Community Reacts To The Legends Cup Semi-Finals

Four major armies rivaled against one another in the semi-finals of Legends Cup XIII. With each battle more fierce than the last, the community has been full of discourse and gossip regarding the results.

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This weekend featured two battles during the semi-finals of Legends Cup XIII. With all four armies emerging victorious from their previous battles, the stakes were high as each fought to secure a place in the grand finals. On Saturday, the Army of Club Penguin fought against the Elite Guardians, followed by a clash between the Water Vikings and the Rebel Penguin Federation. With the semi-finals underway, we asked several members of the army community for their thoughts on the battles.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians 

The Clovers met the Guardians on the battlefield for what would be a very contentious battle. Meeting in combat previously during World War IX, both armies brought their full forces to this prestigious battle. Both sides exhibited sizes of 50+, remaining consistently close throughout the battle. With no army having a clear advantage over the other, the extremely close battle led to the first overtime room of the tournament. Gaining the upper hand, the Army of Club Penguin won the fourth room due to their creative formations and better troop-to-tactic ratio. Winning two rooms, the Clovers won the matchup and earned their place in the grand finals of Legends Cup XIII. We reached out to multiple community members to hear their thoughts on the battle.

Elite Guardians vs. Army of Club Penguin

Alu, PIC Leader: Given the sizes with both sides maxing out at 60, it was an extremely tight battle that was quite entertaining to watch. GGs to EGCP for forcing ACP into overtime and congrats to ACP for reaching the finals.

Beasto, CPA Graphic Designer: I think it’s something I predicted, even though it was a very close fight but the Clovers were victorious at the end, of course the Guardians did an amazing job, maybe too much amazing for an army that returned this year, this battle will go down the history of the CPAB era as one of the biggest and closest battles so far in 2023! Congrats to the Clovers and Well done to the Guardians, they both gave us a show that we will never forget! :))

Jojo Teri, Community Committee: Initially I didn’t expect EGCP to bring so many troops so I was surprised to see acp and egcp maxing the same . All rooms were very close and it was a great battle to watch . I liked it that there were some more unique formations throughout the battle. It felt like a finals battle so I believe the army who won that battle (acp) will win the whole tournament.

Tasty, Reporter: I wasn’t sure who to root for during the battle since HF is allied with both armies. I definitely thought that ACP was going to have the size advantage due to how they maxed during their Quater Finals battle. It was a shock to wake up and find out how close the battle was and how close the sizes were. I thought it was going to come down to how well can EGCP’s skill compensate for ACP’s size advantage, but I was wrong and it turned out that ACP was the one with slightly better performance. Overall, the battle to me was just intense and it really went against my expectations.

Pingo, Water Vikings: the battle was good, felt like 2017, i liked the part where it felt like the ACP VC leader felt like had one too many before starting, so uh congrats ACP for beating the brazilian national team i guess, and EGCP, uhhhhh see you in the 3rd place match i guess.

Water Vikings vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Water Vikings contended against the Rebel Penguin Federation during their semi-finals battle. Long-time allies, this matchup was deeply competitive yet friendly on both sides. Near adjacent in size, both armies fought to outdo their opponent through unique tactics and formations. This remained accordant throughout the entirety of the battle, resulting in ties in rooms two and three. Due to their dominance in room one, the Rebels achieved victory in the first room, coming out as winners of the semi-finals battle. We asked several community members for their thoughts on the battle.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Vikings

Sidie9, Reporter: As I said last week, RPF is always at their peak during tournaments. It would have been a great narrative for WV to get to the finals, but an RPF victory should’ve been expected by everyone.

Raven, Community Member: In my opinion the battles outcome was somewhat expected. Both armies had an amazing performance but this time RPF was better. Honestly my expectations were a bit higher for RPF in terms of size. 

Smurf, SM Army Legend: My thought: I might have a bit of a bias for Dino when I say this. He puts a lot of work into what he does (perhaps his colleagues do the same, as well). Out of most people in the community, right now, Dino deserves a big win under his belt. Although I wish he would just stay retired, I am pretty proud of the effort he displayed here.

This is not to say that I do not think that RPF puts in comparable effort. It just seems that, from the looks of it, RPF had more experienced members. I am not really qualified to talk about how much work either group put in, all I am suggesting is that RPF had some leverage there. Maybe, if WV had a few more weeks to prepare their members, they would have taken the cake, so-to-say….. WV seemed to pick it up in terms of tactics near the latter half of the battle. Considering this, I think that it would be wise to say that this was a close battle. A fun one to watch, too. I have to give a hand to RPF for giving a proper fight. I am now going to eat some tiramisu.

AustinFraud, Reporter: I want to start by saying that both armies performed magnificently. Whether you won or lost, take the opportunity to learn from the battle. Although both armies were around the same sizes, we all knew it would be a close-knit fight to watch, and it did not disappoint. This meant that the army who performed better tactically would win. RPF’s consistency allowed them to defeat WV by winning a room with two tied rooms. Personally, I believe that both armies could have done more as they both are pillars of this community. Congratulations to RPF for advancing through the Finals, hoping to see the absolute beast hidden within them at the Finals.

Fulcrum/Elsa, Templars: I’m happy that RPF won, and I know WV did the best they could! And since I am friends with both armies. I’m really proud of what both have become!

Toxic Storm, Reporter: In my opinion, RPF has a good track record of winning tournaments like legends cup. Their ability to bring legends and veterans from the army to fight in tournaments like its a holiday get together or a runion for them is unique and wonderful. WV is a capable army, but they couldn’t bring something new to the table, making RPF’s Victory a clear outcome since the start of the battle.

With the Legends Cup XIII semi-finals concluded, the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation will face off in the grand finals. Witnessing passion and intensity on the battlefield, both the Rebels and Clovers seem eager to compete in the ultimate battle. The finals are definitely something to look forward to, as the winner will be declared the champion of Legends Cup XIII. As the tournament continues, the army community is anticipating more exhilaration leading up to the grand finals. What did you think of the semi-final match-ups? Which army do you think will win Legends Cup XIII? 

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