Turning Over A New Loaf: Rye Bread Joins Templars Leadership

Following the recent retirement of Maddie, Penguins Of Madagascar Skipper Rye Bread joined the Templars leadership on June 16th. The future of the Penguins Of Madagascar continues to look murky, while the Templars refill the fourth slot in their leadership.

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Rye Bread joined the community through the Dark Warriors in May 2020. However, they truly gained a passion for armies after joining the Secret Service later on. Rye Bread joined the Special Weapons And Tactics in June 2022 as a High Command member. After several leaders departed from SWAT following multiple war declarations in September, Rye Bread became one of the new leaders that rose to power in the army following a massive elections process. They continued to lead SWAT through events like the controversy of Legends Cup XII. However, they stepped down from leadership in January 2023.

A month after departing from SWAT, Rye Bread and Logical created the Penguins Of Madagascar. They soon grew to become one of the best small/medium armies in the community. Within a week, they achieved 7th rank on the Top Ten Armies list. Moreover, they also took part in tournaments like the February Forte, March Madness and AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. In March 2023, they declared war upon Rye Bread’s former army, SWAT. The war declaration revealed that Rye Bread’s retirement from SWAT was not exactly voluntary. It also brought several conflicts between the two agent themed armies into the public eye.

Penguins Of Madagascar versus Special Weapons And Tactics

After their departure from the AUSIA Arena group stages, the Penguins Of Madagascar took part in the Sapphire Concordat’s campaign against the Dark Vikings. Rye Bread continued to lead the army throughout this massive war. However, the end of the war brought dark times upon the army. Skipper Sweater retired from the army and joined SWAT as their new leader. Several staff and high command members also took their leave from the army, leaving the army in an unstable place. On June 11th, Rye Bread announced POM’s plans to go on a hiatus in order to rebuild the army.

However, on June 16th Rye Bread released an announcement in the Templars’ Discord server regarding their new role as their leader. They mentioned how they are still going ahead with the POM rebuild, but the time is not right yet for a new generation of POM. The Templars have been in a slump recently, dropping to small/medium classification earlier in June. It is possible that their experience in leading both major and small armies might push the Templars’ return to their powerhouse status.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rye Bread for an interview regarding their new role in the Templars.

Why did you decide to join the Templars after leaving the Penguins Of Madagascar?

Lets make one thing clear; I am not leaving POM. I cherish the army too much to leave it. POM is on hiatus, meaning there wont be any Club Penguin events until the time comes and the army re opens its doors. I joined Templars because I like some of the people there and I’ve wanted to be a Leader for a long time. Its an honor.

The Penguins Of Madagascar are currently without any leaders. What lies in the future of the army?

POM will return to the community soon enough, I am still training with HCOM and recruiting when we can. There would potentially be a brand new leader take the stage in this second generation, but as of right now I dont know when that will become a reality.

What are your future plans for the Templars?

I feel Templars is missing some spark, it needs some more life. That’s all I really wish to do during my time there, to change things up, make it more fun, and hopefully make some achievements along the way.

How will you use your army experience in the Templars as their new leader? What are some of the new things that you aim to implement?

Well for one I definitely want to implement my training methods in TCP, given my experience from POM and how well our troops did in battle- even at a young age. I feel my bot experience wouldn’t do much good because the server already has a well established system, but I would love to add some fun bots, self roles maybe, and increase the amount of website posts made.

Where do you see the Templars in about a year from now?

I only see Templars on the rise. With the amount of determination I will bring to this army there’s no way we would crumble.

Rye Bread seems to be passionate about their goal to help the Templars rise back to power. They claim that the Templars are missing some spark, and aim to reignite the army with their experience. However, they are also working hard to restore the Penguins Of Madagascar to stability and help it return for a second generation, possibly under a new leadership. Do you think they will accomplish their goals?

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