World War IX: RPF Mistakenly Breaks The Peace Treaty

Less than 24 hours after the establishment of the peace treaty between the Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat, a breach of terms was reported. Rebel Penguin Federation was accused of violating the third term, which explicitly forbids the armies from claiming victory in World War IX.

Yesterday, World War IX came to an end as seven armies – Army of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians, People’s Imperial Confederation, Rebel Penguin Federation, Special Weapons and Tactics, Templars, and Water Vikings, signed a peace treaty. The conclusion of the conflict surprised many, as the war had a rather one-sided nature. Despite the Blue Sunset Alliance winning all 32 battles, the Sapphire Concordat still had approximately 100 servers under their control. For that reason, the war was expected to continue for weeks if not months.

On June 13th, a treaty was established with an expiration date set for July 25th. During this period, both sides of the conflict can’t engage in any hostilities. Another term, reportedly insisted upon by the Sapphire Concordat, states that the war has no winners. What’s more, the armies are forbidden from even mentioning the war score in their official posts or announcements. Just hours ago, the administration was approached by the Sapphire Concordat regarding Rebel Penguin Federation breaking the terms.

Peace Treaty between the Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat

According to the Sapphire Concordat, RPF broke the third term of the treaty by claiming victory in all war battles. The breach happened in the official post describing the conclusion of the conflict. The administration contacted RPF regarding the breach shortly after regarding the violation and attempted to mediate between both sides. The Rebels acknowledged their mistake and provided an explanation, stating that the draft of the post was prepared before the treaty was established, and the mention of the war score was unintentional. However, the Sapphire Concordat insisted on enforcing the terms of the treaty, leading to Rebel Penguin Federation losing their entire nation. The 18 servers that are currently owned by them will be transferred to their opponents.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Post

To get more insight, we asked Shallissa, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader, and Link, Rebel Commander, for statements regarding the situation.

Shallissa: From day one of this war every army in the Sapphire Concordant has pushed for every battle to be fair and just. While myself and the other members of the Sapphire Concordat have sympathy for the Rebel Penguin Federation, it is up to each army involved in a treaty to uphold the agreed upon terms. The moment armies are not held accountable for breached terms is the moment treaties in this community lose all meaning. The BSA has not provided leniency or understanding to SC armies, RPF’s invasion of Mcdonalds where armies were faced with multiple Discord connection issues being a prime example. While we are understanding of RPF’s position, it is not unfair or wrong to say that if the roles were reversed, they would hold any SC army to the same standard they are being held to. This has already been proven when BSA armies wanted SC armies force treatied due to “breach of war terms” during our attempts to invade one another. Again, while we have sympathy, we are holding the Rebel Penguin Federation to the same standards they would hold any of our armies to.

Link: It was an honest mistake. The post had been drafted prior to the finalisation of the treaty and due to limited time I didn’t proof read it as well as I should have. It is very unfortunate but there was no intention to break the treaty. I acknowledge my mistake and will move on and learn from it.

Due to an unexpected turn of events, Rebel Penguin Federation has lost their all land. Although violation of terms was unintentional, their opponents decided to hold them accountable, believing RPF would do the same. The Sapphire Concordat will now share their 18 servers, which is the only consequence that the Rebels will suffer.

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