Pride Party Returns to CPA Battleground

Club Penguin Army Battleground continued its tradition of hosting a Pride Party in the month of June. On June 9th, the Pride Party launched to the public, in preparation for Pride Parade 2023.

June 10th marks the third consecutive year of the community participating in a universal Pride Month. The event serves as a celebration of our diverse community and creates a unique chance for everyone to participate in a parade that transcends the boundaries of distance. At last year’s Pride Parade, we saw 100+ penguins log on and celebrate! In preparation for the event, Club Penguin Army Battleground launched the Pride Party 2023. The ongoing World War IX also entered a ceasefire phase on Saturday for the Pride Parade to function smoothly. The Club Penguin Armies administration, CPAB Designers team, and the Community Committee team spearheaded the preparations for the event.

Superhero’s announcement in the CPAB Discord server

CPAB Creator Superhero123 announced the party in CPAB’s Discord server on June 9th. Along with several of the old party rooms, the designer team also unveiled a new logo, new rooms, and the return of Pride Party exclusive items. Here’s a glimpse of all the rooms in the game that were updated for the party.

Login Screen






Snow Forts


Inside Mine

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Superhero123, Dino, Master DS and Haley for statements regarding the Pride Party.

What does the Pride Party mean to you?

Superhero123, CPAB Creator: This is, to an extend, a subjective question so I will answer what it means for me personally which may not align with what other people believe.
The Pride Party in Club Penguin Armies is a celebration of love regardless of the loved one’s genders and its a message against discrimination. It also provides a safe alternative for LGBTQ+ people who may not have pride events in their city or are afraid of going to one due to social stigma or actual fear of violence, but still want to participate in pride.
It is a step towards a truly inclusive community, a community that doesn’t forbid people from ranking up and having fun based on whether they are perceived as “manly enough”.
It is the direct response to years of homophobia and misogyny, phenomenons that used to be widespread across the army community. We have switched from an almost entirely male and to a certain degree toxic community to a much more balanced setting, and this is the direction that I want CPA to have moving forward. After all, outside the obvious ethical argument for such a thing, it is also makes for a much more welcoming environment for new recruits who become interested in this community and it will help its survival moving forward.
CPAB Pride Parade would not be able to happen without the vast majority of the community supporting it. I do not want to credit this change of mindset neither to myself or CPAB, but to each one of those people.

Dino, CPAB Designer: I think it is good that we are able to promote inclusivity on CPAB with our party rooms. I felt we did a great job this year still promoting the LGBTQ+ community properly whilst also cutting back on some excessive room designs from last year. Haley did a splendid job revamping the iceberg this year—along with a much cleaner party logo and generally nicer rooms.
This year was definitely a step in the right direction in achieving both goals and not discriminatory to either parties. As CPA continues to grow with a larger userbase that fall under LGBTQ+ community, we are able to cater to them and be a good role model. CPA is a hobby and an escape from the stressful realities of IRL at the end of the day. I’d like to think we are being considerate when we utilize CPAB in some capacity to promote that growing sect of the community whilst also not coming off as false-pandering.

Can you tell us about the Pride Party 2023 and the efforts that went into the launching it?

Master DS, CPAB Designer and CPA Head of Branding: I think that this year’s workload for the pride parade was much less than last year’s since a lot of the same custom rooms were used. However, new rooms were also incorporated to include more flags, such as the aromantic one in mines. There were some bumps on the road but overall, the parade was successful thanks to the dedicated work of the Community Committee and the CPAB designer team, so a big shout out to them! I hope this tradition can continue on for years to come in the community as we learn to love and embrace each other.

Hayley, CPAB Designer: i think the pride party is really important for the community. it allows us to come together for a good cause, gives queer members a space to be themselves, and sheds light on the fact that many of us can’t be ourselves (or have had to hide it in the past) outside of places like cpa due to discriminatory practices. many people don’t have great support systems either in their families or where they live, so having a mass gathering of people celebrating diversity is a really great thing to do with the platform we have.
in terms of graphics for this year’s party, i created a new logo with a sort of light and happy vibe to go along with the positivity of the event. some of the rooms were recycled from last year’s party (don’t fix something that isn’t broken!), but we made some adjustments to other rooms to ensure equal representation for as many of our community members as we could! we have a really talented design team that all put in tons of work and are passionate about diversity and representation, which allows us to create some meaningful content!

The community is excited for the future of the Pride Party and to celebrate acceptance in our community. Club Penguin Armies wishes you a happy Pride Month! We are also thankful to Superhero and his entire team for continuing to provide us with a platform where we can not only battle, but also celebrate the positivity of life and spread love.

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  1. Pingune June 12, 2023 (1:51 am)

    As someone in the LGBTQ+ community and my oldest pensuin being over a year old this really wsrms my heart

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