would win the Challengers Cup II tournament, later being titled Best S/M Army in CPAHQ’s Night of Debauchery. Fire Warriors eventually shut down due to internal conflict.

Fire Warriors vs. People’s Imperial Confederation, Challengers Cup II Finals

Early this year, Sweater joined the People’s Imperial Confederation as 2ic after their reopening, and would remain there for several months. He then moved on to join the Penguins of Madagascar leadership. In the absence of creators Logical and Ryebread, Sweater maintained the army’s consistency. He eventually left to join SWAT along with many POM staff and high command members. There he remained in leadership for several months, leading the army during World War IX and Legends Cup XIII.

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Dark Vikings, Legends Cup XIII Qualifiers

With an intense history and obvious admiration for SWAT, Club Penguin Armies decided to reach out to Sweater regarding his departure from leadership.

What prompted your departure from SWAT leadership?

I had so much I wanted to do with SWAT but unfortunately I just don’t have the time for it. I work full time and when I get home the last thing I want to do is log on to Club Penguin, I’d rather just play something else more relaxing and then go to bed.

Do you have any favorite moments from your time in SWAT leadership?

It’s a mix between co-ordinating with other major army leaders in World War IX and beating Dark Vikings in the Legends Cup qualifiers. Teaming up with leaders I have huge amounts of respect for such as Calgocubs and Sidie9 was an incredible experience and I hope I was able to do right by them in that whole ordeal. Beating Dark Vikings in the Legends Cup qualifiers sounds silly, but it was a great achievement for me as I was able to successfully solo lead a smaller army for 30 minutes and win – it proved to me that I DO know what I’m doing, so it made me happy.

Is this the end of your time in armies? What are your plans for the future?

I think I’ve spent so much time in this community that I can never actually ‘leave’ it, I’ll try to always be around in some form. This community is fascinating and the duties outside of typical army work were always more enjoyable for me anyways. I love Reporting and I want to improve my writing so that I can be known for that instead of being a leader.

Though his tenure in SWAT ended abruptly, it is clear that Sweater leaves his mark on the army community. With a strong history in many armies, Sweater’s answers indicate that he wishes to establish a strong role in the media sphere. While future endeavours remain uncertain, Club Penguin Armies wishes him all the best for the future.

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