Tide Leaves Dark Pirates to Drop Anchor in People’s Imperial Confederation

Following the tumultuous World War IX, Tide, co-creator of the Dark Pirates, jumped ship and joined the People’s Imperial Confederation.

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Tide first joined the army community on May 31st, 2022, when Greeny recruited him into the Lime Green Army. He became an active member and was rewarded for his diligence with a quick promotion to commander on October 22nd, 2022. Despite their promotion to leader, they had little time to make an impact. The army planned to shut down and become a gaming community by the end of the month. This led to his move to the Mercenaries.

Tide joined the Mercenaries on November 2nd for the role of leader, alongside Master0, and found small success in his new army. The army went on to reach 7th in the Top Tens but slowly grew inactive over time. Staying consistent in his army-hopping tendencies, he then left Mercenaries for the Night Warriors and achieved third-in-command.

Tide wasn’t satisfied with all of this, though. He continued pursuing new adventures in different armies. He founded the Baseball Team of Club Penguin with Ninja Leader on December 24th, 2022. The army went on to make its debut in the Top Tens on January 2nd, achieving 10th place. However, over a month later on February 20th, Ninja Leader chose to merge BCP with Penguins of Madagascar. Following the merge, Tide decided it was time to go on a well-deserved break. On April 10th, Tide and Ninja Leader created yet another army together, the Dark Pirates, ending his break from armies.

A recent Dark Pirates event

Dark Pirates was created on April 10th, however, the army’s first official event wouldn’t be held until May 6th. The event was a success for the upcoming army as they maxed 12 penguins. Despite having a rocky couple of weeks outside of the Top Tens, the army started to grow. By June 4th‘s Top Ten, the army finally made it into the 10th spot with an increased max size of 17 penguins. Their war against the Dark Vikings also attributed to their rise, aligning with members of the Sapphire Concordat alliance.

Despite their small rise, their maxes soon started to decrease. On June 7th, Tide revealed his temporary retirement from the army. However, he silently returned before announcing the next chapter of his career on July 3rd. Tide chose to leave his army to join DP’s allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation, where he was granted the role of second-in-command. He certainly has a unique story in today’s community. However, with a track record of leaving armies relatively quickly, what will the future hold for Tide?

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Tide for an interview regarding why he chose to move from Dark Pirates to PIC.

Why did you choose to leave Dark Pirates after staying for three months?

I left the Dark Pirates because I felt like I had achieved everything I really could in it. We participated in and won a war and stuff like that. I know the army will be safe without me in it, Ninja Leader is a really good leader and he’s capable of leading DPC by himself.

Is there anything in PIC you feel that you couldn’t achieve in DP?

No, not really because like I said I achieved everything that’s really possible in DPC but I’m still looking forward to lead PIC

Do you have anything to say to your old co-staff in DP?

I just want to wish all my former DPC co-staff the best of luck! You’re all awesome and you all have the potential to become amazing leaders. I’m grateful for the memories and friendships we made even though I’ve moved on to PIC.

Tide seems excited about the opportunity to lead a new army and offers his best wishes to his old co-staff from Dark Pirates. Given Tide’s history of moving quickly from army to army, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him move on to another army sooner rather than later. Will Tide find another army to succeed in? Or will PIC be the one he finally stays with?

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