HCOM Life Stories: Jo From Help Force

Welcome back to another edition of High Command Life Stories, where we dive into the past of an active HCOM member in the army community. This week, we will be talking to Jo from the Help Force and finding out a bit more about him.

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Thuanthaijo’s (also known as Jo) joined the army community on January 14th 2022. During this time the Help Force was hosting their Winter Gala and doing it in style. During that week, they were able to max 39 penguins, helping them to gain fourth place in the Top Ten.

Jo was recruited into the army during this time by ‘Power Troop’ Choco, as he aimed to obtain the title of Gamer of the Week. His attempt to win the role was in vain, however, his recruit soon proved how much he was worth. Jo went on to attend most ausia events, learning about armies with each event he attended. His introduction to HF during this time also meant that he was able to witness Help Force’s March Madness run, where they went all the way to the finals.

Unfortunately for Jo, he was unable to witness the Help Force win the tournament as they lost out to the Ice Warriors. However, the Helpers were able to gain momentum from this tournament run and use it as motivation to try and win the next one. Jo went on to become Junior Staff on June 28th and continued to work hard to rise up the ranks. Within two months, he was able to become a fully-fledged staff member. This was just in time for the war that was about to come for the Helpers.

Help Force vs Ice Warriors in the March Madness (2022) Finals

Jo was able to learn from his experience in the Help Force and he used it to help him rank up within the army. He tried to attend every event he could and was active. This helped him to get noticed within the army, leading to his promotion. However, three days after his promotion, the army soon engaged in a war against the Special Weapons And Tactics on August 23rd. The Helpers joined forces with the Ice Warriors, Water Vikings and Templars in an attempt to wipe SWAT off the map

During the war, the Helpers were able to accomplish their goal, win the war and obtain maxes of up to 48+ penguins in their invasions. Yet, in October, Help Force Leader Wynn waved goodbye to the Helpers. Wynn was a big loss for the Helpers but her departure saw the introduction of current leader Rooboo alongside Desireus. Despite the changes, Jo continued to be active and work hard within the army.

Wynn’s retirement event

A big moment for the Helpers came in March as they attempted to take home the March Madness trophy and made their way to the finals of the tournament. However, they lost out to Rebel Penguin Federation, narrowly missing out on the trophy once again. They were able to gain momentum from this though. The tournament run enabled Jo to continue to work harder and try to obtain even higher ranks.

Before he could even blink, the Ausia Arena tournament came around in May. The Helpers did everything in their power to win yet another ausia tournament. The last Ausia tournament they won was the Aces of Ausia, held in 2020. During their quest to win the tournament, Jo was able to become a second-in-command in the Help Force. Despite joining the army in January 2022, this was a big achievement for Jo and pushed him to be even more active and work harder.

Once again, the Help Force beat each and every opposition that came its way and made it to the finals. One last obstacle awaited them in the finals, the Water Vikings. The Vikings had been in good form, rising up in the Top Tens and consistently competing for first. The Helpers were hungry to win and didn’t want a repeat of the March Madness tournament. They used this as motivation to win the tournament and become Ausia Arena Summer Edition winners.

With the tournament win in the bag, the Helpers were riding high on their momentum, Jo included. In July, just over a month after his last promotion, Jo was promoted once again. This time, he achieved the role of Leader-in-Training. Since then, Jo has continued to be a present figure within the army. He even has been able to lead some events, helping the Help Force to maintain their presence in the community.

A memorable picture for Jo

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Jo to find out more about his time in the Help Force.

How does it feel to be a Higher Command of a renowned army like the Help Force?

It feels amazing. It’s really a lot of fun planning events, chatting with the other high command on the future of the army, and hosting events. At times it can be a bit stressful, but in the end the fun factor is much greater.

During your time in the army is there anything/person who has inspired you and how?

It would probably be the commanders Wynn, Snowy, Des, Rooboo, and Maya. The way they make running an army look so easy is absolutely amazing. They inspire me to keep trying even if something is tough, because they are proof that whatever I’m trying to do is possible.

What have been some of your memorable moments within the army thus far?

The biggest one would be winning AUSIA Arena. Another one would be the closing of CPR and the conspiracy behind one of our staff members, RU, retiring on the 11th, us insulting her on the 12th, and then CPR shutting down on the 13th. I also have a lot of memories of the different fun activities that we’ve had such as playing skribbl, bonk, and Roblox.

Do you currently have any goals you’re aiming for?

I aim to grow the Help Force into a massive army. We did it once at the start of the year, where we dominated the top tens. I hope to do the same in the future.

What’s the best part about being a HCOM member and do you think you’ll become a leader one day?

The best part is seeing the troops have fun and also having fun with the troops. In the future I definitely see myself becoming leader.

It seems that Jo has had quite the ride with the Help Force, from missing out, narrowly, in tournaments to winning the Ausia Arena. Jo has his sights set on growing the army and one day becoming a leader. We, at Club Penguin Armies wish Jo and the Help Force the best of luck for the future.

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