Norse Inductions: Claire and Jojo Sail Their Way Into Water Vikings Leadership

As tournament season inches closer, the Water Vikings have revamped their leadership to include two new additions. The quartet will look forward to continuing the army’s dominance and consistency.

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In a solemnly worded post, Water Vikings leader Dino admitted to the stresses and time constraints of leading an army while balancing real life, a problem co-leader Mabel has also had to endure. The problem is reminiscent of that of ACP leader Calgocubs, who took similar steps to secure his army’s future.

In the face of this worry, Water Vikings have inducted two high command members, in the form of Claire and Jojo Teri, to leader. This news comes alongside Dino going on break for a week. Dino also explained how their leadership will function, with himself and Mabel still handling foreign affairs.

wv post

As mentioned in the post, Jojo joined Water Vikings late last year, seeing the army through a relatively tough time. Jojo has experience leading the Lime Green Army before, also serving as Penguins of Madagascar advisor early this year. Claire, on the other hand, has been associated with WV since 2020, obtaining promotions to staff and hcom in 2021. In fact, both of these individuals were amongst the four temporarily promoted to WV leadership upon the dawn of World War IX.

The temporary promotions, two of which are now permanent, might have been an early indication of the Vikings’ leadership concerns. Very interestingly, the leadership structure at that time was almost an exact imprint of the current system. With Dino and Mabel taking care of external affairs.

The temporary leadership structure at Water Vikings

The striking resemblance could very well be a glimpse of how the leadership shapes up in the future, possibly once Dino bids farewell. This implies Mogi4 and Crazyflame are next in line for leadership, whenever the time comes.

Club Penguin Armies was able to obtain an interview with Jojo and Claire to learn more about their thoughts and feelings as they get ready for a new chapter in their army careers.

How do you feel about being promoted to WV leader?

Jojo: I feel nice as it was one of my goals ever since I joined WV. Im glad it finally happened

Claire: Extremely happy but also scared, since i conquered the staff role that was my goal and i’ve been working for it but i would never feel prepared enough for such. I’m very glad that WV put their faith in my for this and i’ll do my best.

Do you have any changes or goals in mind for the army?

Jojo: I do have some changes in mind, mostly internal ones to improve the quality and activity of the server and aiming to making the army stronger.

Claire: I wish to keep the growth of the army at a good pace and increase the pace step by step, such as in winning tournaments, increasing sizes and everything related to that but also in terms of our community since is what I appreciate the most.

What do you feel is the strongest aspect of WV? And what’s something you feel WV can get better at?

Jojo: WV’s biggest strength is probably its organisation as it’s far better organised than most armies. I feel like I can improve the community aspect of the server, which lacks at times and increase the quality of WVRR [Water Vikings Recruitment Regiment].

Claire: I believe we have a strong community, as I said it’s one of the things I appreciate the most, it is what made me stay for this long in the army and never switch to other places, being loyal to what is good, and WV’s community is definitely great. Also, I see that we can improve ”technical” things inside the army among staff and HCOM, but nothing that hasn’t been already in the leadership thoughts.

Can you share some thoughts and opinions about your co-inductee?

Jojo: Even though I havent interacted with Claire that much I believe she will be great to work with . I believe we will get along with each other well and I am optimistic about us leading.

Claire: Jojo was a great staff, then HCOM and i’m sure he’s gonna be a great leader. He puts a lot of effort for the army in a lot of ways and also is good in diplomacy stuff, which I lack, I believe we will be a good pair at the leadership of WV together with Mabel and Dino.

Anything else you would like to add?

Jojo: Nope.

Claire: I’d like to thank again all of those who crossed my path in armies and taught, believed and were kind to me, that brought me to where I am today and I trust that everyone was essential to my growth as a person and as a army member (now as a leader). I know that I do this kind of reminder every time, but it’s from the heart and that’s why I do it.

The Water Vikings have already hosted an event since the latest inductions, an EU training which maxed 25. The training will be crucial to WV’s chances at the fast-approaching Legends Cup XIII.

WV Training Event, 10th July 2023

With two new leaders at the helm, the army seems prepared for a new era. They will take a lot of confidence and freshness into the tournament. The army’s run in tournaments has been superb for a while now, something they will be keen on continuing and will even hope to emerge as the champions. Will they be able to achieve victory? How will the inductions change the army’s trajectory? 

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