What Are You Doing For Pride?

June is upon us which means that many in the army community are celebrating being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Many armies have taken to hosting more official celebrations for Pride, despite it being a rather recent tradition. The annual Pride Parade has been ongoing for three years now, and many armies celebrate on Discord. This can be anything from server icon changes to special roles and even events held on Club Penguin Army Battleground. The private server itself has been revamped to include many Pride-themed rooms with many major sexualities and gender identities being represented.

Pride Parade 2023

Club Penguin Armies reached out to army leaders to find out what their army, or personal, plans for June are. The first army we reached out to was the Dark Vikings. Current leader Thunder222 had this to say:

No, we don’t want too.

There was a Dark Viking troop or two at the parade so we hope that their queer members are able to find other ways to continue to celebrate. Next, we go over to Help Force leader Snowy to find out the Helpers’ plans for June.

We believe in equality and by equality we mean every should be equally gay. The straights can sit this one out.

I’ve come to realize that Snowy is quite the jokester. In actuality, the Helpers will be celebrating diversity by having events and posts dedicated to Pride and ensure that everyone feels welcome in their server.

A large step in acknowledging queerness in the community

Next up is the Army of Club Penguin who are just coming out of a world war conflict. However, Austin, one of three Commander in Chiefs, stated that Clovers are supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community, going on to note that there are several staff members and troops who identify as part of the community.

This is an active part of our army’s culture, yet there was nothing actively in the works but we hope to have an event in the near future for Pride.

On the opposite side of the war, Elexonck, current Rebel Penguin Federation Commander, mentioned how the Rebels participated in the community Pride Parade. They also hope to have a few more pride-related events and movie nights before the month of June is over.

Well we’ve been a bit busy, what with war and all, but at the start of June we had a pride event on Battleground. We also went to the community event for pride at the weekend. We hope to have a few more pride-related events and movie nights before the month of June is over.

Similarly, the Water Vikings were also left busy putting together the World War IX Treaty. Mabel mentioned how some ideas brought up within their staff about game and movie nights, and possibly a small party on Battleground.

Well with the current world war, things are going to be really unpredictable when it comes to events we want to host on Battleground. But something we have brought up with our staff were game and movie nights, which I feel like could help bring together our community at least and spend that time together to celebrate. Maybe we’ll get a chance to set up our own little party on Battleground but we’ll have to see.

People’s Imperial Confederation kick-started Pride Month with rainbows adorning their Discord server. Shalissa, Leader, mentioned that even though their focus was on the war, they are planning on bringing back a “rainbow themed week” known as Rainbow Rampage which was last hosted by them in 2021.

The Confederation has already began celebrating Pride Month by decorating our server and releasing new Pride graphics! It’s been a big hit so far. We’ve been focused on the war but now that we have free time we are going to bring back one of our rainbow themed weeks from generation three! Our first “Rainbow Rampage” was so much fun during 2021 so we can’t wait to have a second. The rest of this month will be fun!

Rainbow Rampage 2021: Green Day

Kyra, the newly inducted Napalm Corps Commander, mentioned a couple fun events for Napalm troops.

Well for starters we’re having a puffle parade (rainbow for our pride friends) and I might have a Pride Parade as well just for the Corps, nothing too big.

Elite Guardians, like many armies, are still in the planning stages of events. Izzy, one of the Guardians’ leaders, confirmed that there are plans in the works.

Well at the time being we are still deciding on what to do with Pride. Due to the world war and having battles every day has taken a toll on all of us, as well June being a very busy month for Brazil (work, exams, holidays). It has been quite difficult arranging a meeting with[in] the Guardian team. However, we are still planning events for this month so for the time being it is undecided.

Ninjaleader, current leader of the Dark Pirates, doesn’t appear to have any plans in the mix at the moment.

We are planning nothing special but we might give surprise.

Penguins of Madagascar similarly don’t have anything solidified, albeit they have decorated their Discord. Cre3py, current second-in-command, responded to our interview request.

We haven’t got any plans as of now. We are supporting our LGBTQ+ members.
Lastly, Special Weapons and Tactics‘ newest leader, Sweater, replied to our interview request stating the Special Weapons will not be doing much besides participating in game nights with their brother allies, the Confederation.

We’re really not going to be doing very much. I think we participated in the Pride Parade and will be having a few game nights with [allies.] Legoman and I are inactive right now. We’re gonna plan some stuff soon.

It looks like the majority of the community will have the option to participate in Pride-themed events if they haven’t already, and we are thankful that our community has become so supportive. What do you personally plan to do to celebrate Pride Month? 

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