Battle Report – Invasion of Moscow

Yesterday, the Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat once again clashed on the battlefield. The invasion of Moscow was an extremely close battle – could it be a sign of the tide of the war turning?

On Monday evening, Templars made an attempt to reclaim Moscow from Elite Guardians, who had previously invaded it during this war. While most of the battles have been one-sided, the Sapphire Concordat managed to tie two rooms yesterday, despite the Blue Sunset Alliance having nearly twice as many troops online. This was the first battle since the SC lost the support of People’s Imperial Confederation and Napalm Corps due to being force treated. Moscow marks the 19th server successfully invaded by the BSA from their enemies.


The Blue Sunset Alliance entered the room first, swiftly followed by the Sapphire Concordat, who was actually the first to bomb and create a formation. They chose an anchor, while their opponents settled for a triangle. At the start of the room, the sizes were 17 to 33 for the BSA. According to the judges, the SC managed to secure the chat bar. Three minutes into the room, both armies bombed and got into new formations, Elite Guardians upside-down T, Templars – upside-down V. Although the judges saw the BSA’s formation as more solid, both armies were performing equally strongly. This time, the Blue Sunset Alliance moved first but was covered by the Sapphire Concordat with big word bubbles, who then raked the room. EGCP next decided to surround the room, while their enemies made a V formation. In the last minute of the room, the BSA dominated the battlefield but it was not enough to win.

Due to both armies performing similarly in terms of tactics, formations, and covering, the room one was deemed a tie.

docks – TIE

This time both armies entered the room almost at the same time and had equally powerful bombs. The Blue Sunset Alliance formed a reversed L, while their opponents created an upside-down V. At this point of the battle the sizes were 17 to 32 in the BSA’s favour again. According to the judges, they were also able to cover more during the fight in these two formations, however, the Sapphire Concordat also had some strong moments. EGCP moved first and created an anchor, while Templars stayed in the form for a little longer to eventually waterfall and make V. Their enemies were already in control of the chat bar, but one minute later they decided to move again. BSA then tried to create a triangle, however the judges noted it to be rather sloppy.

As a result of both armies dominating through half of the room, the Docks were deemed a tie as well.

Forest – Blue Sunset Alliance

This room once again saw both armies entering together. The Blue Sunset Alliance was the first to form a Z shape, while the Sapphire Concordat created an anchor. The sizes were 18 – 30 in favor of the BSA, who managed to cover their opponents with their formation to the point where they were barely visible. The Blue Sunset Alliance was the first to move, but the Sapphire Concordat countered with big word bubbles. The BSA then formed an X shape, after which the SC bombed and created a plus, but it was too late for them to secure the middle of the room. Nevertheless, both armies were able to cover each other at times. Elite Guardians moved again shortly after to rake the room and attempted to double their enemies’ formation. This prompted Templars to waterfall and get into a gappy X. In the last few minutes of the room, the pace slowed down on both sides.

Thanks to their size advantage and better formations, the Blue Sunset Alliance was declared the winner of the room.

The Judges’ Verdict

The invasion of Moscow was another recent battle that was very close. It seems that even after losing two allies, the Sapphire Concordat is still able to perform strongly. Will we see them finally emerge victorious from a battle soon? Or will the war be over before they have a chance? Follow our Live Coverage for all the updates.

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