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Welcome back to Lost Legends, a column dedicated to celebrating the unsung heroes of the community. In each edition, we will shine a spotlight on army leaders who made significant contributions but haven’t received the recognition they deserve. We will also connect with army legends who feel forgotten, listen to their stories, and acknowledge their impact. Every army leader who had a noteworthy impact should be remembered and celebrated.


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In today’s edition, we will focus on someone who is a former Club Penguin Armies administrator. LuciferStar began his career in early 2020 in the Taco Bell of Akron, Ohio. He initially joined the Doritos after being frustrated with their bot recruiting methods on Club Penguin Online. After some time with the chips, he joined the Ice Warriors under SCargo 2‘s leadership. Although he had plans to leave, the Ice Warriors’ leader Doggorage convinced him to stay, and he eventually rose to the rank of Fourth-in-Command. LuciferStar was an active member in the Ice Warriors’ Discord and formed friendships with Mythic and several other people.

A disagreement among the Warriors’ leadership and Legend Andrew24 led LuciferStar, Firestar and Doggorage to depart from the army. Lucifer joined the Crimson Guardians, but soon took a brief break from armies. After his hiatus, LuciferStar joined the Special Weapons And Tactics after being offered a position by Sweater and Mythic. However, his time in SWAT was much shorter than his tenure with the Ice Warriors. Regardless, he formed several important connections here as well. One of the connections included Simmonds2000.

Following disagreements with SWAT’s leadership, LuciferStar left the agents and joined forces with Simmonds and Mythic to create a new army. During this time, they attempted to contact several historic armies, such as the Pretzels and the Army Republic. After a lot of deliberation, they finally settled on reviving the Elites. However, the timing of their decision proved to be unfortunate. Soon after the revival of the Elites, Club Penguin Online shut down following a scandal.

Luciferstar Elites

Elites maxing 25 soon after their revival

The timing of the game’s closure was such that the army was classified as a CPO army. However, the leaders never got a chance to take advantage of the extremely lucrative recruiting base provided by Club Penguin Online. Despite the unfortunate series of events, the Elites continued to rise under the guidance of the leaders. They achieved notable rankings on the Top Ten Armies list, surpassing several other major armies. The Elites participated in the Badboy Wars and fought against the Golds. The Elites ended up with the most servers on the CPOAL’s server map, surpassing major powers like the Doritos, Ice Warriors, and Pirates.

Following CPO’s shutdown, the Elites transitioned their operations to CPA: The Game and set their sights on the Legends Cup. Despite existing for less than a month, the Elites tied against the Army of Club Penguin in a practice battle. In the Legends Cup, they defeated the Water Vikings in the quarter finals, before being wiped out by the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Soon, LuciferStar retired from the Elites to focus on his media career. He received the title of Elites Godfather for his contribution to the army. His retirement event turned out to be quite a colorful event, with members from not only Elites but several other armies in attendance. This truly attributed to the charisma he exhibited throughout his career. Lucifer also received recognition as a legend by Elites legend Peep. LuciferStar continued to serve as an advisor for the ninth generation of the Elites.

LuciferStar Retirement

LuciferStar’s retirement event

Ultimately, Elites turned out to be the only time Lucifer truly led an army to success. For the rest of his career, he chose to focus solely on media and army leagues. Lucifer’s media career began in early 2020, under Atticus‘ administration in Club Penguin Online Army League. Within a month, he climbed up to become an Editor in Chief. Less than two weeks later, he entered the administration ranks and became Vice President. His speedrun never stopped, as he eventually became one of the Board of Directors, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of CPOAL.

Throughout it’s existence, many of the powerful people at the head of CPOAL opposed the unification of the community. The division of armies under CPOAL and Club Penguin Army Media significantly hindered growth for armies. Following the removal of Epic101, the administrations of both leagues finally began talks regarding the merger. Luciferstar played a significant role in the merger between these two armies. He also wrote the first post of the newly formed league, Club Penguin Army Hub, titled ‘The Unification’. Unfortunately, the post is no longer available even in backed up versions of the websites. However, during the time, it was widely regarded as one of the best posts of the CPPS era.

Even today, Club Penguin Army Hub remains as one of the biggest leagues of the CPPS era. Luciferstar played a pivotal role as the Chief Executive Officer of the league. He even retired from the Elites in order to ensure his total dedication towards the smooth running of the league. Despite having an experience lesser than a year, he successfully carried out his functions as an administrator. His career stands as an testament to a quote he often iterates: “Club Penguin armies isn’t that hard”.

