Time Capsule: The Recruit’s Perspective

Welcome to Time Capsule. This is the column where we ask community members questions about their goals and predictions for the remainder of the year, which we’ll eventually look back on.

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Naturally, during the Legends Cup season, the community tends to see an influx of troops. It’s the natural web and flow where we see the summer highs of sizes that leads into the “September drop.” In the grand scheme of things, the sizes are not attainable for the long term but even just one recruit could make all the difference in an army; soon, they’re climbing the ranks and eventually they’re a leader, making decisions that’ll ripple throughout the community. All it takes is just finding that one good recruit.

My own recruitment story is quite unique compared to those of today. I would have never suspected that one conversation would lead me to here, all these years later.

Recruiting is just making new friends

Our column “HCOM Life Stories” sheds light on those in higher-ranking positions. Therefore, we wanted to interview some members who may have only joined armies within the past week to get their first impressions. Club Penguin Armies reached out to three different army members for their thoughts on what another year of armies could look like.

What is your penguin name and current army, rank?

DzrxkPeople’s Imperial Confederation: My penguin account/name name is Dzrxk. My rank is Corporal, I think?

Mac2940, Rebel Penguin Federation: For most sites my penguin name is Mac2940, I’m in the Rebel Penguin Federation and I’m a Private.

Mamalama, Special Weapons and Tactics: I’m in Special Weapons and Tactics, my name is Mamalama and I don’t know what rank I am [Enlisted Private].

How did you find out about armies?

Dzrxk, People’s Imperial Confederation: Just happen to be invited, I think from the Roblox server, and messaged about it?

Mac2940, Rebel Penguin Federation: To  be honest, I’m not actually too sure about how I stumbled across armies. I think it must’ve been YouTube? I first joined the the Rebels [RPF] in 2017 but I never actually attended any events or was active in chat or anything. Then, when COVID[-19] hit, and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, I rejoined the RPF for a while. I became inactive but stayed in the server and eventually decided to rejoin and work my way up from the bottom about a week ago.

Mamalama, Special Weapons and Tactics: I found out about the armies because people direct messaged me and ask me to join so I did.

What do you think the community will look like by the end of the year?

Dzrxk, People’s Imperial Confederation: The community seems great and, uh, I think it’ll look okay at the end of the year, but I don’t really know.

Mac2940, Rebel Penguin Federation: I think that by the end of the year it’s likely that some of the COVID[-19] era troops that became inactive when things went back to semi-normal will remember armies and rejoin, much like I did myself.

Mamalama, Special Weapons and Tactics: The community will probably get better as like it’s not great already.

What is something you like about armies? What is something you wish would change?

Dzrxk, People’s Imperial Confederation: I’m not sure how to answer this but, uh bare with me, I just like it because it’s cool I guess? I don’t really know how to answer this last question, and something I wish I could change? Well nothing really, it’s all great as it is.

Mac2940, Rebel Penguin Federation: The best thing about armies in my experience is the community and getting to know people that enjoy the same thing. I’ve made a few good friends that I still talk to now that live all over the world just through the shared interest of a silly Flash game about penguins.

One thing I wish would change about armies is the size. Armies (at least RPF) took a big hit after COVID[-19] when a lot of users went inactive, getting sizes back up would make the whole experience so different and it would be interesting to see where an increase of active users would take armies next!

Mamalama, Special Weapons and Tactics: I like everything about the armies and I don’t want anything to change.

As you can infer from their answers, all three recruits seem to be thoroughly enjoying their time. Specifically, Mac2940 provided excellent commentary that predicts a renaissance of pandemic troops looking to make a return. Do you remember how you got recruited? What was your first year in armies like?

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