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Welcome to Time Capsule. This is the column where we ask community members questions about their goals and predictions for the remainder of the year, which we’ll eventually look back on.

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Initially, the Army League Board was a result of two separate “leagues” coming together. The board was paramount in unification talks as it provided army leaders comfort in knowing their voices will be heard. The goal was simple: establish autonomy for armies. During Club Penguin Armies‘ foundation, the hope was that the Army Board would sit in tandem with administration.

It is not the first time an Army Board has appeared in history. “Army Representatives” have been a common theme in many community websites in a post-Disney army community. If you didn’t know how a board typically works, usually it involves voting on league changes or rules. Considering the army leaders themselves are most impacted by league rules, it makes sense for them to have representative when it comes to having a say.

Army League Board

If you haven’t already, we suggest checking out our League page on the website. It outlies the basic setup of our current Army Board. Recently, the Army Board has been criticized as being “not as active,” or even as far as “unnecessary” sometimes. However, others make a strong argument that the Army Board is apart of the Club Penguin Armies identity, and that should be honored in some form.

Thus, for this week’s Time Capsule, we wanted to hear from some of the representatives, Calgocubs21 and Legoman.

How do you think the community as a whole will look like by the end of the year?

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Representative: I think that is entirely up to the leaders in charge of their prospective armies as well as the heads of the orgs. At the end of the day the community will only perform as strong as its weakest link and if there are no leaders who are willing to stand up, take big risks, and lead the charge, then the community might experience a big slump. That being said I’m quite optimistic and I think after witnessing the success the community has seen these past months with war and conflict on the rise and more competition jumping into the mix that this year will end with [armies] being bigger than ever compared to last year!

Legoman, Head Representative: A steady decline of sizes and brainpower. My little bro Terry will ascend to the rank of Special Weapons and Tactics Staff-In-Training without having a Discord account. 2023 will conclude with Lord Pain‘s induction into the NBA Hall of Fame.

What do you think the league will look like by the end of the year?

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Representative: I think by the end of the year the league will be thriving more than it ever has been. My hope is that by then the Army Board will have been disbanded fully with a new system in place to encourage feedback from leaders. I hope that the league can operate and make important changes without the downside of the army board holding them back in this new post-era Army Board. I also think that media will continue to become more and more prevalent with more conflicts sparking up.

Legoman, Head Representative: 2023 will end with Bam117 and Rowan as the Ultimate Overlords of the Club Penguin Armies [CPA] league. The league will rebrand to Kolo[way]’s Mojo Dojo Casa House. All current admins will be couped by BScharbach2 as it is a canon event. Eden and Spotty will continue to complain in main chat.

What Army Board reforms – if any – do you predict to happen this year?

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Representative: The only Board Reform I see happening before the end of the year is the disbandment of the Army Board due to it no longer serving its intended purpose. If this happen no more Army Board reforms will be happening.

Legoman, Head Representative: The Army Board will either remain being dormant or dissolve entirely.

What is a change you’d like to see in the Army Board by the end of the year?

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Representative: I would like to see more of an effort towards pushing for big changes rather than excuses for why they are too risky to make. This community has become stale because leaders have become too scared to make the necessary changes to grow and adapt to changing times. This is why the Army Board is inefficient because we are either locked in a deadlock decision or no one is presenting any ideas at all. Any ambitious ideas usually get shot down instantly.

Legoman, Head Representative: For the board to either have a function or cease to exist. The current Army Board is very reminiscent of a long-term long-distance low-commitment casual girlfriend.

As the current Head Representative of the Board, what’s your opinion of the role and how will it change as well?

Legoman, Head Representative: I think the Head Representative role should be hot pink in honor of the Barbie movie. For all those who need to hear it – you all are Kenough. Stay golden and stay SUBLIME! HOO RAH!

Based on some of the answers, one can infer that the Army Board may not be as exciting as outsiders have thought. Though it is here to stay, time will tell if the community has moved past the need for an Army League Board. What’s your opinion of the Army Board?

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