Time Capsule: The Reigning Champions

Welcome to Time Capsule. This is the column where we ask community members questions about their goals and predictions for the remainder of the year, which we’ll eventually look back on.

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The first round of Legends Cup XIII is around the corner with the Qualifier battles happening this weekend. On Sunday, the reigning Legends Cup champions will be making their first appearance in this year’s rendition of the legendary tournament. Templars, who went on an all around impressive streak in 2022, capped last year off with a Legends Cup victory. They became one of the few armies to win the trophy, thus ending Rebel Penguin Federation‘s winning streak.

This year, they are looking to repeat. However, recently the Templars have been reclassified as a small-medium army. This could be their big push that need to get back in the major leagues.

Legends Cup XII Grand Finals

For this week’s Time Capsule, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dawnables. Dawnables is one of the current Templars’ leaders. She joined over a year ago; in fact, she helped with mass recruiting in preparation for Legends Cup XII. For her efforts in recruiting for the tournament, she was awarded a Higher Commander rank.

Last year, the Templars won Legends Cup XII. What do you think their chances are of winning again this year?

I think we do have a chance of winning as does every other army in the community. After World War IX it sent all of the community into a semi-level battle field where each army can make achievements. Templars will as always try our best to win Legends Cup and create a streak of wins for ourselves.

What differences are there in this year’s rendition of Legends Cup compared to last year?

I think the biggest change from last year is the it’s actually during summer this time. Last time that we had Legends Cup it was near the beginning of the school year, so sizes were a bit different than it’d be during this point of the year. (I’m not sure of any other huge differences as I wasn’t extremely active. I was just a mod.)

What are some strategies we can expect from Templars to secure their second win in a row? How does it different from last year’s leadership?

Templars as a whole is in a completely different place than last year as we’re with a completely new leadership (excluding Nicky) and new ways to run the army. I think we’re doing well with functioning putting our best efforts forward and that’s all that matters and we’ll see what comes of it.

Where do you see the Templars a year from now?

I’m not really sure given there will obviously be more changes to the army as time goes on but also the community.

Based on her answers, Dawnables certainly seems confident in her army’s ability to snatch this year’s trophy once again. On July 16, they will face off against the Dark Pirates in the very first round, with more exciting battles on the way. Do you think the Templars can recreate last year’s success?

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