World War IX: NC And PIC Forced To Leave The Conflict

Yesterday, the Blue Sunset Alliance successfully captured Beanie, People’s Imperial Confederation’s capital. As a result, PIC, along with Napalm Corps who lost their capital on Friday, are now subjected to a force treaty and are no longer able to participate in World War IX. We sat with leaders on both sides of the conflict to ask about their plans.

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Operation: Domination, quickly dubbed by the community as World War IX, shows no signs of slowing down even ten days after it began. On June 1st, Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, forming a coalition known as the Blue Sunset Alliance. Their objective was to halt the aggressive expansion and imperial ambitions of APC and its leader, Calgo. The war that seemed unwinnable quickly escalated as more armies joined in support of the Clovers. However, unfortunately for them, two of those armies had to withdraw from the conflict ten days after it started.

People’s Imperial Confederation joined the war with five servers, thanks to a transfer from Templars. Similarly, Napalm Corps also began with five servers, after receiving three pieces of land from the Knights as well. However, due to their limited number of servers, they quickly became targets for the Blue Sunset Alliance.

Servers Map at the start of World War IX:  Army of Club Penguin – Dark Green. Elite Guardians – Dark Grey. Help Force – Blue. Napalm Corps – Light Grey. People’s Imperial Confederation – Purple. Rebel Penguin Federation – Black. Special Weapons and Tactics – Lime Green. Templars – Yellow. Water Vikings – Navy Blue.

At the start of the world war, the Sapphire Concordat owned 123 servers, while the Blue Sunset Alliance had 16. As of today, the Sapphire Concordat has suffered defeats in 31 battles, losing a total of 18 servers to their opponents and invading none. Continuing to lose land, PIC and NC attempted to bypass the no transfers term by invading their allies, ACP and TCP. However, the Club Penguin Armies administration deemed the invasions invalid.

On Friday evening, Elite Guardians successfully captured Pandaemonium, the Napalm Corps’ capital, winning in all three rooms. This victory allowed them to impose a force treaty on their opponents shortly after. Additionally, on the same day, the Water Vikings scheduled an invasion of Beanie, the People’s Imperial Confederation’s capital, which took place on Sunday. Unfortunately, the Sapphire Concordat was unable to defend it, resulting in PIC also being subjected to a force treaty.

Due to the treaties, NC and PIC won’t be able to support their allies for the next six weeks. The Sapphire Concordat side now consists of only four armies, while the Blue Sunset Alliance remains with three. The CPA team had the opportunity to speak with Kyra and Sidie, the leaders of Napalm Corps and People’s Imperial Confederation.

Kyra: I will try to plan many events in NC to keep us busy and not worry about the war. including the treaty ends july 21st I will make sure to try to attend as many wars if its still going on when my treaty ends to add up for all the ones i missed.

Sidie: The end of our involvement within World War IX is bittersweet. I am proud of every single member of the Sapphire Concordat thus far. An entire month of non-stop war has been a significant trial. Regardless, it has been beyond rewarding. Moments like the one after the defence of our capital are why I continue to participate in this community. I can never forget seeing the message from Coolguy and people chanting my name. In the span of one month we defeated the Dark Vikings and came to the aid of our close allies, we surely proved our worth and strength in doing so. I sincerely congratulate Blue Sunset, though I wish for the eventual victory of the Sapphire Concordat. Leading almost every battle and ruining my sleep schedule in doing so was worth it. My comrades in the Confederation as well as myself will finally be able to rest. As for the future, PIC will be returning to usual operations. I am hoping to perhaps host a Pokémon week! This will not be the last time you’ll see PIC in war though. I look to the sunset in anticipation for a new dawn.

We were also able to contact two Sapphire Concordat leaders, Coolguy and Dawn, as well as Link and Laçoiste of the Blue Sunset Alliance.

How long do you expect the war to last? Do you plan on approaching your opponents with a treaty proposal?

