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Welcome to the Time Capsule, a column where we ask members of the community questions about what they feel will be the future of the community. This week, we interview some members of the Club Penguin Armies Moderators team and gathered their predictions for the year ahead. At the end of the year, we will go back and see who predicted the community’s future correctly.

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Previous editions of Time Capsule include an interview with the Community Committee and an interview with World War IX Participants. This week, we sat down with some moderators from the Club Penguin Armies’ Discord Server to find out their predictions for the remainder of 2023. In order to be a moderator, you’ll have to set foot in unimaginable positions, considering the unpredictable nature of our community. Whenever there is a hot debate in the CPA general chat, you’ll definitely see these hardworking people setting boundaries between banter and toxicity. They help keep the community chat going at a steady pace, sometimes at the cost of their sleep schedule.

The Club Penguin Armies reporting team reached out to Aisha, Rah, Kally, Mare, and Sanya of the Club Penguin Armies moderation team to reflect on their times as moderators and gather their predictions for the end of this year.

Welcome to the Time Capsule! Feel free to introduce yourself.

Aisha: I am Pakistan’s number one supporter💪 (Aisha)

Rah: Everyone probably knows me as the 4’11 short bitch but I’m Rah!! I’ve been active in the CPA community since late 2019 by being apart of the legendary Doritos army and holding judge/reporter roles in leagues 🙂

Kally: Hii! i’m kally 🙂 most people know me from leading Ice Warriors but now i’ve formally been retired for almost a year.

Mare: Hi!! I’m Mare I’m one of the moderators in CPA! I have been in the army community since early 2020.

Sanya: Hi, I am Sanya I’m currently serving as a CPA moderator currently being held captive by aaronstone in his basemet a retired individual in armies who has decided to spend their free time chilling and moderating in CP Armies

How long have you been a moderator for CPA?

Aisha: I’ve been a CPA moderator since I think it was the start of January

Rah: I’ve been a moderator since like the opening of CPA last year! I’m ngl I applied as a joke but was pleased to grow fond of my role and moderating chat responsibly.

Kally: Honestly it’s complicated. I used to have moderating perms as an editor, but I left that position, and a few weeks/months later I got the spot as a mod, so on and off it’s been about a year-ish?

Mare: I have been a moderator in CPA since the day it started I was helping verify all you sussy locals!!

Sanya: I’ve been a moderator since November 6th, 2022 after they accepted my application to become an AUSIA moderator and I’ve been helping moderate CPA to keep its community safe, especially in AUSIA hours where most moderators are unavailable and I really enjoy talking to other people in armies time to time as well and getting to know them.

Which event (tournament/wars/controversies/etc.) has been the biggest handful to moderate during your time as a moderator?

Aisha: If I’m honest, a lot can happen on a daily so it can be hard to pinpoint certain times. But, I feel like in general every tournament has had some drama to go with it but it is mainly worse during the wars. There are certain things that are said that are not bad, but it is very obvious to say that some people get carried away💀

Rah: Biggest controversy I’d say is when the project posts came out or the coup of the former admins here, everyone was at each other’s necks which was hilarious to witness but also chaotic for us moderators due to no admins being awake at the time it occurred 😭

Kally: The craziest moderating drama to me personally has always been the admins, we’ve had to tell them to calm down a couple of times. you know it’s bad when even the admins start going rogue. it’s been quite calm lately though. The world war was also a hoot to moderate, with a lot of different opinions clashing, and a lot of very strong words flying in all directions.

Mare: There’s been lots of events that we have had to moderate. One that was recent was the Pandora leaks it was a lot to moderate since the admins were asleep at the time LOL so that was not fun!!! Also, after every tournament ofc there’s always people that are angry if the results weren’t what they expected.

Sanya: The hardest time to moderate was during that IW drama where certain leaders were exposed for disgusting behavior and the RPF drama where me mare and a handful of other moderators struggled to moderate cause we had to keep warning and muting certain individuals but chat was going way too fast that time despite main chat being slow moded and it eventually died down when long mutes were handed out to certain individuals

If you were to see anyone as a moderator by the end of the year, who would you want to see?

Aisha: Anyone as a moderator?? If Vanish was a moderator that would be fun to see, or CEO

Rah: I think it’d be cool to see someone like Elsa make a appearance in the CPA team. Despite what anyone says about her, she’d bring positivity to the team and cool to work with if handled the right way 🙂

Kally: Honestly, i think DrQueen should be hired as head moderator, then her and Aaron could just start a monarchy within the moderating team and eventually rule the penguin world one moderation at a time.

Mare: I would think Coolguy would be someone who could potentially get it since he’s already a moderator in CPAB so he understands how it works. Also, Shalissa or Sidie would be a good option since they are usually active members in the community and been around for a while.

Sanya: I honestly don’t see anyone becoming a moderator by the end of the year as I feel we have enough or more than enough moderators as is

Lastly, a question just for the giggles, who do you think will manage to break out of Aaron’s basement by the end of the year?

Aisha: Aaron’s basement. I’m sure him just walking in to his own basement will push everyone out of there LOL yea no thats what he deserves for thinking India is the best

Rah: I think no one will manage to break out of his basement due to his dictatorship of us moderators 😔 he won’t let me go until I swear my allegiance to joining Water Vikings but perhaps Mabel can by using a trip to Greece as an excuse ifykyk 😉

Kally: Honestly it might be me. i think i’m not entertaining enough so he’ll eventually just kick me out of the dungeon 🙂 hehe

Mare: Is this Fifty Shades of Aaronstone directed by DrQueen

Sanya: I think Mare will! She’s an expert in escaping things and I bet she can have other moderators distract her while she sneakily escapes Aaron’s basement to watch Taylor Swift’s Eras concert

We now currently know our moderators a little bit better than before. Will their times as moderators continue forward, and will we see more events in the community partake in the future where our chosen group of people will need to change their answer, or will it stay the same? Maybe we’ll finally get to see if anyone manages to leave Aaron’s basement by the end of the year as well. Only time can tell, so we’ll see where the answers take fold by the end of the year.

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