Maya Inducted As Leader At Help Force

Following the retirement of former Help Force Commander, Desireus and the recent addition of Commander, Snowy, the Help Force has added a brand new member to their leadership team, Maya.

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The Help Force has welcomed another new leader, Mayathefirst. Along with Snowy‘s appointment as commander on June 5th, and Desireus retiring, Maya would return from retirement on June 5th to assume the role of Leader-in-Training. Eventually, she joined the army’s leadership on June 17th.

Maya, also known as Mayathefirst, enlisted in Help Force on 2nd May 2020 after being invited by a friend who was in the army. She discovered Help Force to be very hospitable and friendly, which inspired her to put forth all of her efforts, advancing to the staff ranks quickly. She was able to get to Second in command in a year thanks to her steadfast dedication and immense commitment. In November 2022, Maya announced her retirement but has remained loyal to the Help Force, throughout her army career by working her way up the ranks and being an active member of the army.

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Club Penguin Armies reached out to Maya to learn more about her thoughts and what she intends to bring to the army.

How does it feel to be inducted as a leader of the army?

It feels crazy to think I’m getting a second chance as a staff but now as a Commander. Didn’t think I would come back and become Commander to help out.

What are your future plans for the army?

Our future plans are to help keep the army active and help with events and training our staff and Junior staff for the future of the server. Also to train for the upcoming tournaments like LC.

Can you share a favorite memory/memories that you have of the army?

My favorite memory is prob the US chaos Snowy, Elp, Mantiuxx, and all the other US staff would do during US because we were bored and the chats were dead. We ping everyone and just do whatever we wanted and everyone would come alive. Also, another memory would be getting Admrial and 2ic after the wars we had with SE in 2022, I got promoted after helping and leading for them and I didn’t think I would get ranked that high up.

What are some of the learning experiences you have had throughout your army career, or even otherwise, that you would want to incorporate within the army as a Leader?

Some learning experiences I have from being staff for 2 years is probably to be patient and prepare for anything that happens. That’s how it felt with the war planning were we had to work together and go for all the events at every time zone. I would also like to teach the staff and js the same idea that anything can happen and that you have to be alert for any changes.

If you could name one thing you look forward to as a leader, what would that be?

I’m looking forward for the summer plans we have and also for LC. This will be my first time leading so hope this goes well and we make it to the finals.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

The army I believe is in good hands and I know the staff will make it run smoothly and know how to keep it active because some of them have been here for a year as staff and know what people like.

Maya seems to be looking forward to the Legends Cup and the summer plans of the army. She is also enthusiastic about developing new talent into potential commanders in the future. What do you anticipate the Help Force to accomplish under Maya’s leadership?

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