Army Of Club Penguin Declares War on Elite Guardians

The Army of Club Penguin has declared war on the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. This sudden declaration shocked the community and the war is set to begin today.

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On August 7, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. The two armies have had a bitter relationship with each other ever since the Elite Guardians returned to the community, earlier this year.  In their declaration, the clovers stated the reason they declared war was due to the Guardians “bad-mouthing” them and saying that they were on a “trajectory to war each other” as they have both been thriving to the top. The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin went on to respond by releasing a post stating that they accept the war. They also went on to state that the army has awoken a war machine which has been eager to fight.

ACP declaring war

War terms set by ACP

The Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin are no strangers to facing each other on the battlefield. Their recent conflicts were in the Legends Cup XIII semifinals and World War IX. These conflicts saw many closely-fought battles with both armies achieving high sizes. This gives the community high hopes for a good, hard-fought, war as both armies prepare to march onto the battlefield.

ACP vs EGCP battle

Legends Cup XIII battle between ACP and EGCP

Club Penguin Armies asked Army of Club Penguin leader Calgo and Elite Guardians of Club Penguin leader Lass for a statement on the war.

Calgo: Back when EGCP first re-opened we tried to show good will to them and welcome them back to the community with an offer for an alliance or at the bare minimum basic relations. In response to this kindness they met us with only hostility and aggression based on a grudge that they have been holding against us since 2019. They claim this is not the case yet some of their own staff have admitted to this and none of our current team was even around on the old ACP 2019 staff team. Further they will use the excuse that their high levels of toxicity that go above and beyond the normal levels of shit talk is just them “joking around”. We will not stand for this type of behavior whatsoever and it is time we hold them accountable. They have been calling for war against us for some time now so we answered with action. A lot of people have asked for a reasoning for war and id be lying if I said that both our armies weren’t heading in this trajectory of war with each other. With the amount of beef, shit talk, and the fact that both our armies have been thriving toward the top we were both bound to meet eachother on the battlefield one way or another and theres no way around that. Both of our armies view each other as a threat, thats the reality, and thats what makes war enjoyable for the masses. Good luck to EGCP, I look forward to meeting y’all on the battlefield and settling this for good.

Lass: We were a little surprised because we were in an event and suddenly received a ping in CPA about a war declaration and 2 invasions, it was a little too earlier than we expected. We told troops about the sudden change of plans to initiate preparations as the sound of the trumpets of war rose. Our main plan is to fight back, EGCP is not the type to be standing around and neither are our opponents.

Both armies seem ready to head into war and battle it out as both armies have already scheduled invasions against each other. However, there will be little time to prepare as the war commences today. Club Penguin Armies wishes both armies the best of luck in the war. We will continue reporting on the conflict as it happens. How long will this war last? Who will win?

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