From Corps To Confederation: Napalm Corps Merge into People’s Imperial Confederation

In an unexpected turn of events, Cabin announced a merge between the Napalm Corps and the People’s Imperial Confederation on June 26th. Two days before, former Corps leader Kyra transferred their entire nation to the Confederates. The announcement regarding the merge surfaced soon after.

Napalm Corps Merge

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Cabin created the Napalm Corps on February 22nd, 2023, thus ending his hiatus from the community. Prior to the Corps, Cabin made a name for himself in several armies, including the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Templars. He was a part of the Templars leadership that won the Legends Cup XII. Moreover, he also led the army in the period when they dominated the Top Ten list for 47 consecutive weeks. His prior experience in armies definitely came in handy with his efforts in the Napalm Corps.

Napalm’s opening event

The Napalm Corps maxed 15 in their Grand Opening event on February 21st. The army quickly achieved success, rising to the 8th position on the Top Ten list. However, despite maintaining sizes of 11+, the army soon shut its doors on March 9th. The retirement came as a result of Cabin being unable to lead the army anymore. Fortunately, the army quickly made a return to the community on April 2nd. The Corps managed to hit a massive 25 online in their reopening event.

Napalm Corps reopening event

After a month spent in peace, the Napalm Corps scheduled an invasion of the Wet Army Penguins without declaring war. At this point, they were able to comfortably achieve sizes of 10-13 penguins per event. With the invasions, the Corps managed to edge their way onto the server map. This served as a forerunner to their eventual participation in the Bloodbath Barrage war. On May 26th, the Napalm Corps declared war upon the Dark Vikings and joined the Sapphire Concordat alliance in their skirmishes. The war ended in a massive victory for their alliance. The army also participated in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition tournament.

Napalm Corps vs Help Force

However, the army’s warpath did not end here. Right after the end of the Bloodbath Barrage war, the Sapphire Concordat dived in to support the Army of Club Penguin against the Blue Sunset Alliance. Thus, the Napalm Corps ended up as the smallest army participating in the World War IX. They played an active role in the war, scheduling invasions and showing up to defenses. However, they ended up becoming the first army to fall in the war. This partially stemmed from the fact that they only owned 5 servers at the beginning of the war. Moreover, their main leader Cabin retired from the army during the war. The promotion of Kyra in the midst of such a challenging scenario definitely did not help the Napalm Corps, as their sizes began to plummet after the war.

Recently, rumors began circulating about Corps leader Kyra being underage enough to not be on Discord. The Club Penguin army community typically tends to be very strict in enforcing Discord’s ToS that do not permit any individual under the age of 13 to have a Discord account. Around the same time as the news spread throughout the community, Kyra transferred all of the Napalm Corps’ servers to the People’s Imperial Confederation. The Confederates are a long time ally of the Napalm Corps, so this move wasn’t exactly surprising. However, soon after this, Kyra departed from the community without any official announcement.

Napalm Corps in a recent event

On June 26th, Cabin announced the merge between the Napalm Corps and the People’s Imperial Confederation. This confirmed the rumors that had started circling around following the server transfers.  In his announcement, Cabin highlights that the army always fought with all their strength, and played a role as a valuable component of the army community. He also requests his troops to continue their journey in armies with the Confederates. Considering Cabin’s former experiences with the Confederates, as well as the fact the two armies were close allies, it might be safe to assume that the Corps might find a new home with this merge.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Shallissa, People’s Imperial Confederation Commander-in-Chief, for a statement about Napalm Corp’s decision.

As a Napalm Corps advisor I am beyond proud of the achievements they’ve accomplished together throughout their tenure. Cabin created a wonderful army and I’m super sad to see it go, however I will do my best to ensure it lives on through PIC. Kyra is such a sweet person and wonderful leader and I know NC’s merge into PIC will give her a well deserved opportunity to learn more about CPA and army leading. Though this is a sad day for many NC troops, Cabin is a well loved veteran and Guardian in PIC so they will always have a familiar face looking out for them. I hope NC troops feel at home quickly and can begin to make lots of new friends.

Cabin announcing the merge in Napalm Corps’ Discord server

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Napalm Corps creator Cabin to provide additional information regarding the merge.

It’s been quite a long journey. What is your favourite memory with the Napalm Corps?

I am quite proud of reaching #5 on the Top Ten.

Is there a possibility of you joining the People’s Imperial Confederation leadership in the future?

If I had to come back, returning to the People’s Imperial Confederation leadership would be my top option.

Will the Napalm Corps ever make a return, if the conditions of the community permit it?


Regarding Kyra’s departure, can you shed some more light on the lead up to it, and the rumours surrounding the former leader? Were you aware about her being allegedly underage?

To put it simply, her age became public after a disgusting waste of oxygen said inappropriate things toward her. Since her promotion to leader, there were rumors about her age circulating. I knew she was underage, but I was unaware she was that young. Regardless, I am not saddened by her departure because this community is not safe for people her age.

Unfortunately, it seems like this marks the end of the road for the Napalm Corps. Cabin firmly denies the possibility of the army ever returning. Moreover, it seems that the army is fully ready to merge into the Confederates, which might make the group a team to watch out for in upcoming tournaments and wars. The Napalm Corps may have moved on, but the community will never forget their contribution to making the first half of 2023 an active one for the Small/Medium community. With this, and the recent hiatus of Penguins Of Madagascar, there are only three proper small armies left in the community. Club Penguin Armies wishes our best to the soldiers of the Napalm Corps in their future endeavors.

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