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On this very day, Club Penguin Armies celebrates an entire year since opening its doors. The year has certainly been filled with jam packed adventures and spicy press releases.

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As the first of exciting posts planned for Anniversary Day, Club Penguin Armies asked the team in charge of our media department to pick out some of their favorite posts. Additionally, we asked them to write a short summary explaining why. No restrictions were placed and choices could’ve varied from breaking news reports to editorials.

Opinion: ‘The Templars Raid of the Rebel Penguin Federation Was Hypocritical’

Written by Zay

Actionspark, Associate Editor: Might be a weird one to pick, but for me it was an interesting read. The points all stated were themselves intriguing, and while it was quite controversial at the time, which opinion isn’t? There will always be things we disagree with but the post itself was a very nice read.

Philosophy: Beyond the Legacy – Embracing Individual Identity

Written by Nefenom and Scorp

Coolguy, Editor in Chief: I think it’s quite hard to pick a post that really caught my eye. I don’t particularly find interest in most posts, it takes a certain post to catch my eye, a certain way of writing and a certain idea behind the post. When looking for the post I thought was the best I looked at quality, quantity, whether or not it was just an interview or whether it was filled with information or writing, whether it was factual or whether it displayed some errors either in terms of facts or in terms of actual errors within the post whether it be layout or writing, etc.

The quality of posts have increased over time and that’s clear, there was a lot more posts which interested me this year in comparison to last. However, one thing that came to my mind was the quality of these posts. Some posts are good in their own right but I was looking for a post which interested me and didn’t just try to take the easy way out (in terms of writing in short). With the bar I already had set for posts in terms of my own interests, this raised it even more, meaning there were only a couple of posts in the running. I would’ve added one of my own posts in the running, however, I don’t think that’s my place. Many could claim bias, despite my own criticism of my posts at times.

With this in mind, this got me to May 2023 before I really found a post that I actually hadn’t even seen before. This isn’t the best post that I’ve seen but it is one that has flown under the radar to the point that it was the first time I’ve heard of it or even seen it mentioned. That could just be my memory but still. This post was written by Nefenom and Scorp and I believe it deserves a shout out for the ideas displayed in the post, even if it is not the best post that I’ve seen or read.

Warfare Has Died! We Battle To Please The Judges

Written by Coolguy

Ferdthebird1, Managing Editor: One of my favorite articles on Club Penguin Armies [CPA] is: “Warfare Has Died! We Battle To Please The Judges.” Call this recent bias or me just not scrolling long enough to delve into the beginning of CPA posts (I did), but, for me, this post just pulls a very delicate, sensitive string. The post highlights the changing trends in the very gameplay of armies, from having to decide and agree on results, to choosing and being provided judges, so someone else can bear that headache. However, the post makes us realize just how judge centered our game has come to be.

Was it the change we really needed, or were looking for? We now battle to please the judges, and are upset when we don’t please them enough to be declared victors then call the same judges biased to a certain section of armies. This obsession with judges’ opinions and decisions is proving to be very lethal, and the post makes us realize it’s not the judges we want to win over, but instead our enemies. We need to be better than our enemies on a given day. And if I told you the key hidden secrets and cheats to win every battle, would you believe me? The simple answer is no.

As much as we would like to know how to win, and perform well, there’s no set conditions or template to victory. This is simply because we are battling another army, another group of humans and leaders that likewise, want to beat us as well. And that very fact makes judges almost insignificant. It even makes the judging guide irrelevant that army leaders time and again refer to when criticizing judges. So if you battle to please the judges, and satisfy every criteria, to be formulaically better, please give up on your goals. There is no formula, and you do not need to ask the judges after every battle “what did we do wrong THIS time?” If you’re better than your rivals, you will win, and for that you need to be a good leader, not a good analyst/mathematician.

Administrative Statement: Multilogging Within Templars Throughout January

Written by Rowan Alden

Legoman, Associate Editor: I know mine.

Editorial: The Army Board, A Bedeviled Experiment in Democratic Governance

Written by LuciferStar

Scorp, Editor in Chief: Most of my actual favorites are from other sites, so if I had to pick one from the CPA site it would be LuciferStar‘s editorial that expressed his thoughts on the Army Board. I’ve always believed that the ultimate goal of media is to not just produce news articles. Any successful media organization presents new ideas, analyses trends for the benefit of the community. It brings ongoing important discussions that usually don’t make it outside the closed doors of leader meetings into the public eye. This post brings the leader meetings itself under scrutiny, making readers question the capacity of the board to actually make a decision that’s best for the community.

Opinion: ‘It’s Time to Start Acting Like Armies’

Written by Scorp

Sweater, Associate Editor: One of my favorite pieces is by our very own Editor in Chief. For me, “It’s Time to Start Acting Like Armies” was a great piece that highlighted just how inactive our community is becoming in terms of warfare and battles. It also shows how sensitive our armies are to raids: a fundamental component of warfare. The piece was also a response to another article that I felt only furthered the issue. The message still holds up (as sad as I am about that) because armies are battling less and less, apart from World War IX which was weak sauce. We all need to listen to this post and fight.

Not only were these some phenomenal choices, but our own Reporting Heads’ posts were chosen by one another. In recent months, not only the quality but the quantity of posts have gone up quite significantly. We hope to continue providing top-tier posts for all of our community members to read. Spend today celebrating the anniversary with us at our Discord! What is your favorite post of the past year?

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