Coolguy: Honestly, between TCP and ACP alone we have 100 land pieces. That’s 100 more defences + invasions. So far there has been approximately 3.1 battles per day over the last 10 days. This has been full of both invasions and defences. However, with all of that said, we are still very much alive and in the race. If 31 invasions/defences took 10 days, imagine how long over 100 would take. I think that is the best thing I can say to you on that. Invasions and defences are random, well all are planned, ofc, but there’s no specific amount that will be held but this war could last until mid june or even longer. The tides can change at any given moment so it can’t just be assumed that it would only be 100 defences because also SWAT are still in the game with 5 land pieces, plus we could well defend the land that we have and we aim to defend every piece of land we have so we wont just let it happen

Dawn: I expect this war to go as long as possible. This war won’t end quickly it’s a marathon like we’ve said since the beginning. We won’t pursue a treaty for a while.

Link: I’m not sure how long the war will last, with so many armies (even with 2 out of the picture) you can never know. As for treaty, we’re going to see how things go. We are always in contact with army leaders.

Laçoiste: I expect the war to last from 2 weeks to a whole month. I would like to. But, unfortunately, some stubborn parties from the other side still plan to drag the war, even after what happened to ACP Leader, Calgocubs21.

What are you most proud of thus far in this conflict?

Coolguy: I am proud of each ACP member that has been participating in this war and fighting so hard. They have been able to stay motivated and keep on top of everything, from the troops to the staff, to the HCOM. Truly, we could not fight if it weren’t for them. Also, you must give props for the battles held yesterday on June 11. Like, these were probably 2 of the closest battles that we’ve seen during the war. Whilst during the pic invasion, we were outnumbered, outside of size it was incredibly well-fought and there’s a lot more to the battle than the judges results at the end of the day. While size may mean a lot to judges, it truly says nothing about how well fought the battle was, or how close the battle seemed during many points. Each of these armies involved have fought tooth and nail and that is admirable and everyone can be proud of how we have fought, how close these battles are and so much more. There are some people who have attended most of the 31 battles too and these people must truly be commended because I’m sure the opposite can be said too but what makes the armies strong is when people unite and truly fight for their lives.

Dawn: I’m very proud of the stability and growth of the Sapphire Concordat. We were very disorganized when we first came together but got that figured out quickly. The morale of SC is doing well after all we’ve been through. I’ve been proud of how each army is performing but I’m also really glad I have my staff as support to this war. This whole conflict SC has come back better and we’re showing stronger fights everyday.

Link: I’m very proud of our troops. They have stuck through literally 30+ battles and are still showing up and are helping us achieve all these victories. Yes the 31-0 is an amazing feeling but I couldn’t be more proud of the community.

Laçoiste: The moment I am most proud of is the defense of Alabama. Given the circustances we were in, that battle was an absolute clutch moment. One of the most fun battles in CPA that I ever attended.

The past ten days were very intense. Are you considering changing your tactics or maintaining the high level of activity?

Coolguy: It’s quite normal for armies to adjust their mentality or change their tactics from battle to battle yknow? So I think it’s safe to say that different ideas and strategies can, will and have been used throughout the war. However, the race is a marathon, it isn’t a sprint so each army has to think strategically, whether the odds are in their favour or not.

Dawn: We will keep up high activity for as long as possible. Templars is a war army and when we’re in war that means we are ready to go and do invasions as often as possible. Each battle is a different story and allows us a fresh battle and we come with a new strategy each time and do our best. Overall the tides will turn in our favour soon with the kick in activity from the whole alliance.

Link: We are definitely planning and strategising in a way that doesn’t completely wipe our troops out. Obviously we can’t control how other armies invade but this has turned out to be a marathon instead of a sprint. Keeping the energy as high as we can without completely exhausting ourselves.


How will the loss of two ACP’s allies impact the conflict?


Dawn:  While the loss of both PIC and NC will affect how battles continue, we will win this war for them. BSA took out the S/M armies of the alliance thinking that it’ll guarantee their success and they’ll find what’s in store for them soon. The loss of our allies is something we’ll have to use as fuel to our fire.

Link: Even though NRA and PIC were small/medium armies, I don’t think their impact was small so I think the difference will show. In both size and obviously in land to be invaded. I csnt speak for morale since I can’t see what’s happening beside the scenes but it’d be foolish to assume that those 2 didn’t make a difference.

Laçoiste: The loss of two allies has been proving too much for them to bear, by the pace we are at, they oughta be getting really suffocated.

So far, it seems that the war is far from an end. Despite losing two allies, Army of Club Penguin is not giving up and still has an enormous number of servers to defend their capital. The Blue Sunset Alliance has won all the battles but can they win a war on such a big map?
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