Unfortunately, Club Penguin Army Hub shut down in early 2021. After taking a step back for a while, Luciferstar returned to the league yet again following the merger between Club Penguin Army Headquarters and Club Penguin Army Network. He served as the Chief Executive Producer at Club Penguin Armies, unfortunately retiring after a while. Luciferstar has truly produced one of the finest careers the community has ever seen. The speed with which he rose to power remains unparalleled even today. He has had one of the most positive impacts in this community so far.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Luciferstar for an interview. Unfortunately, he was not available on Discord. So, Club Penguin Armies stalked him and set up an ambush right in the middle of his daily visit to a Taco Bell.

What was your favourite moment of 2020?

2020 feels like the textbook definition of a fever dream. In so many aspects CPA felt surreal at that point, but the one memory that sticks out the most to me is the Unity server we had before CPAH was launched, I’ve never had so much fun doing something in all my time in CPA as much as I did during the genesis of CPAH. The most specific answer I can give to my favorite memory is that voice call I had with founders of CPAH where 32, Zamb and I scared Flen out of the shower.

What do you think made you a successful CEO? What made CPAH a successful news organization?

My team. Definitely my team. I owe everything to the people I had, a CEO at the end of the day only makes the tough calls and vetoes decisions, but the cogs of the machine are the Advisors, the Executive Producers, the Editor in Chiefs, the Associate Editors, the entire judging and reporting fraternity. At the end of the day a CEO isn’t the organisation, we’re just merely the enablers. Much of my success is attributed to some of the best friends I’ll ever make on here, CPAH wasn’t CPAH without some of my best mates. (Shoutout my homies Orange, Max, Ayan, 32, Kolo, Zamb, Flen, Sophie, Crazzy, Mehak, Eden)
But it’s not just the individuals I can name, it’s also the drive that everyone else in this community had that makes CPAH stand out from other succeeding organisations, there were so many applicants, so many reporters and judges, it was just much more homely.

What do you think is the hallmark of a successful league in this year?

I haven’t been around enough this year to know what the League is doing, but I did write an editorial on how the current system could be bettered, if you could link it here, that’d be my thoughts on what the current league should be like.
And if your question wasn’t that and you were asking me what is the hallmark of a successful organisation, then I’d say there isn’t one, the community is a dynamic one thats continually changing, so I’d say the hallmark of a successful league would be its capability to adapt to newer conditions, there’s no recipe to success, it’s merely the ability to adapt to changing tides.

Who were the people you looked up to during your career?

Honestly, no one. My CPA history when I became CPAH CEO was almost zero. A core memory of mine is when I called Boomer20 as Bomber101 and Kolo had my head for it, so really i just did my own thing. Heck, I didn’t even know what xat was, there’s this screenshot pinned in CPAH where I used Xat with some people at CPAH for the first time and my first text on xat was “why are there discord emotes on xat?”. But for writing, the one person who you can say I looked up to so as to tailor my articles is Splasher99. In my opinion, no one writes better than Splasher99.

It took you barely 6 months to go from a noob to one of the most influential positions of the community. Do you think anyone could replicate your success in the post lockdown era?

Yeah, absolutely, I shouldn’t be looked at as an anomaly, I’d rather be seen as someone that sets a standard, that club penguin isn’t really that hard. However, it would be wrong to say I wasn’t just lucky too, but networking your way up with an efficient work ethic can definitely put you in the upper echelons quite quickly.

Do you think you are a lost legend?

Honestly I don’t know what qualifies as a Lost Legend. Over time I feel like we’ve even forgotten what qualifies as a Legend, so honestly I don’t know. I would like to think that I left a long lasting impact in this community, I feel like I did my best to make 2020 fun for this community and overtime I feel like I’ve done that, but my personal thoughts don’t matter, it’s what the community feels at the end of the day, so I guess the main chat after this post goes out will either agree I’m a lost legend or will say “Why did you post on luci” or worse “who’s LuciferStar?”

LuciferStar is truly someone who has had a tremendous impact on the community, if not a Lost Legend. In just a year, he arrived, settled down, rose to power and changed the community permanently. From his responses, one can see that he continues to exude the same charm and professional aura that eased in his quick climb to prominence.

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